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Harrods Toys for Girls


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Harrods Christmas Toys

From the softest cuddly bears to all the latest action-packed games, there is something to entertain boys and girls of all ages.

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Harrods Toys for Girls

  1. 1. At Cinemas November 11 TM & © 2011 Sony Pictures Animation Inc. All Rights reserved.
  2. 2. Harrods is a magical emporium at any time of the year, but during the festive season our famous Toy Kingdom really comes alive. Our experts bring you the most exciting array of toys. From the softest cuddly bears and the best-dressed dolls to all the latest action-packed games, there is something to entertain boys and girls of all ages. Whether it’s the hand-finished Stevenson Brothers Rocking Horse or the Swarovski Crystal Mercedes-Benz our specially selected Wow Toys are guaranteed to delight. Plus 2011’s top 10 most-wanted toys will leave you spoilt for choice.We hope you are inspired by our fun-filled Toy Brochure – for all this and more visit us in Toy Kingdom on the Fourth Floor or online at Harrods Toy Kingdom Fourth Floor For enquiries please call +44 (0) 20 7225 6781 oPEning TimEs monday – saturday 10am – 8pm sunday 11.30am – 6pm CHrisTmas 2011 LaTE nigHT oPEning TimEsBetween Friday 9th and Friday 23rd december 10am – 9pm (except sundays) saturday 24th december 10am – 5pmWhen you see the next to any product in this brochure, this indicates that the item can be purchased online from All models’ clothing is available to buy from Childrenswear, Fourth Floor
  3. 3. Baby Born® Magic Feeding Doll £42.95 Feed your super-cute Baby Born® magic Feeding doll with her ice cream, and laugh as she gets a messy face. Then simply wipe her clean with her colour-changing scarf. She also boasts realistic baby functions and a whole range of delightful accessories. 3 years +. ITEm 2192115 CodE Gotz Hannah Loves Riding£99.95Go to the gymkhana with Hannah, who simply loves riding her pony. Witha range of accessories, this handcrafted doll is sure to win top prize. 3years +. ITEm 2585906 CodETender Tiny Tears WithInteractive Monitor£39.95Whenever Tiny Tears is tired,hungry, unhappy or just needsa hug, you will know about it!Her monitor will light up,and she will cry until youcare for her. 3 years +.CodE 2595551 Baby Annabell DollITEm £54.95 The loveable Baby Annabell doll reacts to touch and sound, and demands love and care from her mummy. 3 years +. ITEm 2470300 CodEdISCoVER THE ToY KINGdom oN THE FoURTH FLooR, ANd oNLINE AT HARRodS.Com 39
  4. 4. La Newborns Real Girl £49.95 This beautiful baby girl has an amazingly realistic expression and wears a pastel-pink knitted outfit. 2 years +. ITEm 2585505 CodE Bebe Real Valentina Collectors’ Doll £129 Baby Bear This incredibly lifelike baby doll is sculpted with the utmost attention to detail. Valentina is dressed in a beautiful white Collectors’ Doll babygro adorned with Swarovski crystals and is a true £89.95 collector’s piece. 14 years +. ITEm 2585508 CodE This little man is as cute and cuddly as his favourite teddy in his delightful bear-inspired outfit. 3 years +. ITEm 2585506 CodE La Newborns Real Boy £49.95 Baby Isabella Collectors’ Doll Say hello to this handsome newborn boy. dressed in £99.95 a soft, baby blue outfit Baby Isabella loves lavender, with her pretty pastel dress, bows and he is simply adorable. sleep mat all showcasing her favourite colour. 14 years +. ITEm 2585507 CodE 2 years +. ITEm 2585504 CodE40 dISCoVER THE ToY KINGdom oN THE FoURTH FLooR, ANd oNLINE AT HARRodS.Com
