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RSM International


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RSM International

  1. 1. Redmond Schwartz Mark Design
  2. 2. Asia & the Middle East
  3. 3. Marina City Qingdao, China Marina City is a large mixed-use project located in the coastal city of Qingdao, China, and serves as the backdrop to the sailing venue for the 2008 Olympic Games. It includes diverse components such as a waterfront boardwalk development, condominiums, office building, two large retail districts, and private clubs, as well as an ice skating rink. RSM Design created a multi-lingual wayfinding and graphics program for the entire project. The building graphics utilize nautical imagery in keeping with the project location. The crisp, clear color scheme and streamlined signage create a distinct sense of place for this marina setting. RSM also provided the identity, branding, and specialty graphics for the ice rink as well as China’s first movie “Walk of Fame” located here.
  4. 4. A RIN C IT MA Y
  5. 5. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Yas Island, UAE When completed in early 2010, the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will be the world's largest indoor theme park. RSM Design is proud to be a part of the Aldar Properties' team in this exciting development. Our passionate group of Ferrari enthusiasts in San Clemente is wrapping up the designs for the theme park's identity signs, entry sequence, exterior wayfinding program, and structured car park. In addition to the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi signage, the studio is also developing a wayfinding program for the "Race Day" signs to be implemented for the inaugural F1 Grand Prix.
  6. 6. Jeddah Gate Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  7. 7. Hotel Miracosta Tokyo, Japan RSM Design was commissioned to create the identity, logo, branding, and signage for Hotel Miracosta, a five-star resort that is the entrance to a famous Tokyo and California-based amusement park. The signs were to be developed using a multi-language system and portray the image of the Italian Renaissance. The result was lavish, grand, and beautifully executed throughout every venue. The versatile design package was easily applied to the hotel’s many restaurants, convention center, and spa facility. The logo was incorporated into every resort element, from sugar cubes to pool mosaics to large-scale signage, helping transform this Tokyo hotel into an elegant destination and entry statement to the park. Final implemented designs as represented in the photographs may vary somewhat from the original concept designs and design intent package created by RSM Design.
  8. 8. Lalaport Toyosu Tokyo, Japan RSM understands the idea of less is more. So when commissioned for the brand, logo, identity, signage and wayfinding program for this new retail driven mixed-use project, RSM found design inspiration from both the site’s former shipbuilding use and adjacent boardwalk. Juxtaposed against the flash of contemporary Tokyo, RSM’s design solution morphed from the surrounding organic patterns, forms, and materials of the existing site. The signage is not traditionally ‘placed’ but instead ‘rises’ in ‘ship hull’ form from the boardwalk in an armaturesque fashion growing literally from the surface of the boardwalk and landscape. Organic materials contrast glass and stainless steel creating a reflective integration of architecture and environmental graphics. Patterns derived from the ship building industry became modern day abstractions infused through the project on banners, elevators, and floor patterns. Multi- lingual signage weaves smoothly and simply on all elements. This urban dock melts into the heart of Tokyo and has transformed itself once again into a famous seaport as progressive, fluid and effortlessly modern as the city surrounding it.
  9. 9. Cosmo Gas Stations Tokyo, Japan Cosmo Gas Stations came to RSM Design with a project to introduce self-service gas to the Japanese market. The challenge was to make a completely new procress clear, simple, and most importantly, inviting, to consumers. RSM Design first developed the iServe logo, which uses color and simple forms to create an iconographic symbol of Cosmo as the pioneer provider of self-service gas in Japan. RSM Design developed a simple visual interface, which uses pictographs to illustrate the five step process for buying gas. The prototype was an immediate success made possible through the creation of a clear and cohesive visual system.
  10. 10. Central World Bangkok, Thailand RSM Design was presented with the opportunity to create a wayfinding, identity, and specialty graphics program for the CentralWorld complex, located at the “Times Square” of Bangkok in the heart of the city, and the backdrop for it’s annual New Year’s Eve celebration. The challenge involved a multi-layered project with many different uses, levels and languages all arranged around five large atrium spaces. Retail areas span eight levels, and include food courts and restaurants. There is also a boutique hotel, conference center, ice skating rink, two movie theater areas, and high-rise office tower. RSM Design successfully integrated variations of traditional Thai patterns and nuances into this very modern destination, creating a unique, yet familiar ambiance for the local users as well as for guests.
  11. 11. Europe
  12. 12. Porta di Roma Rome, Italy
  13. 13. Loop 5 Weiterstadt, Germany RSM Design developed a full branding, identity, and way finding program for this unique retail center in central Germany. The environmental graphics program was inspired by the project’s location in an area known for its aeronautical history and production within the aviation industry. The graphics created a cultural bridge from the heritage of the area to a thoroughly modern shopping experience, using many references from the different era of flight.
  14. 14. Estação Viana Intermodal Transportation Station Viana, Portugal RSM Design created a visually identity for a new development adjacent to a historic train station in the seaside village of Viana do Castelo. The project brings together train and bus travel with retail. The visual vernacular of travel inspired our designers to use bold colors and numbers in the designs for signage as well as terraces of decorative terrazzo paving.
