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News(11oct to 17oct)


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News(11oct to 17oct)

  1. 1. Weekly news by Harsh<br />(10 Oct to 17 Oct)<br />
  2. 2. CWG mascot 'Shera' stolen from Chandigarh's high-security zone<br />Unidentified miscreants stole a fibre-glass replica of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) mascot 'Shera' from the high-security zone of the city.<br />The mascot was placed just 30 metres away from the Sukhna lake police post and hardly 60 metres away from the high-security Haryana Raj Bhawan (Governor house) - which has 24x7 security.<br />The theft of 'Shera' is the second one of its kind this month. Earlier, a similar fibre-glass 'Shera' was stolen from Mohali town in Punjab, about 10 km from here. However, that one was recovered after two days.<br />
  3. 3. LSE, Reliance Foundation to set up universities in India<br /> The London School of Economics will collaborate with Reliance Foundation, run by the promoters of India''s largest corporate house, for setting up world-class universities in the South-Asian nation.<br />The University will break new grounds in the use of technology and it will be a university that looks global with Indian soul.<br />Nita Ambani is also the Chairperson of DhirubhaiAmbani International School. She suggested that India should introduce many far reaching reforms in its education system and give prominence to music, dance, painting, art and craft.<br />
  4. 4. Obama: End tax breaks to stop over- seas hiring<br />President Barack Obama urged Congress to end tax breaks that reward some US companies with overseas subsidiaries and encourage those businesses to create jobs in other countries. <br />At issue is a bill, now stalled in the Senate, that would do away with some tax credits and deferrals for US companies for operations abroad.<br />Though Obama singled out Republican opposition, the bill also failed to get support from some Democrats, including the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Sen. Max Baucus. He has expressed concern that the change would put the US at a competitive disadvantage.  <br />The tax cuts have been a point of contention between the president and Republicans in the lead-up to the Nov. <br />
  5. 5. Ahmadabad, B'lore, Chennai among world's fastest-growing cities<br />Three Indian cities - Ahmadabad, Bangalore and Chennai - have been listed among the world's fastest-growing cities by Forbes magazine . <br />It also called Gujarat the "most market-oriented and business-friendly" among Indian states. <br />Forbes describes Ahmadabad as "the largest metropolitan region in Gujarat, perhaps the most market-oriented and business-friendly of Indian states." <br />
  6. 6. India, Israel to work towards signing FTA<br /><ul><li>Indo-Israel trade has grown from USD 200 million in 1992, when diplomatic relations were established between the two nations, with projections of USD 5 billion this year.
  7. 7. India has jumped from the eighth position to second as the favoured destination for Israeli exports
  8. 8. Israeli exports to India in the first half of this year were worth USD 990 million, an increase of 102 per cent compared to last year. </li></li></ul><li>US launches China trade investigation<br /><ul><li>Chinese are robbing American workers of jobs in the burgeoning field of clean energy such as solar and wind power.
  9. 9. The whole area of green technology as vitally important to America's future economic prospects.
  10. 10. The United Steelworkers union filed a 5,800-page petition lacon tending that the Chinese government was giving Chinese companies unfair adv. over U.S. firms through the use of gov. subsidies</li></li></ul><li>turns to Goldman to fend off takeover bids<br />Yahoo is working with Goldman sachs to help defend against possible takeover approaches<br />Yahoo surged 13 % in extend trading headed for the biggest gain since feb. 2008 when it received from Microsoft<br />Aol is also trying. Discussion between AOL and private-equity firms are preliminary and have focused on purchase parts of yahoo.<br />