  5. 5. Corolle Camille Ballerina £39.95 Practice your pliés with Camille, the perfect prima ballerina, elegantly dressed in a pink tutu, tights and ballet shoes. 4 years +. CodE 945508 ITEmCorolle Camille Corolle VanillaIn The Snow Brunette£49.95 £69.95The beautiful Camille in the Brush and style Corolle VanillaSnow doll boasts realistic Brunette’s long, brown hairfeatures and a stylish winter and then admire her in herwardrobe – complete with pretty flower-print dress,snow boots, mittens and white buckle shoes andear muffs. 4 years +. pink headband.CodE 2619409 3 years +. ITEm 2544291ITEm CodE Corolle Calin Cuddle Doll £29.95 Everyone enjoys a hug with Corolle Lia the vanilla-scented Corolle Interactive Doll Calin Cuddle doll, who is dressed in a charming £89.95 pastel-pink outfit. This delightful, interactive doll laughs, 18 months +. cries, eats, speaks to her mummy, and CodE 2544256 ITEm smells ever-so sweetly of vanilla. 3 years +. ITEm 1241065 CodE Corolle Emma Three-Wheel Stroller Drink And Wet £49.95 £49.95 Push little Corolle Lia till she softly This cute-as-a-button falls asleep. Stroller sold separately. water-drinking, wetting, 3 years +. ITEm 2544285 CodE bath-taking doll has her own potty, dummy and bottle. 2 years +. ITEm 2067969 CodEdISCoVER THE ToY KINGdom oN THE FoURTH FLooR, ANd oNLINE AT HARRodS.Com 41
  6. 6. Grace Doll Alexis Doll £125 £125 Fashionista Alexis wears a stylish faux-fur Grace lives up to her name in this adorable jacket and graffiti-print mini dress, and is outfit, complete with strap dress, flowered top, accompanied by a matching cuddly cat. lilac leggings, ribbon ballerina shoes and 3 years +. ITEm 2535740 CodE a bow in her hair. 3 years +. ITEm 2577990 CodE Camille Doll £125 Camille is all set for the frosty weather in her lilac Alister Doll winter suit and cosy white boots. Her faithful cat Amber Doll £125 companion is also wrapped up for warmth. £125 A matching tweed jacket and hat, stonewashed 3 years +. ITEm 2577987 CodE dressed in a Batiste jacket, printed blouse, jeans and tough work boots makes young Alister light grey linen pants and espadrille shoes, Amber the coolest kid in town. 3 years +. ITEm 2577988 CodE just loves European style. 3 years +. ITEm 2577989 CodE42 dISCoVER THE ToY KINGdom oN THE FoURTH FLooR, ANd oNLINE AT HARRodS.Com
  7. 7. Monster High Draculaura and Clawd Wolf £39.95 meet the hottest – and scariest – new couple at monster High: draculaura and Clawd Wolf.Lalaloopsy, Now that’s a match toBerry Jars ’n‘ Jam howl about! 6 years +. CodE 2598657 ITEm£29.95This kooky rag doll was madefrom a farmer’s shirt and overalls,and her best friend is herpet cow. She also loves toeat stacks of pancakes!4 years +. ITEm 2470783 CodE Monster High Lagoona Blue’s Hydration Station £54.95 The daughter of the Sea monster uses her Hydration Station to Lalaloopsy remoisturise at night, Mini Treehouse and with one press of the shell-shaped Playset button you can activate £39.95 lights and bubbles for an underwater Play and explore with this room effect. exciting mini treehouse, 6 years +. as the dolls climb, swing, CodE 2598658 ITEm and enjoy their very own hangout. 4 years +. CodE 2470788 ITEmdISCoVER THE ToY KINGdom oN THE FoURTH FLooR, ANd oNLINE AT HARRodS.Com 43
  8. 8. Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle£199Welcome to the disney Princess Ultimate dream Castle.Fairytales will come to life with this three-storey tall palace,featuring iconic rooms themed to each of the disney princesses– including Tiana’s kitchen, Belle’s dining room, Jasmine’smagic carpet elevator and Snow White’s vanity rooms.dolls not included. 3 years +. ITEm 2598633 CodE Disney Tangled Disney Tangled Sing & Rapunzel Fairytale Glow Rapunzel Doll Tower £36.95 £139 Wave your wand and make For as long as she can Rapunzel magically glow while remember, Rapunzel has she sings I See the Light – her lived in the tallest tower iconic song from the film in the land. Now, with this Tangled. With another flick three-foot-high Rapunzel of the wand, a beautiful Fairytale Tower, you can light show twinkles really let your hair down on her ball gown. and recreate her magical 3 years +. CodE 2556763 ITEm world. doll not included. 3 years +. ITEm 2495726 CodE44 dISCoVER THE ToY KINGdom oN THE FoURTH FLooR, ANd oNLINE AT HARRodS.Com
