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Statement Of Purpose


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Statement Of Purpose

  2. 2. Education: During my High School tenure, I secured 71.57% in Secondary Examination with sought me an admission to the Science Stream. With 32% in Higher Secondary Examination, it opened up my entry at the Instrumentation basic level at Natubhai V Patel of Pure and Applied Sciences affiliated to Sardar Patel University. It has given me a comprehensive exposure to the core of the course with a strong conceptual understanding. I have been exposed to a balanced syllabus with courses in Microprocessors, Physics, Electronics Basics, Mathematics and Computer Science and many more of them. I have also gained the adequate practical experience through Laboratory works, workshops and stimulating with faculty members which has given me the platform to discover things beyond the limits of my curriculum. I have consistently scored 48.24%, which is matter of great pride for me, as very few students have achieved this feat. This makes me several cuts above the commonplace. After completion of my graduation at Sardar Patel University in Science Stream, I have joined Post graduation Diploma in Computer Application in January-2009. In this stream I completed some subjects which are Business Systems (Paper A2) and IT-Tools and Applications which are basic subjects of the course. Family: My name is Harshil Kalpeshbhai Mehta. I have four members in my family including me .My father, Mr. Kalpeshbhai C. Mehta, has studied Bachelors of Civil and he is working under Gujarat State Government as an Assistant Engineer. My mother, Mrs. Alkaben K Mehta, has studied Master of Arts (Part I) and she is taking care of our family as a housewife. I have one younger sister, Nidhiben K Mehta, has completed Bachelors of Electronics and Communication recently in July 2014. She is finding a job in her field.
  3. 3. Ambition and Goal It is imperative in today’s world to be extremely proficient in one’s chosen profession, but alongside proficient academics and being skilled, a commitment towards work and zeal is important to move ahead without challenging tracks. My ambition is to be at the top of the specialist in my field. I believe I possess the ability to race along the track of achievers, turning all stumbling blocks into progressive opportunities for the future, which I view as successful. I have found the program at your prestigious university challenging, enriching and ideally suited to my requirements and I am looking forward being a part of your university. I am sure, the quality knowledge and impeccable guidance will mold me to be in the learning mode all my life opening the way for constant growth as a person and a professional. Why to Work in New Zealand: New Zealand is one of the best countries providing wonderful and reliable working environment. As I went through the curriculum of Graduate Diploma from Whitireia New Zealand, I came across the practical event management as a part of course curriculum but it has given me a nice experience of working with environment of New Zealand culture. As I have completed my Graduation, I want to work on my job search visa for full time with my industry. My purpose for the application is to obtain open job search visa.