  15. 15. Luz del Tajo Toledo, Spain Overlooking both the Rio Tajo and the heart of medieval Toledo, Spain, this modern entertainment destination complements its historic context, respecting its unique site adjacent to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Drawing on inspiration from the rich cultural roots of the area, RSM Design abstracted historical elements to create a graphics blend that is both referential and modern. RSM designed graphic elements ranging from the logo to the wayfinding signage, and in a variety of scales from detailed integrated paving patterns to larger scale entry identity monuments. Throughout the center there was a focus on the use of unique materials and a variety of textures to add a rich layer on to the very contemporary architecture.
  16. 16. Gli Orsi Biella, Italy “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.” Well, maybe not the large cats, but there are plenty of bears at Gli Orsi. Anchored by a sports arena and football stadium, this retail destination at the foot of the Alps in northern Italy, was branded and inspired by the name of the local sports teams. This community’s affinity for their local mascot inspired the RSM Design team to use the bears in a multitude of different ways throughout this way finding and specialty graphics package…..hidden in patterns or used as sculptural over sized features with bears surfing and playing football. This lighthearted graphics approach created a sense of fun and festive relief within this shopping and sports complex.
  17. 17. Kashirskoye K4 Moscow, Russia
  18. 18. The Americas
  19. 19. Waikiki Beach Walk Honolulu, Hawaii RSM Design was eager to participate in the transformation of Lewers Street in downtown Waikiki, into one of the largest developments in the area. This mixed-use tourist destination brings together international retail with the resort environment, and traverses across eight acres adjacent to one of the loveliest beaches in the world. Waikiki Beach Walk includes five hotels, an outdoor entertainment plaza, and dozens of retailers and restaurants. To incorporate the rich lore and history of Hawaii, RSM used variations of traditional Hawaiian patterns throughout the project. Despite restrictive local sign ordinances, RSM was able to develop a signage program that is unique to the location such as the integration of beautiful lacquered hardwoods reminiscent of historic surfboards. The inclusion of a natural stone fountain with a Hawaiian poem, as well as historical plaques worked into the signage, both inform and delight the guest.
  20. 20. Manauara Shopping Manaus, Brazil On an industrial site in the heart of the Amazon jungle in northern Brazil, RSM Design worked with a creative team of consultants to carve out a dynamic shopping oasis. Bringing elements of the surrounding ecosystem back to the site, the graphics palette used local natural materials in the development of this identity, way finding, and graphics family. Abstracted references to the adjacent Amazon River along with the local flora, fauna, and colors from the area inspired the studio to create a regionally inspired and fresh design that felt at home with the surrounding community.
  21. 21. Monte del Barco Guanacaste, Costa Rica Located on the beautiful bay of Papagayo in northern Costa Rica, this luxury resort anchored by both a Raffles and Fairmont hotel, also contains a spa, golf course, marina, equestrian center, retail village, and high end residences by Sotheby’s Real Estate. RSM Design continues to work extensively with a large team of designers and planners in the full branding, logo development, and master planning for this one of a kind resort in this part of Central America- branding and design that extends from the marcro scale of the master plan to the micro scale of the hotel packaging and amenities.
  22. 22. The Shops at River Park Fresno, California The bold sculptural and over-scaled identity created by RSM Design for this regional center has become an iconic and landmark feature within this community. There is no mistaking when you’ve arrived at The Shops at River Park. This same approach was carried into the pedestrian-scaled wayfinding and directory elements with strong vertical illuminated glass beacons to guide the visitor through the center.
  23. 23. Natick Collection Natick, Massachusetts The developers of Natick Collection, New England’s premier mixed-use retail destination, commissioned RSM Design to create the identity, re-branding, wayfinding, graphics and signage for its latest “Platinum Project.” The RSM team created an understated communications package, culminating in the Collection’s signature N logo. Every design detail was meant to complement, rather than compete with the Collection’s iconic retail destinations. From the signature N to the signage in the parking garage, RSM’s cohesive design incorporated high-end metals and materials surrounding the visitor in understated luxury.
  24. 24. Victoria Gardens Rancho Cucamonga, California Rancho Cucamonga is one of those new communities with an intriguing name that until recently, not many knew much about the unique history of the area.Now a thriving and growing community east of Los Angeles, Rancho Cucamonga has its place in history. When RSM designed the environmental graphics program for Victoria Gardens and the Cultural Center, they started by digging deep into the city’s roots to give visitors a sense of Rancho Cucamonga’s history. Taking an unconventional comprehensive graphics approach, RSM was able to tell the compelling story of a Main Street that apeared to be built over time. Through ghosted murals of vintage railways, produce ads, added “artifacts” and an antique finished wayfinding system, the graphics and logos created a feeling of nostalgia and community deeply connected to its past. Today visitors to Victoria Gardens will not only remember the town’s unique name, but will also take with them a piece of its history.