  9. 9. Disney PrincessTube Town Inflatable Castle£89.95This disney Princess Castle inflates Disney Princessin two minutes to create a beautiful, 3D Projectorlarge play house, perfect forindoors and outdoors, £34.95365 days a year. deflation Project, design and create amazingis simple using the paper dresses for the best-knownrapid-deflatevalve. disney Princesses. Choose a dressHand pump, pegs design, project the template ontoand carry bag included. the paper, cut out and decorate3 years +. ITEm 2618101 CodE to perfection. 6 years +. CodE 2595530 ITEmDisney Princess DisneyCosmetic Set Princess£34.95 Ready-BedBe a disney Princessfor the day, and the day £39.95after that, with this This all-in-one sleepovergorgeous cosmetic set, solution is perfect forincluding lipgloss, glitter, little princesses, ensuring annail polish and accessories extra-comfortable night’s sleep inin a reusable jewellery case. whatever castle you call home.3 years +. ITEm 2623115 CodE Carry bag included. 3 years +. CodE 2561816 ITEmdISCoVER THE ToY KINGdom oN THE FoURTH FLooR, ANd oNLINE AT HARRodS.Com 45
  10. 10. Barbie Intercom Phones £34.95 These trendy Barbie intercom phones can be used almost like real phones, and work both outside and in. When they’re not in use, they can be stored in their cool stiletto-platform holders. 3 years +. ITEm 2578118 CodE Barbie Hair Extensions£34.95Glam up your hair do with these funky hairextensions, which are perfect for both youand your Barbie. 6 years +. ITEm 2615570 CodEBarbieCalifornianDream House£119Transport yourself tomalibu with this three-storey Barbie house.The central lift will takeyou on a tour of thefloors, before endingat the outdoor sundeck,complete with telescopefor whale watching.3 years +. ITEm 2556756 CodE Barbie Puppy Water Park £32.95 Barbie and her puppies are ready for an adventure at the water park. Take a trip down the slide and around the ferris wheel, while Barbie uses her squirt gun to give you a soaking! 3 years +. ITEm 2556754 CodE46 dISCoVER THE ToY KINGdom oN THE FoURTH FLooR, ANd oNLINE AT HARRodS.Com
  11. 11. Barbie Princess Charm School Royal Bed & Bath PlaysetBarbie Princess £54.95Charm School, Act out scenes from the Princess Charm School film with thisPrincess Blair Doll glamorous dorm room for two, including a bed that magically£26.95 transforms into a luxurious spa bathtub. doll not included. 3 years +. ITEm 2556759 CodEmagically transform yourBarbie with three differentlooks from the PrincessCharm School film.Unclip her school uniformto reveal a fun party dress.Then, with the push ofa button, watch as herdress transforms into afull-length princess gown.3 years +. ITEm 2556757 CodE Barbie SistersBarbie Hairtastic Go Camping! CamperColour and Wash Salon £89.95£32.95 Take Barbie and her sisters on the ultimateAdd brightly coloured streaks to Barbie’s hair to get her ready camping trip with the Go Camping! Camper.for a night on the town! And when she’s had her fun, swivel This funky little camper has a great range ofher over to the washing station to wash all the colour out features, including a pop-up second floor andusing your own shampoo and water. 5 years +. ITEm 2556748 CodE jacuzzi. dolls not included. 3 years +. ITEm 2556752 CodEdISCoVER THE ToY KINGdom oN THE FoURTH FLooR, ANd oNLINE AT HARRodS.Com 47
