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CSE Digital Capabilities


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Published in: Business, Technology
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CSE Digital Capabilities

  1. 1. DIGITAL CAPABILITIES!Summer 2013!
  2. 2. CSE Digital Capabilities 2Nice to meet you. !We appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about yourdigital media businesses and how our unique digital andtechnology services can help your teams on the front lineand on the back-end of creating engaging digital contentand user experiences.CSE: News-gathering, Digital Media !and Sports Experts !Our integrated team has helped news organizations, mediacompanies, leagues, properties, B2B and consumer brandsredefine their digital experience. Our senior team needs notraining to partner with a diverse media company.•  120 years combined experience serving media clients•  Deep expertise in digital publishing technology•  Experienced at architecting and engineering scalabledigital products for large audiences•  Acclaimed digital work, recently earning multiple awards atthe Cynopsis Sports Awards over ESPN, Fox Sports,Turner Sports, and DIRECTV.We’re expert at empoweringbrands and companies bycrafting innovative and highlyengaging digital experiences andtechnology solutions.!Our collaborative and agile process teams upyour brand and technology team with our award-winning group of senior digital media executives,content producers, brand marketers, userexperience specialists, visual designers, gameproducers, engineers, architects, developers andtechnologists.
  3. 3. At CSE, integrationis not just a buzzword, it’s what wedo best for brands!Integrated. Multi-dimensional.Independent. Unique. Innovative.Marketing. Digital & Mobile.Visual Design. Experiential.Advertising. Media production.Client representation. Multi-cultural. Award-winning.That’s us, CSE, one of the largestindependent marketingagencies. We help you tell real-world anddigital stories, we create physicaland digital experiences, and webuild truly integrated programsfor companies and brands of allsizes. We’re all about energizing brandand business by activatingmarketing programs, buildingtechnology solutions, developingdigital and social media products. We listen to our clients and arefocused on achieving measureablesuccess for your company.CSE Digital Capabilities 3Marketing!Social Media!Digital!Games!MediaProduction!EventMarketing!PublicRelations!Advertising!
  4. 4. We build web andmobile products andapps used by dozensof editors creatingthousands of pages fordaily use by millions!CSE Digital creates award-winning web and mobileexperiences, deliveringinnovative content, design,marketing and technologysolutions to brands andcompanies.CSE Digital Capabilities 4User Experience!Visual Design!Web Development!Mobile Web & Apps!Social Media!Connected TV!Technology Consulting!Digital Strategy!Digital Marketing!Content Development!
  5. 5. What makes!us different?!We know great content"We have developed, produced,marketed and driven revenuewith high quality digital content.We offer front and back-endexpertise necessary for greatonline products — fromconcept through design, build,launch, operation and growth.Our team of digital mediaveterans have built, designed,launched and operated over100 high-volume, consumer-facing digital products.We’re agile and passionate,putting our real-worldexperience in content-drivenwebsites, apps, and otherexperiences to work for you.Creating great web productsoften incorporates advertisingand sponsorship, so we bring adeep understanding ofhow strong user-centricproducts drive revenue byconverging content andtechnology.CSE Digital Capabilities 5
