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Harrods food & entertaining


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All the produce that we've used in the meals created throughout the next 68 pages has been selected with flavour in mind.

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Harrods food & entertaining

  1. 1. ChampagneTuesday 9th – Tuesday 30th November 2010
  2. 2. 2 | Champagne
  3. 3. O ur sparkling celebration is once again upon us. From Tuesday 9th to Tuesday 30th november, harrods hails the Champagnes that have captured our hearts and graced our events over the past years. as the excitement and festivities of the Christmas seasonbuild, now is the perfect opportunity to find your favourite bubbly. Choose from over 70 prestigiouswines on offer throughout the month – from brut non-vintage to vintage rosés and prestige cuvées.Rediscover the legendary stars of the Champagne region and become acquainted with Champagnephilipponnat and Joseph perrier, new on our shelves this year.Throughout the world, fine Champagne is considered a mark of luxurious celebration, whilstin its country of origin France, Champagne is as equally enjoyed with a meal. Champagnes areusually made from either Chardonnay, pinot meunier or pinot noir and are typically banded into‘non-vintage’ or ‘vintage’ – each offering great wines, although the latter will naturally show thecharacteristics of that particular harvest, while non-vintage wines are produced to a house styleand blended each year to deliver a certain taste. each Champagne house offers its own uniquestyle, playing with grape source, variety, blending and ageing to achieve the desired characteristics.Our specialist team at harrods are available to aid you in finding the blend that best suits your style. Champagne | 3
  4. 4. A worthy cause for a Champagne celebration, november also sees the grand opening of the new harrods Wine Shop. Come and explore our exciting new space, complete with a glass-walled wine vault and two new spirit rooms. plus, put your senses to the test with the tasting bar and aroma area, in association with Le nez du Vin. Weekend Tastings Sample a selection of our highlighted Champagnes on offer throughout november, every Saturday throughout the month, from 2pm to 6pm in the Wine Shop, Lower ground Floor. eRRORS and OmiSSiOnS diSCLaimeR: please note that all wines listed are 75cl, and all spirits 70cl, unless otherwise specified. Stocks are limited and subject to availability. The right is reserved to withdraw stock or alter prices without notice if the cost of replacement rises or falls due to fluctuation in supplier prices, exchange rates, duty or VaT. O & e accepted. Usual price refers to harrods usual price. Offer prices are valid until Tuesday 30th november 2010.4 | Champagne
  5. 5. ContentsBillecar t-Salmon . . . . . . . . . . . . . p6 Joseph perrier . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p17 piper-heidsieck . . . . . . . . . . . . .p31Charles heidsieck . . . . . . . . . . . . p7 Krug . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p18 pommer y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p32Bollinger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p8 Lanson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p19 pol Roger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p34dampierre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p10 Laurent-perrier . . . . . . . . . . . . .p20 Ruinar t . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p35deutz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p11 Louis Roederer . . . . . . . . . . . . .p22 Tattinger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p36duvan Leroy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p12 moet & Chandon . . . . . . . . . . .p24 Veuve Clicquot . . . . . . . . . . . . .p38harrods. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p13 g.h. mumm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p25 Spirit of the month –gossett . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p14 perrier-Jouet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p26 Tanqueray no. Ten . . . . . . . . . .p40henriot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p15 philipponnat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p28 Spirit of the month –Jacquar t. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p16 dom pérignon . . . . . . . . . . . . .p30 Johnnie Walker . . . . . . . . . . . . .p42 Champagne | 5