  12. 12. Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop Jet £59.95 Fasten your seatbelts, it’s time for an adventure! Blythe has had her very own jet custom-designed for her and her bulldog. There’s a cart for their luggage, a special seat made just for her favourite friend, and snacks for the flight. 4 years +. CodE 2615073 ITEm Zoobles Nursery Playset £29.95 Babies can be a handful, so it’s a good job they can have hours of fun at the Zoobles nursery. Sit them in the swings, push Littlest Pet Shop them down the slide and take them for a stroll in their flying Walking Pets pushchair. Figures not included. 4 years +. ITEm 2480096 CodE £7.95 Bring your Littlest Pets to life with the push of a button, as this cute new collection of characters actually walk. 4 years +. ITEm 2615071 CodE Littlest Pet Shop Treehouse Playset £59.95 Spinning, sliding, swinging and see- sawing – with numerous activities Squinkies Adventure Surprise Playset for your pet, this is one super treehouse! The spinning hamster £59.95 wheel powers the elevator; Take your Squinkies shopping with this fantastic Adventure pushing the tree branch opens Surprise playset. drive along the ramp to your favourite the door; twisting the leaves shops and then stop at the coaster café for a spot of lunch. moves the swing; and turning And when the shopping is done, take a ride on the big wheel. the acorns moves the see-saw. 4 years +. ITEm 2572490 CodE 4 years + ITEm 2615072 CodE48 dISCoVER THE ToY KINGdom oN THE FoURTH FLooR, ANd oNLINE AT HARRodS.Com
  13. 13. Pony Gals Chloe Care For Me Vet Set£39.95Chloe almost always wins the blue ribbon, but knows she has to visitthe vet and groomer to keep healthy and fit. As you look after her,she will react to everything you do – so use your budding vet skillsto help her win her races every time. 3 years +. ITEm 2486337 CodE Sylvanian Families Highfield’s Farm £84.95 For the ultimate country retreat, move your Sylvanian Families to this fantastic farmhouse, packed with original features. Big, beautiful and with working lights and a glowing light-up fireplace, there’s no better home in Sylvania. Figures not included. 4 years +. ITEm 2586336 CodESylvanian Families Sylvanian FamiliesFarm Horse & Cart Chocolate Labrador Family£34.95 £17.95Penleigh Buttercup and his trusty The owners of Highfield’s Farm, mr andsteed dapple bring a wonderful array mrs Hunter-Smyth work hard tendingof fruit and vegetables fresh from the the land, picking the harvest andfarm. The set includes Penleigh, horse making preserves. Their children,and cart with market stall accessories, Hector and Isabella, love invitingand a selection of fruit and vegetables. their friends over for sleepovers!4 years +. ITEm 2586334 CodE 4 years +. ITEm 2586328 CodEdISCoVER THE ToY KINGdom oN THE FoURTH FLooR, ANd oNLINE AT HARRodS.Com 49
  14. 14. Lundby Stockholm Doll’s House £84.95 Bringing traditional doll’s house details to modern living, this miniature home comes complete with pull-out patio, pool, pull-down acrylic doors and lighting. Furniture and dolls sold separately. 3 years +. Item 2287784 Code Marlborough House £159 Dolls House Emporium Grosvenor Hall treat your dolls to the ultimate in stylish living £899 with this magnificent Grosvenor Hall boasts a magnificent entrance hall, curving three-storey residence. staircase and carved pediments. Furniture and dolls It has a fully opening front available separately. 14 years +. Item 1749138 Code and a lift-off roof for easy access. 3 years +. Dolls House Emporium Grosvenor Basement Code 450415 Item £699 Give your dolls some extra space with a stylish Grosvenor Hall basement. dolls available separately. 14 years +. Item 1749139 Code50 dISCoVeR tHe toY KINGdom oN tHe FoURtH FLooR, ANd oNLINe At HARRodS.Com