  6. 6. Our approachis user-centric,‘content first’!Mobile first is an importantmovement, but it all starts withquality content first. Great Web and mobileproducts are audience-friendly,and digitally distributed viaeffective social outreach andactivation campaigns.At CSE Digital, we carefully andefficiently assess your brand’sdigital presence to align newtechnology and strategy forgreat user experience.Collaborating with key staff, wedevelop and build products,create and manage content,leverage social media anddrive revenue opportunities.Our extensive expertise indigital media helps youmitigate any potential riskinvolved in building largescale Web and mobileproducts.CSE Digital Capabilities 6Listen  (Iden+fy  problem)  Measure  Evaluate  Repeat  Launch  Iterate  Implement  Socialize  Develop  Produce  Create  Collaborate  (Iden+fy  solu+on)  Content  ———  Audience  
  7. 7. Core Strength: Social,digital, experientialmarketing & activation!All successful marketing andbrand-building starts bylistening to the audienceand customers first. Thishas never been more truesince the rise of SocialMedia.By listening andcollaborating with yourteams, and adding oursavvy and strategic insightwe conceive, design andbuild fan and audienceexperiences. Social isphysical, and virtual, so weexcel at both. It’sstorytelling and sharing,something we do reallywell.Online, offline, in the cloud oron the bus, we know howto engage people withstorytelling and dramaticvisual design. CSE Digital Capabilities 7
  8. 8. Core Strength: UserExperience + Design +Build for mobile, tabletdevices and websites!From concept through contentcreation, from design and UX todevelopment, build, and launch,CSE has been involved in thedesign and development ofnumerous engaging andsuccessful websites and mobileand tablet products.Expert at responsive web andadaptive design principles, weoften find a mixed approach isvaluable, such as usingresponsive design for smalldevices and adaptive for mid- tolarge devices. Our product design process buildseffective and elegant userexperiences and visual designs,and we apply them in the realworld by building sites, mobileand tablet apps from conceptthrough prototyping,development and release to theWeb, iOS and Android distributionplatforms. CSE Digital Capabilities 8FluidGrids!FlexibleImages!CSS MediaQueries!ScreenResolutions!
  9. 9. Core Strength: !Responsive & AdaptiveMobile & Web Design,HTML5 Development,CSS3, and JavaScript !Mainstream userexperiences are quicklyevolving to becomeattractive, visual, content-led experiences.Mobile devices are drivingsimple, elegant solutionsfor previously noisy andcomplex user interfaces.Our team has been at theleading edge of HTML5development. We’re fluentin using this markuplanguage along with CSS3and JS to program digitalcontent for any sizedevice. Native programmingis also in our arsenal.We’ve built next-gen TV set-top box, tablet and mobileinterfaces, so we know howto use these tools tocreate engaging digitalexperiences.CSE Digital Capabilities 9NewSemanticElements!2DDrawingAPI!Native !In-browserVideo!OfflineWebStorage!Geolocation!BetterForms!
  10. 10. Core Strength: CMSand DrupalDevelopment!Our team of architectsengineers and developers havespecific expertise arounddeveloping scalable contentmanagement systems (CMS)for high-volume and high-availability online publishing. We’re conversant with nearly allCMS platforms, and expert atAdobe CQ5 and Drupal.Having worked with Drupal formany years, our team knowsthe ins and outs of using thisopen-source CMS across anumber of fronts, whetherbuilding from the ground up orthe critical job of migratingentire websites from legacyCMS platforms to the latestDrupal publishing platform.CSE Digital Capabilities 10CMSConsulting!CMSDesign!CMSDesign &Build!OngoingTechSupport!CMSMaintenance&Performance!