  25. 25. This unique food hall located at the center of the Victoria Gardens community development serves as one of the main destinations and meetings halls within the area. Designed to be reminiscent of the historic fruit packing warehouses dotting the surrounding orchards in the Inland Empire, this energetic space brings the history of the community back to life through interpretive and graphic exhibit displays, at the same time functioning as a dining destination with dynamic local food vendors. RSM Design created the interior and exterior specialty graphics and identity to enhance the visitor’s experience and remind them of the area’s rich agrarian heritage.
  26. 26. The St. Regis Resort & Spa Monarch Beach, California Is it possible to improve perfection? For RSM, the answer is yes. That is precisely what the design team did for the St. Regis Resort Hotel when asked to create a luxurious graphics package worthy of this five-star iconic resort brand. Working directly with the owner, RSM elevated the hotel mark to a new level of timelessness using rich metals and classic design; guests were surrounded by understated beauty from the moment of arrival to their time of departure. By integrating large-scale elements and minute details, RSM created a seamless wayfinding system to guide visitors through the expansive high-end complex. Along pathways from hotel balconies to sandy beaches, RSM created a richness and sense of character connecting the property to its perch over the Pacific Ocean while reinforcing the brand’s strongest selling point – its elegance.
  27. 27. George L. Allen, Sr. Courts Building Dallas, Texas With the appropriate deference to the civic stature befitting a courthouse building, RSM’s handsome signage and graphics program has taken a once confusing and intimidating structure and created a harmonious judicial center integrating the existing courthouse with the new. Using cleanly designed and durable materials for the signage, three distinct circulation pathways were created to separate and guide the movement of users throughout the renovated and expanded complex. The importance of this building and its context adjacent to the internationally visited John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza were taken into consideration in every detail. Attention to the integrity of the signage was paramount resulting in a powerful combination of stainless steel and white marble that ensures the preservation of order throughout the facility.
  28. 28. Beverly Hills Civic Wayfinding Beverly Hills, California RSM Design collaborated with the City of Beverly Hills and Field Paoli Architects to create a comprehensive environmental graphics package and wayfinding system for this three-story multi- use urban complex. The project includes 17,000 square feet of office space and is anchored by high-profile retail stores facing both Beverly Drive and Cannon Street. Additionally, RSM designed identity for the office space, retail and parking garage, as well as many specialty graphic elements throughout the project. In conjunction with this location in the center of Beverly Hills, RSM also developed a comprehensive prototype parking and directional signage family to be used throughout the city. All of the public parking facilities have adopted this cohesive system, bringing unity and clarity for this important use with the confines of the City of Beverly Hills.
  29. 29. Orlando Connection Convention Center Orlando, Florida Anchored by and immediately adjacent to one of the United States’ largest convention and visitor’s facility, this energetic mixed-use development brings together numerous hotels, theaters, cultural institutions, retail, and entertainment venues. The dynamic identity and specialty graphics program envisioned by RSM Design unifies these unique venues to assist the visitor’s navigation and link them with the convention facilities. Changing event messaging, sponsorship, digital media, and advertising were all major factors in the design inspiration and creation of this flexible yet permanent system.
  30. 30. RSM Design ©2008 Vision and Concept Presentation : Sign Family 2, The Scrim 3D Renderin
  31. 31. Philly Live! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania This exciting entertainment and sports-themed destination lies in the center of the stadium district located in south Philadelphia, linking the stadiums and arenas for professional baseball, football, basketball and hockey. This unique project was designed to enhance the guest experience by increasing activity levels in the stadium zone not only on event days but keeping it a desired entertainment destination on non-game days as well. The project is a part of a broader movement to renew and revitalize this industrial section of the city and features a number of restaurants, sports bars and market hall as well as a hotel and retail shops. RSM Design continues to be involved with the identity, master plan and city guidelines, and the design of the project’s graphics image from vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding to unique one-of-a-kind sports specialty graphics. The graphics palette consists of contemporary abstractions of sports themes with the overlay use of historic materials such as steel and brick that reference back to materials used in the local area. Additional specialty concepts that enhance this local aesthetic are kiosks created out of sustainable shipping containers and the integration of a local artist inspired mural system that identifies the rich history and legacy of the city, sports teams and the community. As the project continues we look forward to adding more layers of exciting graphics to enhance the experience at Philly Live!
  32. 32. Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Sands Bethlehem Resort Casino occupies the site of one of the United States’ largest historic steel mills. RSM Design was responsible for implementing a comprehensive identity, graphics program, and wayfinding system for the casino, hotel, event center, and retail venues. The concept was to retain the character of the century old site, while introducing the energy and excitement of a gaming and resort destination. Working with the National Museum of Industrial History (a branch of the Smithsonian Institution), RSM was able to incorporate historic relics and exhibits throughout the project, uniting some pieces of local history with modern design elements to create a unique historic destination. RSM Design also assisted in the re-branding of the Sands corporate logo, as well as in the naming and branding of the many restaurants and entertainment areas throughout the project.
  33. 33. Redmond Schwartz Mark Design