  15. 15. Hello Kitty Hello Kitty PramPrincess House £44.95 this Hello Kitty polka dot fabric pram£49.95 comes with a coordinating bag andenter into the world of handy shopping tray and folds flatHello Kitty with this for easy storage. It has an adjustablepretty, two-storey handle height (max height 74cm).play house. 3 years +. 3 years +. Item 2597931 CodeCode 2616959Item Hello Kitty Camper Van £49.95 Play pack-up and holidayHello Kitty House with Hello Kitty and£32.95 friends in this iconicthe set includes two characters, 65 building pieces, Hello Kitty Camper Van.a table, chairs, and sofas that you can move around 3 years +. Item 2616958 Codeto suit your style. 3 years +. Item 2534728 CodedISCoVeR tHe toY KINGdom oN tHe FoURtH FLooR, ANd oNLINe At HARRodS.Com 51
  16. 16. Hello Kitty Chain Handle Shoulder Bag £27.50 Be the envy of all your Hello Kitty Quilted Pouch friends with this stylish, £14.95 chain handle shoulder bag. It’s perfectly Keep your lip gloss or stationery to hand designed to match in this stylish quilted pouch. Height 6.5cm, the Hello Kitty wallet. width 10.5cm. 10 years +. Item 44121 Code 10 years +. Item 44125 Code Hello Kitty Hard Suitcase Pink £189 Be the coolest cat wherever you go with this hard suitcase in pale pink. 10 years +. Item 899950 Code Hello Kitty Backpack Hello Kitty Wallet With Wheels £22.50 £55 You’ll find any excuse to flash Whether you’re off to school or having a sleepover the cash with this stylish quilted at a friend’s, taking a trip has never been so easy with wallet. 10 years +. Item 44116 Code this Hello Kitty backpack with wheels. 7 years +. Item 29332 Code52 dISCoVeR tHe toY KINGdom oN tHe FoURtH FLooR, ANd oNLINe At HARRodS.Com
  17. 17. Hello Kitty Hello Kitty Small PlushQuilted £17.50Trolly Suitcase this super-soft Hello Kitty toy is also super lightweight which means you can easily carry her around in this plush£55 pink handbag wherever you go. 3 years +. Item 23813 CodeGoing away?Hello Kitty’s pink,quilted trolly suitcasewill take you therein style, with a frontzip for thoseimportant keep-close items.7 years +.Code 44133Item Hello Kitty Plush Backpack £42.50 this soft and squishy backpack is just the thing to carry all your essentials and the plush Hello Kitty is great for cuddles too. 7 years +. Item 29327 Code Hello Kitty Large Plush £49 enjoy big cuddles with your very own 80cm-tall Hello Kitty – dressed for playtime in a pink check skirt and matching bow. 3 years +. Item 23778 CodeHello Kitty Porcelain Tea Set£24.95Invite all your friends for afternoon tea at anytime of the day with this Hello Kitty porcelaintea set in white. 3 years +. Item 23218 CodedISCoVeR tHe toY KINGdom oN tHe FoURtH FLooR, ANd oNLINe At HARRodS.Com 53
  18. 18. Flitter Fairies From £21.95 Guide your Flitter Fairy with the magic wand to make her fly all around you. Sold separately. 8 years +. daria Item Code 2502401 eva Item Code 2502402 Alexia Code 2502403 Item mara Code 2502404 Item Aerioth Code 2502405 Item Prisma Sprite, Pod and Wand £34.95 Use Prisma’s special wand to select a colour from her rainbow library or magically collect a colour from anywhere in your world. the wand also includes exciting colour games and special colour spells for the playsets as well as Bleak the naughty sprite. Also includes Prisma’s forest pod. 4 years +. Item 2585827 Code Dyson Ball Vacuum Replica Ice cream Cone £33.95 £24.95 Help out around the house with this Casdon dyson make your own irresistible ice cream Ball Vacuum cleaner. An exact replica of the latest with this wooden set of magnetic ‘Ball’ model dyson, it features a simulated cyclone scoopers, four favourite flavours action with colourful balls, and it twists and turns and cones. 3 years +. Item 2616112 Code just like the real thing. 3 years +. Item 1533868 Code54 dISCoVeR tHe toY KINGdom oN tHe FoURtH FLooR, ANd oNLINe At HARRodS.Com