  6. 6. T he story of Champagne Brut Rose NV ’ Billecart-Salmon begins in This stunning flagship rosé is produced upon 1818, with the marriage Billecart-Salmon’s traditional recipe and of nicolas François Billecart and production secrets, as used by the house’s very elisabeth Salmon. To this day, the house first generation. The wine unveils subtle aromas and an elegant bouquet with fine notes of red remains in the hands of its founding fruit. a light, refined palate offering toast and family. now in its seventh generation, red fruit meets a long fresh finish. Billecart-Salmon is run by François USUaL pRiCe £56.50 Roland-Billecart, who works and lives PROMO PRICE £51 in the beautiful château situated in picturesque mareuil-Sur-aÿ, creating SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £45 cuvées with the family motto ‘give priority to quality, strive for excellence.’ Vintage 2004 This extra Brut is a blend of ‘grand Cru pinot noir’ (70%), completed by the elegance and the minerality of the Chardonnay (30%), 20% of the cuvée is vinified in five-year oak barrels. a 70% dominance of grands Crus pinot noir is softened by Chardonnay and a proportion of blend produced in old oak barrels. Beautiful and intense aromas emanate from the wine, reminiscent of apples, citrus and dried fruits, followed by notes of brioche, fresh butter and warm madeleines. Once sipped it is refreshing and delicately complex with flavours of orchard fruits. Well rounded, this wine enjoys a powerful finish dominated by exceptional fruit maturity. USUaL pRiCe £66 PROMO PRICE £58 SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £50 Grande Cuvee 1998 ’ This great wine, produced from the finest sites of selected grands Crus, comes into its own after ten years of ageing in the Billecart-Salmon cellars. Complex, highly expressive aromas will delight the senses with a combination of ripe fruit and toasty notes. power and finesse distinguish the grande Cuvée – an ideal match for the finest foods. USUaL pRiCe £185 PROMO PRICE £1656 | Champagne
  7. 7. C harles heidsieck boasts a long and illustrious history dating back to 1815. Founded by Charles himself –a vivacious and affable character, widely known as ‘Champagne Charlie’ – he not only graced the european courts but was also the first Champenois to sell Champagne to america. Today, ‘Champagne Charlie’ lives on through his indulgent and rich wines, which are aged in 2,000-year-old gallo Roman cellars, deep under the city of Reims.Brut Reserve NV ’ Brut Rose Reserve NV ’ ’ Blanc de Millenaires Vintage 1995 ’The nose exudes notes of pastry, cocoa, praline To the eye, this gorgeous rosé has a tint of english This delightful vintage Champagne is paleand fresh almonds alongside hints of tiramisu roses and cherry blossoms, illuminating a strand gold in colour with a generous effervescence.and herb. it is crisp and light in the mouth with of fine and lively bubbles. The nose reveals fruity The bouquet is perfectly balanced betweenfruity tones, reminiscent of white peaches, fresh aromas of grapefruit and wild strawberries, elegance and richness, with fern, tea and lindenalmonds and pineapple. Beautifully harmonious enriched by hints of fresh tobacco, cinnamon notes complemented by hints of pastry, cinnamonthroughout, this wine is a stunning and classic and liquorice stick. Fresh and soft in the mouth and vanilla. mature yet fresh on the palate, initialexample of a brut non-vintage. with toasty, buttery nuances alongside notes of silky notes of candied apricot and quince lead toUSUaL pRiCe £44.50 blueberry, this wine strikes the perfect balance dried fruits, almonds and hazelnut. it is divinely between freshness and development. well structured with a heavenly balance.PROMO PRICE £41 USUaL pRiCe £56.50 USUaL pRiCe £150SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE(PER BOTTLE) £37 PROMO PRICE £48.50 PROMO PRICE £125 Champagne | 7
  8. 8. M adame Bollinger, who charismatically owned and extensively developed the Bollinger brand during the 1940s, once said: “i drink Champagne when i’m happy, and when i’m sad. Sometimes, i drink it when i’m alone. When i have company, i consider it obligatory. i trifle with it if i’m not hungry, and drink it when i am. Otherwise, i never touch it, unless i’m thirsty.” now a regular feature in the iconic James Bond movies and a coveted figure around the world, Bollinger benefits from a 180-year history of being meticulously and traditionally family owned and run. Utilising the methods that have been applied for generations, the house enjoys prestigious vineyard sites and an extended ageing process to create the powerful Bollinger signature house style.8 | Champagne