  11. 11. Digital Work Samples!CSE Digital Capabilities 11Companion AppResp. UX / DesignStrategyWebsite UX/DStrategyMultiplatform UX/DStrategyMultiplatform UX/DSocial strategyMultiplatform UX/DSocial strategyResp. UX / DesignStrategyUX & Web DesignStrategyResp. UX / DesignTech!!!! 13NCAA Naismith Award! 13Kellogg’!! 14My Coke Rewards! 14!AT&T Make The Call!!14Comcast DayView! 15NBC Sports! 15Comcast X1 EPG! 15SmartTV ApplicationsHTML5 / STB DevStrategy & AnalyticsAdvanced Data VisualizationDAYVIEW X1 EPGMobile and webDesign / BuildDrupal MigrationCMS Development
  12. 12. Digital Work Samples!CSE Digital Capabilities 12Gannett!USAToday.comNBA!NBA Hoop TroopCSE helped to lead the User Experiencemultiplatform redesign for  Mission development & goal setting,requirements writing-  Selecting & managing design agency,reviewing deliverables-  Created newsroom tool to visualize "real-time news and national and localdiscussion trends from social platformsCSE designed, built, and operates theofficial, award-winning NBA kids website:-  Strategy -  User Experience-  Web Design -  Web Dev & CMS-  Editorial & Ops-  Original Content-  Original!Mobile & HTML5 works with CSE on selectdesign build projects and HTML5 work formobile, tablets and websites. ­  Responsive design­  Adaptive design­  HTML5­  UX/D­  Mobile and site development
  13. 13. Digital Work Samples!CSE Digital Capabilities 13Coca-Cola Company!CokeMusic.comKellogg’s!Snackpicks.comCSE designed and developed a socially-connected teen-driven experience aroundthe American Music Awards:-  User create virtual watch parties-  Live stream + group chat with user graffiti-  Heavy Facebook integration-  Responsive DesignCSE convinced Kellogg’s to convert anineffective coupon website to amultiplatform content-marketing portfolio:-  Digital & social strategy-  Web design & development-  Original content-  Analytics & measurement-  Ongoing content creationNCAA!Naismith Trophy VoteCSE leveraged its multiplatformexperience to build a cost-effectivealternative to native mobile applications:-  Mobile & desktop websites -  Social authentication with vote sharing topersonal networks-  Player highlights via HTML5 video-  Dramatic increase in votes with fewer on-air mentions
  14. 14. Digital Work Samples!CSE Digital Capabilities 14Southern Company!GeorgiaPower.comCoke Zero!My Coke RewardsCSE has been working with GeorgiaPower since 2011 to re-architect andredesign their large corporate website fordesktop and mobile. The effort (launching2013) includes thousands of pages ofcontent and key application flows formillions of customers.CSE designed and developed a websiteto drive purchase through a nationalprogram that encourages regionalparticipation. The solution utilized Coca-Cola’s college and pro-team partnerships,offering customized experiences andsweepstakes.AT&T!Make the CallReal-time football prediction game for "AT&T supporting college football on CBS-  Fans predict the outcome of the "current possession-  Points weighted based on probability "of outcome-  Social Media Integration-  Private Groups-  Instant messaging chat              
  15. 15. Digital Work Samples!CSE Digital Capabilities 15Comcast DayView!SmartTV ApplicationsCSE developed the user interface for thenext generation Comcast experiencecalled DayView – presented at CES 2011by Brian Roberts, CEO. Our work: ­  HTML5 Development­  Social API Integration­  Weather & Traffic Integration­  Alarm Activation­  Thermostat Control­  Mobile ExperienceComcast X1 EPG!Software DevelopmentCSE Digital works on new products, such asX1 STB, a next-gen set-top-box in the cloud. ­  Innovating with standards (HTML5 & CSS3)­  Developed SDK for 3rd Party Apps­  Technical Architecture and performanceoptimization­  Advanced visualization of STB data(Tableau)!Drupal (CMS) MigrationsNBC Universal’s NBC Sports Groupentrusted CSE to migrate and extendtheir action-sports property Alli Sportsand the main site to theDrupal CMS. Scope of Work included:­  Refined user experience­  CMS Development­  Content Migration­  CMS Training and Documentation
