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P!NK power point evaluation


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P!NK power point evaluation

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P!NK power point evaluation

  1. 1. P!INK PowerPoint evaluation Harry Sargent
  2. 2. WWW’s • We had a lot of detail in each slide, this meant it was easier for the audience to understand and the detail was always very thorough. • We included pictures this meant we could annotate them and tell the audience what was happening in them, this made the audience more engaged and listen very well. Also we searched for many different things happening in the certain pictures. For example in the operation theatre me and Joe annotated • Lastly, me and Joe understood the story very well this allowed us tell the class what she was singing about and that is she does not want to be a stupid girl and that not all girls get attention for just having big breasts.
  3. 3. EBI’s • Our presentation was very boring and had no colour, also we were not enthusiastic this made the class bored. • Our presentation did not have enough pictures and we did not say why pink does not want to be a stupid girl therefore we were one sided on the story so we would not reach full marks and we did not listen to the story well enough whilst watching the music video. • We did not connotate/detonate this meant we did not look clearly at the video and didn’t say what was shown in the music video.