  9. 9. Special Cuvee NV ’ La Grande Annee 2000 ’The very essence of Bollinger is found Crafted solely in outstanding vintages, thein the house’s Special Cuvée. This brut grande année is a blend of 65% pinotnon-vintage is crafted year-after-year to noir and 35% Chardonnay, displaying therepresent Bollinger’s signature and style characteristic richness and puissance that– being composed of a blend of multiple is Bollinger. The nose reveals a beautifulvintages. This wine is proof of the power harmony of honeyed notes, red berriesand finesse of pinot noir with a fine and biscuity aromas. Full-bodied andcombination of palate weight and elegance, opulent, the palate has layer-upon-layer ofvinosity and length. mature fruit and spicy characters, lifted byUSUaL pRiCe £42.95 a citric freshness and completed by a long toasty finish.PROMO PRICE £39.95 USUaL pRiCe £76.50 PROMO PRICE £69.95Rose NV ’ La Grande Annee Rose 2002 ’ ’in the signature Bollinger house style, the Crafted from grand Cru and premierRosé is modelled upon the Special Cuvée Cru vineyards in 16 villages, each cru isblend. This rosé combines the fruits of fermented separately in old oak barrels,previous harvests with réserve wines ensuring the final blend comprises onlyfrom the Bollinger cellars in aÿ. The final the finest parcels. Sensual nuances ofcomponent of this wine comes exclusively strawberry and wild red fruits mingledfrom grand Cru vineyards in the Côte with cream and a touch of chalk arised’aÿ and Verzenay, delivering a delightful from the glass. Full-bodied and tantalising,colour and a delicate aroma of ripe red the palate delivers what the nose hints at.fruits. This wine is inimitably Bollinger, a perfect pairing with duck and lambexuding a fresh, fruity and yeasty nose with or a homemade red berry crumble.wild raspberries. The palate is fresh, clean pRiCe £110and succulent with a good crunchiness anda luscious finish.USUaL pRiCe £52.50PROMO PRICE £47.95 Champagne | 9
  10. 10. F or more than 700 years, the dampierre family has been associated with the Cuvee des Ambassadeurs Premier Cru NV ’ Champagne region. as early as 1300, The superb Cuvée des ambassadeurs premier Cru is the jurisdiction of guy de dampierre, blended from 50% grands Crus Chardonnays from avize, Cramant and mesnil, and 50% grands and premiers Crus who was Count of Flanders and pinots noirs from Bouzy, ambonnay and Cumieres. governor of Champagne, stretched pale gold in colour with very fine bubbles, this outstanding from Bruges to Reims. a royal city, brut non-vintage has a robust nose with a full, deep and Reims was the place of the king’s perfectly balanced, long-lasting finish. coronation and as such, the ensuing USUaL pRiCe £35 celebrations saw the royal court PROMO PRICE £30 attendees and local citizens drinking SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £25 their fill of local wine. Today, dampierre Champagnes have reached cult status Prestige Grand Cru Blanc des Blanc 1998 amongst the bubbly cognoscenti, aged between 8 and 12 years, this magnificent leaving little doubt that these wines Champagne is sourced entirely from grand Cru and their pure, vibrant taste will Chardonnay from the Côte des Blancs. The result is surprise and delight. a mature, soft, creamy and long-lasting wine – a stunning example of the finest Côte des Blancs. The cork is secured by a hand-tied piece of twine, a traditional method dating back to the 1800s, requiring great skill and patience and providing a flourish that is wholly justified by the exceptional contents of the bottle. USUaL pRiCe £125 PROMO PRICE £100 DAMPIERRE10 | Champagne
  11. 11. D eutz is the epitome of understated excellence. Founded in 1838, by William deutz and pierre hubert geldermann, the house sits among the vineyards of one of the region’s greatest communes – aÿ. William deutz was a firm believer in the value of land and was convinced a great wine could only come from a fine vineyard. his philosophy is central to the deutz approach, in which style is always matched by substance. Under the management of five generations of the same family, the house has flourished and is now a gem of the region, offering all the charms of Champagne made with flair.Brut Classic NV Blanc de Blancs 2004 Amour de Deutz Blanc de Blancs 1999The Brut Classic is a definitive non-vintage blend, This wine holds delightful aromas of ripe white The grapes of the amour de deutz werewith equal proportions of Chardonnay, pinot noir fruits and kumquats. powerful yet refined on sourced from grand Cru (95%) and premierand pinot meunier rounded by a high proportion the palate, with the citrus of the nose combining Cru vineyards within a twenty-mile radius of theof réserve wines. The result is a beautifully pure, deliciously with the biscuity flavours of classic house, ensuring their arrival in pristine condition.elegant wine, with a refreshing lemony aroma and Blanc de Blancs. a delightful Champagne and This is a transcendent example of the 1999a delicate mousse. dry with plenty of substance. superb value for money. Vintage; concentrated, fine, and very fresh,USUaL pRiCe £38.50 USUaL pRiCe £66.50 with a creamy depth and great length.PROMO PRICE £32.95 PROMO PRICE £60 USUaL pRiCe £135 SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £54 PROMO PRICE £118 Champagne | 11
