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Get The Best Quality Dehumidification From


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Desiccant Technologies Group offers extensive variety of Commercial Dehumidification System that helps to enhance indoor air quality in business structures. The commercial dehumidification frameworks from DT Groups are the main business sector takers in Europe.

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Get The Best Quality Dehumidification From

  1. 1. UAB Desiccant Technologies Group
  2. 2. Technical data Process airflow – 8000 m³/h Dehumidification capacity (20ºC/60% RH) – 54 kg/h Power supply (3×400 V, 50 Hz) – 80 kW Weight – 1000 kg
  3. 3. Desiccant dehumidifier MDC8000 Desiccant dehumidifier MDC8000 is designed for general purposes. It is used for room air dehumidification and process drying. It can be suitable for low temperature and low humidity operation. The casings are made of sheet steel with 40mm rock wool insulation, coated by powder painting.
  4. 4. Contact Now for Buying the Best Quality Product- E-mail: Ph.: +370 610 65665
  5. 5. Address: UAB Desiccant Technologies Group Verkiu str. 5, LT-08212 Vilnius, Lithuania For more information, Please Visit our website and get the best quality dehumidification.