  16. 16. About CSE!About CSE Digital!We are a digital consulting team focused on bringing Internet and media expertise to businesses of all types and sizes. Ourleadership offers 120+ years of combined experience in the Internet and digital media industries. Our senior team has beenresponsible for designing, building, launching and providing operational support to over 100 websites including such well-knowndestinations as,,, and Our experience also includesnumerous large consumer brands like Coca-Cola, Aflac, Southern Company, Anheuser-Busch, AT&T and many more. "CSE Digital provides strategic consulting, design, and development services to media and brand clients to create engaging andattractive digital experiences ranging from web and second-screen experiences to social media and mobile gaming. We have acontent focus based on our years of experience in the media industry. About CSE, Inc.!Established in 1986, CSE was a pioneer in sports representation and marketing. Since then, the agency has grown into a dynamicand versatile integrated agency supporting major Fortune 500 clients in a number of areas including marketing and digital services.CSE’s mission is to create and nurture relationships. To us, our business is personal and we know this differentiates us from otheragencies. Our success, and that of our client’s, is built on relationships. We passionately pursue this mission by employing leadingexperts that share, collaborate, and lead our clients in developing solutions that connect their brands with fans. CSE Digital Capabilities 16
  17. 17. Key Staff Bios!Monty Mullig, EVP and GM!Monty Mullig has been at the forefront of Internet and digital mediatechnologies for 20 years. He served as technology leader TurnerBroadcasting’s for Internet properties and SVP of Digital MediaTechnologies. Mullig helped to launch over 100 web properties and led thedevelopment of the technology behind,,,, and Mullig led the Internet publishingsystems, video editing & distribution, hosting & operations, ad serving &analytics, and ecommerce teams.!John Buzzell, SVP Digital!Award-winning, 21-year veteran digital producer of interactive sports &entertainment for the PGA of America, NASCAR, Turner Broadcasting,Discovery Networks, Sony Entertainment, America Online, Sprint, AT&T, theU.S. Department of Defense, and many others. At CSE, Buzzell oversees allUX, Design, and Content Planning.Hart Hooton, SVP Eastern Region!Hart Hooton has 25 years of operational experience in start-up and mediacompanies. He’s worked at Childrens Television Workshop and Hearst, andwas an early innovator in Web media, joining Time Inc. in 1995. Hart helpedbuild Sports Illustrated’s JV with, launched in 1997. After tenyears leading a digital consultancy in New York City, Hart joined CSE in2013 and opened our NYC office.John Mitchell, SVP Strategy!20 years developing mobile, digital and social brand extensions, reachingcustomers in innovative ways. Led Coca-Cola in an award-winning socialmedia campaign featured in Sports Business Journal, and led AT&T increating their new predictive college football game for CBS Sports.Steve Brunton, Chief Engineer!For over 15 years, Brunton has created dynamic and innovative technologydigital media solutions to serve large audiences. His experience includesdeveloping real-time exit polling, automatic contextual ad systems, workflow& SOA systems and tablet apps. At CSE, Brunton builds engineeringapplications and services for the delivery of massive and complex data sets.William Lefebvre, Chief Architect!For over 25 years, Lefebvre has been a leader in Internet technologies. Hisexperience includes computer systems engineering and architecture, Unix,Solaris, Linux, Cloud Computing, Apache, Drupal, Ruby on Rails, designinginfrastructures for high volume and high availability, systems programming.Lori Murphy, VP User Experience !15 years experience. Led UX and Product Dev. teams for CNN Digital for 7years, including, iPhone apps, Politics and Elections Coverage,and Entertainment products. Background includes UX for the CDC and aMasters in HCI (Human Computer Interaction) from GA Tech.Kate Sandhaus, VP Program & Product Management!Kate brings 10+ years managing tech projects, including’s lasttwo site redesigns and product launches with brands such as People,InStyle, Facebook, Yahoo!, Google, NBA. At CSE, she manages productlaunches, planning and execution, and defining UX/product vision. !Jeremy Brady, Creative Director!15 years of award-winning design. At CSE, Jeremy oversees digital brandintegration and design for the Cartoon Network, NBA, Kellogg’s, SouthernCompany. Prior, he has led interactive design and campaign creative forAARP, Adult Swim, Sesame Street Workshop, Arbys, AT&T, and more.CSE Digital Capabilities 17
  18. 18. CSE Digital Capabilities 18Connecting fans with brands since 1986www.groupcse.comATLANTA!600 Galleria Parkway,19th FloorAtlanta, GA 30339(770) 955-1300NEW YORK!101 5th Avenue8th FloorNew York, NY (212) 213-2642Thank you.!