  12. 12. L ocated in the heart of Chardonnay country – La Côte des Blancs – duval-Leroy has been independently owned and run for over 150 years. Today, Carol duval-Leroy holds the prestigious position as president of the company and is one of a few women to do so in the Champagne region. Carol has had an incredible impact on modernising and expanding the house, breathing new life into the family legacy. Their cuvées are blended predominantly from Chardonnay, attributing a finesse, lightness and elegance to the duval-Leroy style.Paris Brut NV Brut Rose NV ’ Femme de Champagne 1996This non-vintage brut is simply bursting with Salmon pink in the glass, this harmonious rosé has The house’s prestige cuvée, Femme deexuberance with a lively mousse, delicate fine been crafted from pinot noir and Chardonnay Champagne is produced from grand Crusbubbles and a beautiful cordon. a powerful and grapes. The bouquet releases a wealth of aromas vineyards in a 79% Chardonnay and 21% pinotelegant fresh fruit nose combines hints of white in wild cherries, figs, ginger and geraniums. noir blend. its refined elegance is layered byflowers, honeysuckle and hazelnut. Overall this With a solid maturity and balanced vinosity, this flowery flavours with hints of lime blossom,wine is well balanced, with a fresh palate and wine will undoubtedly delight fine rosé lovers. honey, brioche and hazelnuts. a deep intensitya rich, elegant and long finish. USUaL pRiCe £41.95 and velvety mousse balances the delicateUSUaL pRiCe £29.95 flavours, giving a lively impression overall. PROMO PRICE £35PROMO PRICE £25.95 USUaL pRiCe £75 PROMO PRICE £68 SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £6012 | Champagne
  13. 13. T he harrods Champagne range is the work of the hostomme Premier Cru NV family who have been crafting pinot noir and pinot meunier grapes selecteddelightfully classic wines for over three from premier Cru rated vineyards makes thecenturies. Based in the grand Cru harrods premier Cru non-Vintage a joy tovillage of Chouilly, their unique style of savour. harrods is particularly proud of thisChampagne is elegant and deliciously particular Champagne, with a peachy, applefruity. every part of the process, from fruit and biscuity edge leading to a delightfully crisp acidity and a highly desirable intensity.growing to bottling is overseen andcarefully managed by the family, using USUaL pRiCe £26.50artisan skills passed down through the PROMO PRICE £24generations. harrods carefully chosehostomme to produce its own-label Rose NV ’Champagne over 14 years ago and For a striking alternative, this rosé is createdinvites you to discover this classic in the traditional Saignée method. The bled grapes bestow a harmonious, rich and complexrange that offers a cuvée to suit pinot element to the cuvée, which displaysevery personality. aromas of berry fruit, orange peel and rose petals. The palate is rich yet fresh with hints of strawberry and biscuit, completed by a long and elegant finish. USUaL pRiCe £29.95 PROMO PRICE £25 Grande Reserve Blanc de Blancs NV ’ aged in the bottle for up to six years, this 100% Chardonnay grand Cru nV is the most delicate and floral of our prestigious range, making it an ideal aperitif or accompaniment to lighter dishes. an extraordinarily elegant and complex wine, it can be enjoyed today or cellared for several years. USUaL pRiCe £29.50 PROMO PRICE £27 Grand Cru Vintage 2004 produced from selected cuvées of Blanc de Blancs, derived from Chouilly and aged for four years, this Champagne has crystalline qualities in the glass with fine bubbles and a pale golden colour. The complex aromas, laced with white flowers and brioche, are enhanced by partial oak ageing. The palate is crisp, clean and full- bodied with layers of elegant fruit and a wonderfully long finish. USUaL pRiCe £34.50 PROMO PRICE £29.50 Champagne | 13
  14. 14. G osset lays claim to being the oldest house in Champagne – dating back to 1584 when red wines were produced by winegrower and alderman pierre gosset. during the 18th century the gosset wines found their fizz, and the gosset family turned to the production of Champagne. Their superb wines are harvested from grapes sourced from premier and grand Cru vineyards located in the most highly regarded villages of the marne region. The house prevents malolactic fermentation in order to preserve acidity and to instil the typically fruity aroma of their wines, allowing their fine Champagnes to develop and prosper with ageing in bottle.Brut Excellence NV Grand Rose NV ’ Celebris Vintage 1998 Extra BrutThis lively cuvée offers subtle floral and fruity delicately pink in hue and embellished by ruby gosset’s low dosage Champagne, offers