  19. 19. Frilly Milly Pink Marie Antoinette£36.95 £32.95Be pretty in pink in this very girly It won’t be difficult to pretend you’re a queen ingown made up of numerous layers this exquisite cerise gown. decorated with elegantof soft, wavy net. Feather boa included. flower and bow detailing, its long, bell-style sleeves3-5 years Item Code 2470607 and cream-layered satin skirt deem it fit for royalty.6-8 years Item Code 2470608 3-4 years Item Code 2615090 5-6 years Item Code 2615091 8-9 years Code 2615092 Item Sequin Ballgown Pink £69.95 Princess Feel like Cinderella going to the ball in this Tea Set beautiful pink gown. Boasting a sequin bodice £19.95 and full-hooped skirt, this sparkling outfitPrincess Tiara will fulfil every little princess’s dream. Invite all the princesses in the land to the finest£4.95 3-4 years Item Code 1438140 tea party ever withYou’ll be treated like royalty when wearing 5-6 years Item Code 1438141 this beautifulthis fabulous Princess tiara. Its hot pink heart 7-8 years Item Code 1438142 15-piece with sparkles is guaranteed to get you all 9-10 years Item Code 1438143 3 years +.the attention you deserve. 3 years +. Item 2184317 Code Code 1168705 ItemdISCoVeR tHe toY KINGdom oN tHe FoURtH FLooR, ANd oNLINe At HARRodS.Com 55
  20. 20. Sparkle Rose Red Belle Platinum £62.95 £32.95 enter the enchanted world of make- dress to impress and be the belle believe in this elegant dress. the beautiful of the ball in this velour and satin Sugar Plum Fairy Set bodice continues into a full-net skirt, gown with detachable cape and which is embroidered with roses and headband. 5-6 years. Item 2618204 Code £21.95 floral trims. Headband not included. make the magic come alive with this pretty fairy set, which includes a net skirt that has petals sewn 3-5 years Item Code 2470614 into it, a pair of sparkly wings and every fairy’s 6-8 years Item 2470615 Code favourite accessory, a wand! one size. Item 2615099 Code 9-11 years Item 2470616 Code56 dISCoVeR tHe toY KINGdom oN tHe FoURtH FLooR, ANd oNLINe At HARRodS.Com
  21. 21. Doctor Role Playset Princess Amelia Ball Gown£24.95 £52.95this playset includes a jacket and mask, Party princess-style in this beautiful gowna stethoscope with sound effects, a reflex with a satin bodice and full-hooped skirt,hammer, an ear scope, a syringe, and a name complete with multiple layers of net thattag for personalising. 3-6 years. Item 2263268 Code shimmer as you float about the dance floor. 3-4 years Item Code 2479598 5-6 years Item Code 2479599 7-8 years Code 2479600 ItemPaper Jamz Pro Microphone Pop Party Rock Star Snow Queen£39.95 Make-Up Set £64.95this microphone features five voice effects, £34.95 this fairytale princess gown will be on every littleperfect pitch, auto harmony, auto vibrator, chorus this stylish box with easy-to-carry handle girl’s wish list this year. make believe you’re a Snowmultiply and perfect melody. It’s mP3 compatible includes a lipgloss, compacts, a nail polish, Queen in the white marabou double bustle andso you can download and sing along to all a mobile phone holder, applicators and detailed bodice and full-length skirt, plus a delicateyour favourite pop stars, and includes two accessories. It’s the perfect pampering gift collared bolero with organza sleeves.pre-loaded songs. 8 years +. Item 2585832 Code for girls of all ages. 3 years +. Item 2585814 Code 3-4 years Item Code 2619151 5-6 years Item Code 2619152dISCoVeR tHe toY KINGdom oN tHe FoURtH FLooR, ANd oNLINe At HARRodS.Com 57