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The Impact of a Curriculum Leader


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Published in: Education, Technology
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The Impact of a Curriculum Leader

  1. 1. Ideas from Dr. Ross Todd and fromDr. Jon Wiles’ Leading Curriculum DevelopmentErika HartEDTH 838
  2. 2. Dr. Ross Todd is an educator andan expert in how studentsseek and use information.Dr. Jon Wiles is an educator,author, and internationalcurriculum consultant.
  3. 3. What is technology literacy?Using technology(computers, software, the Internet, etc.)to locate, analyze, and createinformation in order to communicateeffectively and solve problems.
  4. 4. How does it affect education today?Students need to have the 21st century skills requiredto be productive members of their global, digitalsociety.Educators need to provide complex learningexperiences that will equip students to thrive in theirfutures.Curriculum leaders must help establish achievable goalsaimed at improving the school’s learning environmentwhich will allow students and educators to besuccessful.
  5. 5. Dr. Todd says, “Multipleliteracies, includingdigital, visual, andtechnological literacy, arecritical to surviving in afast-paced, high tech world.More than everbefore, in the increasingcomplexity of theinformation landscape, . . .
  6. 6. today’s learners needsystematic and explicithelp in developingthese literacies tomake sense of thestore ofinformation, disinformation, andmisinformation theyencounter every day. ” of_School_Libraries.pdf
  7. 7. 21st-Century Education:
  8. 8. In order for a curriculum leaderto be successful, she must . . .• Articulate a vision of where the school will bewhen improvements are made,• Create the path that promotes 21st-centurylearning experiences that leads to studentachievement,• Show how staff, parents, and the community playa necessary role in accomplishing the vision,• And show specific progress along the way as theschool brings to life the vision.
  9. 9. Stating the Vision• Dr. Wiles believes the school philosophy must bea “…living document, guiding daily decisions. Theprogram is a tool for achieving desirededucational ends” (59).• The curriculum leader will help everyone see thecurriculum as a creative plan in which thediversified learning experiences lead to greaterstudent achievement.
  10. 10. Mapping the Curriculum . . .• Leads to analyzing where weaknesses are in thecurriculum in order to look at priorities andadjust teaching methods,• Leads to curriculum alignment, especially ingrades 5 though 9,• Leads to a K-12 plan of coordinated 21st centurylearning experiences,• And allows school to meet their goals for highstudent achievement.
  11. 11. Establishing GoalsGoals should organize the underlying principlesfor educating and should be focused on whatstudents will be able to do based on learningexperiences.What are the needs of our students?What do we desire of them,and how will this be done?
  12. 12. Standards . . .• Should be presented as minimum requirements asstudents work toward mastery of the curricularinformation,• Need to be integrated and not considered separately.• Should be included at each grade level in thecurriculum,• Should provide experiences for hands-on learning andproblem-based inquiry,• Should allow for independent learning as well as teamcollaboration,• And should be used to provide opportunities to showstudents knowledge and creativity.
  13. 13. The curriculumleader mustobtain feedbackfrom theteachers oncurriculummapping toaccount forwhat is beingtaught andwhen.
  14. 14. Clarifying the Steps• Follow a flow chart that maps out steps inimproving the curriculum: the input, theprocess, and the output.• Identify methods currently being used ineveryday teaching and learning experiences.• Enpower a small group of lead teachers toguide staff through curriculum mapping.
  15. 15. What Dr. Todd believes is important is . . .• Knowledge construction and humanunderstanding, implemented through aconstructivist inquiry-based framework• Actions and evidences thatshow that it makes adifference
  16. 16. Using Feedback• The curriculum leader must keep interestedparties informed of all progress.• Periodic reports should show what hashappened and why.• Use graphs and numbers to help communicatethe specific results.• Project patterns from these results.• Re-assess areas to be improved as needed.
  17. 17. Dr. Todd Confronts the Status Quo:“The challenges of the 21st century cannot bemet behind the closed doors of classrooms.Instead, these challenges call for acollaborative effort to bring informationand technology to the expertise ofthe classroom teacher.”
  18. 18. Achievement of the Vision• Outcomes of learning are attained.• Evidence of achievement is observable.• Improvements in teaching methodshave been made.• Collaboration has brought unity andownership, and because of our effortswe can say, . . . .
  19. 19. In our school,students have opportunitiesto demonstrate their capabilitiesand to explore the possibilitiesof their world.
  20. 20. Opportunities
  21. 21. Capabilities
  22. 22. Possibilities
  23. 23. “…..inquiry, thinking, imagination, discovery, andcreativity are central to students’ information-to-knowledge journey, and to theirpersonal, social and cultural growth.”– Ross Todd
  24. 24. One looks back with appreciationto the brilliant teachers,but with gratitude to thosewho touched our human feelings.The curriculum is so muchnecessary raw material,but warmth is the vital elementfor the growing plantand for the soul of the child.- Carl Jung
  25. 25. Images by Flickr Creative Commons:Student ipad 013 by flickingerbradECU School of Education Class Room by phi1317Student_ipad_school - 122 by flickingerbradTechnology is a Given by Scott McCleodI was promised flying school by See CantrillStudent by CollegeDegrees360The Future of Books by Johan LarssonAspiring scientists explore their futures at career fair by RDECOMDell Technology Camp 2013 by Dell’s Official Flickr PageMoodboards by VFS Digial DesignHaving a Ball by NazarethCollege