Firewise Live Water Presentation


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A blend of landscape architecture with sound forestry and applied ecology.

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Firewise Live Water Presentation

  1. 1. Firewise Landscapes Inc.
  2. 2. Consult and Implement• Firewise is a Full Service Forestry and Land Ecology Company Throughout the West• We Currently Manage Roughly 40,000 Acres• Clients Range in Size from 1 Acre to 17,000 Acres• We Work With Large Acre Ranches to Large Insurance Companies to Conservation Holders Subdivisions to Individual Clients on Small Acreage• We Consult and We Also Do the Work
  3. 3. Form and Function• Blend Landscape Architecture with Sound Forestry and Applied Ecology• Today’s Western Landowner
  4. 4. Western Forestry / Beetle Dynamics and Aspen• Brief Discussion of the Western Conifer Forest and the Quaking Aspen Forest• Current Conditions of the Conifer Forests• Current Condition of the Aspen Cover• Frequently Asked Questions• As a Real Estate Broker - What to Look For?• What does Firewise do?
  5. 5. Bark Beetles – Why?
  6. 6. Conifer Forests Life Cycles• Lodgepole Pine Example – Pioneers – Sun, Water, Nutrients – Semi-Serotinous Cones – Competition Creates Canopy – Canopy Creates a Shady Understory – Shady Understory Provides Habitat to Shade Friendly Conifers
  7. 7. Lodgepole Pine Forest Example• Sub Alpine Fir, Engelmann Spruce, Colorado Spruce, Douglas Fir Grow Underneath the Lodgepole• They Outcompete the Lodgepole and Stress the Lodgepole Forest• In order to combat this competition there is a fire. Serotinous cones open and spread seed across a blank canvas because the fire took all competition away• Start All Over Again
  8. 8. Disturbance - Fire
  9. 9. Disturbance - Fire
  10. 10. No Fire• There is an incredibly dense forest.• Lots of Competition• Lodgepole Forest Needs a Disturbance• The Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) has physiologically evolved with the Lodgepole, Ponderosa, Limber and Whitebark Forests of the West• The MPB plays the role of the fire. Opens up the forest. Reduces competion.
  11. 11. Beetles Relationship• Natural Disturbance• Crude But Effective Way of Opening Up the Forest and Reducing Competition
  12. 12. Attack Process and Life Cycle• D. menziessii (Doug Fir Beetle) – Elevation and Climate Based Flight (April)• D. rufipennis (Spruce Beetle) (May)• D. ponderosae (MPB) (July-Aug)• Bell Shaped Flight Pattern
  13. 13. Attack Process and Life Cycle
  14. 14. Preventative Spray•Small Acre Areas – AreasSurrounding Homes•Works Very Well to Prevent NewBeetle Attacks•Gets the good insects with the badinsects
  15. 15. Treatment - Pheromone• Pheromone Manipulation – First Remove Currently Infested
  16. 16. Treatment - InfrastructureLogging is an intensive form of management. A good option for openingaccess to the property, as well as a revenue producer.
  17. 17. Treatment–No Infrastructure•Using a machine like this requires no installation of roads because there is noextraction. It can be considered a lighter alternative to logging.
  18. 18. Habitat• Play the role of a fire without having the fire• Open up the forest, promote objective species, reduce competition• Get more light and temperature to the forest floor• Elk – 65% of diet grasses and grass like plants – 26% browse – Within 100 yards of cover
  19. 19. Elk Habitat•Forage, Cover, Water, and their Arrangement on the Landscape InfluenceHabitat
  20. 20. Aspen
  21. 21. Aspen• Fire Exclusion Results in Decadent Aspen Stands• Regenerate Aspen• Great Habitat Enhancement – Hunting Ranches – Cattle Ranches – Fire Protection
  22. 22. Revenues and Grants• Revenues Go to Covering Costs to Forest Treatment• Firewise Sources and Writes Grants through a number of Different Funding Sources• Grants and Revenues Can Cover the Entire Cost of Projects
  23. 23. Resource Management• No Conflict of Interest• Biomass Utilization Markets• Traditional Markets
  24. 24. Carbon Markets
  25. 25. Live Water Relationship
  26. 26. Contact•• Complimentary Initial Consultations