A2 Target Audience


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A2 Target Audience

  1. 1. A2 Target Audience Presentation
  2. 2. JAY-Z
  3. 3. About Jay-z • Born Shawn Corey Carter, Jay-z is an American rapper, record producer and entrepreneur. He is one of the most successful and well known hip-pop artist and a successful entrepreneur in America with a net worth of $500 million. • He has sold 50 million albums worldwide and his rise to success has enabled him to bring up artists like Rita ora with his own record label called Rockefeller. During his years as a hip-hop artist he has worked and collaborated with other well established hip-hop and rap artists such as Rihanna, Kanye west and his wife Beyoncé • He then Married Beyoncé in 2008 and became a father to a girl called Ivy Blue in 2012 .
  4. 4. Jay-Z Demographics
  5. 5. “Generation M: Media in the lives of 8-18 year olds” found that hip hop music is by far the most popular music genre for children and teenagers, with 65 percent of 8-18 year olds listening to it on a daily basis- Wikipedia
  6. 6. Jay-Z’s audience when he started out would have been a niche audience aiming at African Americans from the ghetto of whom he can relate to. As he grew in status, image and popularity he began to be a far more mainstream artist with different ages and ethnic groups listening to his music. This enabled him and his record label to profit from a larger fan base, being able to perform at music festivals such as Glastonbury and Reading, further allowing him to reach his music out to indie and rock fans. Also Jay-Z has done various collaborations with numerous artists, for example Linkin Park with the album, Collision Course, in order to adapt to survive in the music industry through making music new with the times. http://behindtheartist.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/beh music-jay-z.html
  7. 7. Psychographic Profile
  8. 8. The Explorer These people are driven by a need for discovery, challenge and new frontiers. Young in nature, if not in reality, Explorers are often the first to try out new ideas and experiences. They respond to brands that offer new sensations, indulgence and instant effects. In short, difference is what they seek out. Their core need in life is discovery. Artists associated with Explorers include: - Rudimental - because they have tried something different from most artists and are very specific of the Drum and Bass genre. Also they have tried various collaborations with all different kinds of artists from “MC Shantie” to “john Newman, indicating they are always keen to try out new challenges and ideas, discovering good collaborations. There music is unique to most other mainstream artists, which creates the concept of Rudimental being different.
  9. 9. The Aspirer Materialistic, acquisitive people, who are driven by others’ perceptions of them rather than by their own values. As a result, they respond to what others perceive as being superficial: image, appearance, persona, charisma and fashion. An attractive pack is as important to them as its contents. Their core need in life is for Status. Artists associated with the Aspirer include: - Eminem - as they care a lot about there image because they try to give messages to their audience through the use of their song lyrics. This contributes to others’ perceptions of them as the persona at which they are given off singing the lyrics and their attitude towards it, highlight their charisma. Also artists such as Eminem always wear a lot of expensive jewellery is their music videos and at their concerts to show their prestige and status because it is their core need in life.
  10. 10. The Succeeder Succeeders possess self-confidence, have a strong goal orientation and tend to be very organised. As a result, they tend to occupy positions of responsibility in society. Their investment in the status quo means they tend to support it. When it comes to brands, they seek reward and prestige, and will often seek out the best, because that is what they feel they deserve. On the other hand, they also seek out caring and protective brands - their aggressive attitude to life means they need to relax occasionally. Their core need in life is for Control. Artists associated with Succeeders include:- 50 Cent - because he came from a relatively small/poverty hit background and made it all the way to the top, achieving his main goal. Also in his music videos he is seen wearing numerous well known brands that are very expensive, for example in his music video of “We Up” he is seen wearing a Rolex watch while being in a mansion, highlighting how he seeks out the best. - Calvin Harris and Ellie Golding - because they have gained a huge reputation, which is shown with them being invited to perform at events such as the Capital Summertime Ball. This is shown in their music video of “I Need Your Love” as they are seen enjoying their job, making music, as they are joking around indicating they have achieved their ambitions they had when they were younger. Also in the video they are seen using various high end equipment, for example, they get in a helicopter and a speedboat, items that are associated with rich people. - Kanye West - He always wears trendy brands, wore a Saint Lauren tee-shirt in his “Stronger” music video and as well wore his white glasses, that became a big hit showing his prestige. Also he has a great deal of self-confidence as he is a solo artist and a strong goal orientation, otherwise he wouldn’t of got to where he is today from his beginnings if he didn’t possess those qualities.
