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IBM Watson

An Overview what is IBM WATSON and how one can work with it.

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IBM Watson

  2. 2. Topic  What is IBM WATSON?  Watson – A Workload Optimized System  About it & Why it is created..  Architecture & process  Achievement  How we can use Watson!  Prons & Cons  References
  3. 3. What is IBM WATSON?  Watson is a customized computer system designed by IBM researchers to deliver a single, precise answer to a question processed in natural language.  Watson is a question Answering Computing System that IBM built to apply advanced NLP, information retrieval, knowledge representation, automated reasoning & machine learning technologies to be the field of open domain question answering  In Simple terms, we can say that the Watson is a super computer which is used to give answer after processing the question asked or deliver in the Human Language or Natural Language
  4. 4. Watson – A Workload Optimized System  90 x IBM Power 750 servers  2880 POWER7 cores  POWER7 3.55 GHz chip  500 GB per sec on-chip bandwidth  10 Gb Ethernet network  15 Terabyates of memory  20 Terabytes of disk, clustered  Can operate at 80 Teraflops  Runs IBM DeepQA software  Scales out with and searches vast amounts of unstructured information with UIMA & Hadoop open source components  Linux provides a scalable, open platform, optimized to exploit POWER7 performance  10 racks include servers, networking, shared disk system, cluster controllers
  5. 5. About it & Why it is created..  Project started in 2007, lead David Ferrucci  Initial goal: create a system able to process natural language & extract knowledge faster than any other computer or human  Jeopardy! was chosen because it’s a huge challenge for a computer to find the questions to such “human” answers under time pressure  Watson weighs the probability of his answer being right – doesn’t ring the buzzer if he’s not confident enough
  6. 6. Architecture
  7. 7. Achievement
  8. 8. How we can use Watson!  Answer Retrieval  News Intelligence  Social Customer Care  Text Message Chatbot  Voice of the Customer  Gallery
  9. 9. Prons & Cons PRONS  Parse textual data really well.  Features for analyzing the textual data.  No Skill Required To work with Watson. Cons  Not answers to the questions whose answers are not known  Only Answer when 100% sure.
  10. 10. References    
  11. 11. Thank you BY Harshdeep Singh