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Harshit sharma,Business plan

its a unique and exciting business plan model for start up.

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Harshit sharma,Business plan

  1. 1. 1 | P a g e Marketing Plan of Submitted to Prof. Bibhas Basumatary By Harshit Sharma(1414) PGCM4
  2. 2. 2 | P a g e EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Gaming has changed its name from just simple playing thing to the greatest experience ever one could find. We GAMER HUB are providing the first 3-d experience with great hd videos and home theatre screens. This will let the gamers play what they cant even imagine. Our plan is to target the game pests and entertainment seekers. Business plan: “GAMER-HUB” is a gaming parlour for the gamers and those who love video games to play. The idea behind the “GAMER-HUB” is to provide a complete video gaming experience and full entertainment to the gamers. It’s more than a gaming parlour for gamers, it’s a community for game freaks where they can talk on games sharing their thoughts and opinions, play together. Mission, Vision and Value Statement: Mission: To target the game lovers and to provide exclusive gaming parlour with complete entertainment and place to hang out with friends. The idea is to develop a gamers community. Value Statement: Committed to provide best ambience and gaming experience in 3D with fun added. Vision: Start a hookah lounge and snacks shop in there. Bring a 3D projector screen for 3D gaming Experience in Bigger Screen. Objective: Short term: To make people aware about the new gaming cafe at their local area. Mid term: To expand the customers and provide best gaming experience to the customers to get their build relationship with customers.
  3. 3. 3 | P a g e Long term: to rule the whole gaming market and expand the business by getting more consoles and new gaming equipments. Creating a complete fun & entertaining gaming parlour for hangouts and 3D gaming experience. Part-3 marketing strategies for Gamer-Hub Segmentation & Targeting: Gamers can be further segmented.  Power gamers: 11% of the market, but account for 30% of current spending. Descriptors Game freaks Hangout seekers Fun lovers New experience seekers description I am a game freak and I want a place to full fill my passion. I love to hang out with my friends in free time. I love to play video games I like to get new experiences and playing my favourite video games in 3D Bigger Screen will be my new experience. Sex M F M F M F M F Age Income High medium medium high Focus group School & collage guys Executives Relative segment size 50% 20% 20% 10%
  4. 4. 4 | P a g e  Social gamers: 13% of the market; enjoy gaming as a way to interact with friends.  Leisure gamers: 14% of the market; spend 58 hours per month playing mainly casual titles. However, they prefer challenging games and show high interest in new gaming services.  Dormant gamers: 26% of the market; love gaming but spend little time because of family, work, or school. They like to play with friends and family and prefer challenging games.  Incidental gamers: 12% of the market; play mostly online games for 20 hours a month, mainly out of boredom.  Occasional gamers: 24% of the market; play puzzle, word, and board games almost exclusively SEGMENTATION TARGETINGPOSITIONING
  5. 5. 5 | P a g e Positioning: Marketing mix: Product: The product is Gamer-Hub an amazing 3D gaming experience, a complete delightful hangout place and a gamer’s axis. Actual Product: Gaming parlour and a social gaming hub. Augmented product: Coffee and snacks shop, games shop (where you can buy original games for all type of gaming consoles and PC -LAN games. Expected Product: 3D gaming experience, 3D projectors and all types of latest games and consoles like(PS3, PS4, X-Box One, X-Box 360 live) Casual game oriented Inexpensive Hardcore game oriented GALAXY JADEJA BROS LOCAL HUBS Expensive
  6. 6. 6 | P a g e
  7. 7. 7 | P a g e Price: The price will be according to games and gaming consoles we use such as PS3,PS4, X-Box1, X-Box360, PC games, LAN games. The price will be charged as according to the gaming hours. The minimum time span will be half an hour for each game means 30 mins for a game. Place: The place will be a rental 1800 sqf area basement in lower Parel, Mumbai. The place will be a sub-urban area of South Mumbai. Promotion: For its promotion purpose following promotion techniques can be used: Sales promotion: For attracting new and potential customers the discounts on games can be given and free snacks if u win 3 games continuously in LAN games. Gaming Consoles Price(INR) PS3 50 PS4 50-100 X-Box One 60-100 X-Box 360 Live 60-100 PC games 60-80 LAN games 60-80
  8. 8. 8 | P a g e This kind of selling tricks can be helpful in getting customer interest and loyalty of existing customers. Flyers: Flyers can play an important role in creating awareness and getting the customers. Flyers will be distributed at school & colleges , near coaching centres to reach the youths and in malls and big electronic shops. Online marketing: Ads on online sites at CPC, CPM basis. SWOT analysis: Stengths: Our business stregnths are as follows. 1. Unique 3D gaming experience 2. A complete entertainment social gaming hub 3. Intercafe tournaments on LAN 4. An exciting fun place to hangout with friends. 5. Hukkah launge and snacks for customers.
  9. 9. 9 | P a g e Weaknesses: Our weakness can be :  Lack of development staff.  Lack of awareness. Opportunity: Opportunity can be other gaming options which are very popular like bowling, pool table etc. A different gaming segment for kids like a soft n simple easy to play kind of video games to provide. Threats: Threats can be other existing gaming parlours. And the failure to get the true game freaks and desired customers in this location.
  10. 10. 10 | P a g e Pestel analysis: Political - As we are opening a game parlour we will not be facing any political issue as such. Economical - Irrespective of the economic changes, people will play games for their entertainment and gamers will surely go for it. Social – As the society is changing and people are here for fun .Our gaming parlour will be a better thing for society as it will provide entertainment to people. Technology – Technology in any field can take the things to great heights and our gaming hub is all driven by technology. It will be great for guys and girls Environment – Our hub will not effect the environment in anyway. Legal- There will be no legal issue, just we need licence from nearby police station and municipal corporation for its opening. INDUSTRY BACKGROUND: Gaming industry is not very old , there were earlier gaming hubs or people used to play games at their homes only. The trend in the devices have been tremendous as well .We can easily see that earlier there were drives then came cd’s ,dvd’s and then playstations. And from small hubs ,the business has gone to 3-d gaming which we are incorporating in our gamer hub. India’s first parlour was opened in Banglore on 16th oct,1992. MARKET SIZE: The market size determination is the most difficult part but as we are opening it for lower Parel. The following trend is in America but we can see it in general too.
  11. 11. 11 | P a g e People in Lower Parel will love this parlour as out of 10 youngsters 6 play 3-d and 2-d games. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS : Playing games is hobby of many. People of every age like to play games. We are providing 3-D games to the next gen. There are many parlours which can give us a tough competition to us. Some are Jadeja bros, Galaxy games etc. But we will be unique as we will provide gaming consoles along with hd quality videos and on big screens.Everything will seem as imax 3-d effect.
  12. 12. 12 | P a g e MANAGEMENT SUMMARY: INVESTOR : Mr.Harshit will be investing 50 lacs rs to set up his business.Earlier he has been great businessman in selling games. From last 10 years he has been running a hookah parlour and2 gaming he has full knowledge about the industry. Mr.Harshit will be hiring some technicians and gamers.