  11. 11. The Reformer Don’t tell me what to do or what to think” says the Reformer, valuing their own independent judgement. Reformers are the most anti-materialistic of the seven groups, and are often perceived as intellectual. They are socially aware, and pride themselves on tolerance. Reformers seek out the authentic and the harmonious, and are often at the leading edge of society. However, unlike Explorers, they will not buy things just because they are new. Their core need in life is for Enlightenment. Artists associated with Reformers include: - The Rolling Stones - They were received as symbols and leaders of rebellious youth, highlighting the concept of “don’t tell me what to do or what to think”, with them as characters being very unique and whacky. This promoted them as a band different from the rest,helping then be at the leading edge of society.
  12. 12. the Mainstream These are people who live in the world of the domestic and the everyday. A daily routine is fundamental to the way they live their lives. Their life choices are ‘we’ rather than me’. As their name implies, they are the mainstream of society. They are the largest group of people within 4Cs across the world. They respond to big established brands, to ‘family’ brands and to offers to value for money. Their core need in life is for Security. Artists associated with Mainstreamers include: - Wanted - because as indicated by the official UK charts, they have a broad audience with their fans being the mainstream of society. As well they are a group that sing uplifting songs that all the family can listen to, whom are a well established brand. - Dizzee Rascal - As times have changed so has music, as a result this artist has had to adapt to survive in the music industry. By targeting a more mainstream audience, collaborating with artists such as Robbie Williams with “Goin Crazy” in order to achieve this and becoming a established artist.
  13. 13. The Struggler Strugglers live for today, and make few plans for tomorrow. Others often see them as victims, losers and wasters - aimless, disorganised people with few resources apart from their own physical skill. If they get on in life, it will depend more on a winning lottery ticket than anything they do themselves. They are heavy consumers of alcohol and junk food. Visual impact and physical sensation are an important element of their brand choices. In essence, they seek Escape. Artist associated with the Struggler include: - Linkin Park - as the people who go to their concerts go in order to let some steam out and escape from their everyday life, to have a enjoyable time for a few hours. Also the music that this artist in particular plays is very emotionally driven and is in the genre of rock.
  14. 14. The Resigned These are predominantly older people with constant, unchanging values built up over time. For them, the past is bathed in a warm nostalgic glow. They respect institutions and enjoy acting in traditional roles. Their brand choices are driven by a need for safety and for economy. They choose above all what is familiar to them. In life, their aim is basic: it is to survive. Artists associated with the resigned include: - Tom Jones - He started out a while ago so his core audience are of a older age, who have been loyal supporters all their lives because he is a artist that is familiar to them. Also due to them knowing exactly what there getting with Tom Jones they feel an element of safety in buying into the artists brand.
  15. 15. Psychographic profile of our audience Our Psychographic profile of our audience would be a Aspirer as the song is about being “Young Forever” in terms of image, appearance, persona, charisma and fashion. Meanwhile, the artists who sang the song, Jay-Z with Mr Hudson, are of high status because of their efforts to improve people’s perceptions of them. As well it would also fit into the psychographic area of the Mainstream, as in order to get the largest fan base and listeners we need to target the psychographics that the greater of the population are in.
  16. 16. Addressing and attracting our audience
  17. 17. How would we do it? • We would also address our audience within our music video by bringing it far close to home, as will be using a younger age range within our music video. There would be no close ups on materialistic items but conceptual images of a legacy. This would address it far close to home especially for the older sector within our artists target audience who listen to rap and mostly to teenagers,who want to focus on the future and in how are they going to leave their mark on this world. The song we chose, Forever young focuses on the issues of legacy and the conceptual images that our target audience (Teenagers) can relate to such as parties and being social with friends. The theme of legacy is what we would like to continue through out our video and this what we are aiming at if we’re hoping our video to be a mainstream success. • We are going to stick to the same black and white format that is on the video however with our mise en scene, its going to reflect the aspect of a typical teenagers life as we are going to film at parties and parks as that is what mostly teenagers are associated with and are most know to do in their spare time. This is how we would address and attract our audience by rein acting partially their stages of life in an aim of legacy.