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News(4thoct 10thoct)

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Drug seizure issue settled, EU agrees to amend <br />laws<br /><ul><li>India has resolved the dispute with the European Union over confiscation of Indian generic drugs by countries such as the Netherlands and France
  3. 3. Ending uncertainty for Indian Pharma firms which use Europe as a transit point for exports to Africa and Latin America.
  4. 4. India pointed out that GATT (the WTO’s former avatar) had specific rules on goods in transit which did not allow such confiscation
  5. 5. The EU has accepted the Indian position and amended its rules</li></li></ul><li>CWG 2010 will result in economic impact of $4,940 million<br /> Commonwealth Games 2010 is expected to result in an overall economic impact of $4,940 million on India's GDP during a period of four years ending 2012 and create an employment opportunity close to 24.7 Lakh. <br /> According to a Games Organizing Committee document, this figure isalmost three times the economic impact the 2006 Melbourne Games had on Australian GDP. <br />
  6. 6. Rajasthan Royals, Kings XI Punjab out of IPL, Kochi spared<br />"The GC of the IPL met to discuss and decide on the breaches committed by three of the franchisees, K.P.H. Dream Cricket Pvt. Ltd., the owners and promoter of the Kings XI Punjab cricket team, Jaipur IPL Cricket Pvt. Ltd and the unincorporated joint venture holding the Kochi franchise," the IPL GC said in a statement.<br />"It was also decided unanimously decided that the franchise agreement with K.P.H. Dream Cricket Pvt. Ltd. and Jaipur IPL Cricket Pvt. Ltd. be terminated forthwith based on the legal opinions obtained by BCCI in the matter."<br />"It was also decided to issue a notice to the unincorporated joint venture holding the Kochi franchise calling upon them to resolve all their disputes and form a joint venture company which will hold the IPL franchise rights.<br />"Mr. P.R. Raman, advocate for BCCI, has been given instructions to issue all the three <br /> notices," the statement added.<br />
  7. 7. Dell launches smart phone-tablet Streak in India<br /> Dell announced the launch of its smartphone- tablet device 'Dell Streak' in India, in association with Qualcomm and Tata DOCOMO. <br /> The Dell Streak is a five-inch Android-based tablet combining the features of a smart phone and a tablet and the company said its designed to provide people the best 'on-the- go' entertainment, social connection, and navigation experience.<br /> The compact Dell Streak, priced at Rs 34,990, is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8250 mobile processor . The five-inch screen is ideal for experiencing games and applications, without squinting or compromising <br />portability.<br />
  8. 8. Index to peak by Diwali<br />RIL, SBI & FIIs Seen Driving Rally Past All-Time High Of 21,207 Seen on Jan 10, 2008.<br />INDIA’S $1.2-trillion economy is set to grow a scorching 8.5% in the year to March 2011, according to global investment bank Goldman Sachs.<br />The appetite for Indian equities from foreign institutional investors is very high because of a good monsoon, improving fiscal situation and rising domestic consumption<br />