springaromas, followed by further rich and complex red reflections, this wine brings forth aromas flowers, fleshy fruit, tobacco and hay aromas onnotes. The palate is fresh and delicate throughout; of wild berries, sweet spices and freshly baked the nose. it has a wonderfully lively palate witha perfect match for a variety of dishes from brioche, followed by roasted almond and warmed quince, pear, apricot and toasted almonds. it issaltwater fish to chicken or duck. mandarin peel. Candied, generous and full-bodied long and fresh on the finish, with notes of vanillaUSUaL pRiCe £39.95 in the mouth with red fruit jams invading the and brioche – a sensational fizz to be enjoyed lightly structured palate; this remarkable rosé with friends.PROMO PRICE £34.95 is delicate and refined from entry to finish. USUaL pRiCe £125 USUaL pRiCe £59.95 PROMO PRICE £105 PROMO PRICE £5114 | Champagne
  15. 15. S ince 1808, the house of Vintage Brut 2003 henriot, still a family-run The wonderfully rounded Brut 2003 is a result and independent house, has of most unusual weather conditions experiencedcontinued its dedication to excellence. throughout the year. This complex cuvée,For seven generations, the family has dominated by black fruit, is a blend of roughly equal portions of Chardonnay and pinot noirselected only the very best vineyards, from grands Crus vineyards, complementedmagnified the purity of Chardonnay with fruit from a number of premier Crus sites.and has held the utmost respect for The wine has a complex nose with rich aromastime, in order to ensure that each revealing layers of black fruit. The richness ofcuvée has the opportunity to reach the pinot dominates the palate complementingits full expression. rich Chardonnay notes. With the fullness to enjoy alongside rich meat dishes, this wine pairs fantastically with duck and morello cherries or roast chicken stuffed with mushrooms. USUaL pRiCe £82.50 PROMO PRICE £69.95 Champagne | 15
  16. 16. T he home of Champagne Jacquart is a 19th-century mansion in the historic centre of Reims. This prestigious brand was developed in 1962 when a group of growers with access to some of the finest vineyards, united to create their own luxury Champagne. They selected excellent quality fruit from the main regions of Champagne, the montagne de Reims, Vallee de la marne, Côtes des Bar and predominantly the best Chardonnay from the Cotes des Blancs. Today 2,620 hectares of vineyards are meticulously cultivated by 1,800 vignerons who all contribute to the celebrated Jacquart cuvées. Brut de Nominee NV ’ Brut de Nominee Magnum 1990, 150cl ’ Mosaique Grande Millesime 2000 ’ ’ a Champagne of much stature, this brut non- This fine Champagne has a delicate The nose is a seductive blend of white acacia vintage is created from select réserve wines effervescence with hints of warm brioche. flowers and honey with hints of raspberries that themselves were stored for at least a year The first impression is dominated by toasty and sweet mirabelle plums. The same ripe, red in tanks or wood before bottling. Combining notes of mocha, hazelnuts and fresh almonds fruit flavours carry through to the palate, this equal parts of pinot noir and Chardonnay in a followed by subtle oaky, creamy pinot noir, time with hints of peach. intensely aromatic and display of freshness and power, it has fresh, ripe leading to a suitably long finish. fresh, this is a ‘food Champagne’ par excellence aromas and an impressive length. USUaL pRiCe £110 and a delicious match for grilled fresh Foie USUaL pRiCe £60 gras and grilled or tempura-style langoustines. PROMO PRICE £99 PROMO PRICE £53 USUaL pRiCe £49.95 SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE PROMO PRICE £44 (PER BOTTLE) £4516 | Champagne
  17. 17. E ntering the cellars of Joseph perrier is to enter the heart of the hill of Fagnières. Walking into the three-kilometre stretch of ancient chalk galleries, as started by the Romans, visitors become privy to the house’s millions of bottles ageing peacefully. The grande marque house of Joseph perrier was founded in 1825, and is now overseen by the fifth generation of the family, Jean-Claude Fourman, who runs the house with the same exceptional attention to detail as his predecessors. Since its foundation, Joseph perrier has been based on the left bank of the marne River in Chalons en Champagne and is the last Champagne house based in the prefecture of the marne; as Jean-Claude likes to say: “the last of the mohicans.”Cuvee Rose Vintage 2002 ’ ’ Vintage Blanc de Blancs 2002Created to a blend of Chardonnay, pinot noir and exclusively crafted from Chardonnay harvested duringa touch of pinot meunier, this rosé is derived from four the excellent 2002 harvest, this wine holds the essencedifferent premiers and grand Cru villages: mailly, Rilly, of the vintage: a fine sugar to acid balance with ripeChouilly and mesnil sur Oger. Well balanced with aromatic fruit. each individual parcel harvested froma refreshing acidity lifted by a fine bead, this wine the vineyard was vinified separately and carefullyspends seven years on lees in the cellars before blended to create the final assemblage. aged fordisgorgement to ensure that the resultant cuvée a minimum of seven years in the cellar, this greatis lively, complex and above all deliciously fruity. Champagne has the structure and quality to rewardUSUaL pRiCe £53.50 considerable ageing.PROMO PRICE £48.50 USUaL pRiCe £53.50SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £43 PROMO PRICE £48.50 SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £43 Champagne | 17
  18. 18. K rug has been quietly defining excellence in Champagne since 1843. Six generations of the Krug family have cultivated the markedly individual character of their exceptional Champagne, showing the same single-mindedness and sense of purpose with which Johann-Joseph Krug founded the house upon over 155 years ago. Krug has specialised in producing only prestige cuvée Champagnes since its inception, its dedication being to quality without compromise. They remain the only Champagne house to still ferment their Champagnes the age-old way; in small oak casks that enable Krug’s intense bouquet and complex flavour to fully develop.Grande Cuvee ’The flagship of the house, the grande Cuvée, isextremely age-worthy with an imposing characterand a stunning mosaic of flavours. a wonderfullycreamy bouquet leads to a delightful combinationof weight and palate balance. The long, lingeringfinish is both nutty and toasty, ending with a finalflourish of freshness. in the words of henri Krug:“This is a symphony, a composition where theinstruments play together, complementing eachother in total harmony.”pRiCe £14018 | Champagne
  19. 19. O ne of the few houses to Rose Brut NV ’ date back to pre-French a rosé Champagne with beautiful pale salmon Revolution times, Lanson touches that express aromas of fruit and roses,remains a remarkably independent with discreet underlying notes of red business. Champagne Lanson is The initial impression is delicate, well roundedgraced with 800 acres of the region’s and fresh leading to a harmonious balancemost prestigious vineyards upon which and a good length on the gather its grapes from – each of USUaL pRiCe £38.95which is imbued with the unique PROMO PRICE £33.95characteristics of the land’s chalkysoil. it is also one of the few houses Lanson Gold Label 1999of the region that chooses not to assembled from a fairly equal blend ofinclude malolactic fermentation in Chardonnay and pinot noir, the Lanson goldits production process to soften the Label Vintage 1999 has a complex and generousperception of acid, thus ensuring an nose, hinting at citrus fruit and honey. it is ample and persistent on the palate, suggesting that itunprecedented freshness with optimal will benefit from ageing. Serve with creamed fish,flavour development and a complete white meat or a matured Comté cheese toevolution of aromas to the final cuvée. truly enjoy this wine. USUaL pRiCe £43.50 PROMO PRICE £37.50 Noble Cuvee Blanc de Blancs 1998 ’ elaborated from 100% Chardonnay, this prestige cuvée spends a minimum of five years ageing in the deep Lanson cellars and excludes a malolactic fermentation thereby ensuring that it will gracefully age and develop over time. now nearing its peak, this 1998 vintage wine offers citrus fruit and floral notes. The palate is well balanced and fresh with full flavour intensity from start to finish, constituting the perfect aperitif or partner to seafood. USUaL pRiCe £95 PROMO PRICE £78 Champagne | 19
  20. 20. Brut NV E stablished in 1812, Laurent- perrier is one of the most Freshness, elegance and balance encapsulate distinguished, independent the Laurent-perrier range and continue to and family-owned Champagne houses. be showcased in the brut year-after-year. With 45% Chardonnay and up to 20% Based in the heart of the region, the réserve wines delivering consistency, house has a pedigree for innovation; the Brut nV is fresh and delicate with handcrafting a diverse and pioneering a good complexity and a hint of citrus. range of fine Champagnes that USUaL pRiCe £34.95 are produced to traditional, time- PROMO PRICE £31.95 honoured methods. Laurent-perrier SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE was acquired by the nonancourt (PER BOTTLE) £28 family in the late 1930s and for over 50 years Bernard de nonancourt Brut Vintage 1999 has dedicated his life to creating and This exceptional wine is only produced perfecting the Champagnes of the during the very best years and vintage house. Today, Laurent-perrier is a 1999 was one such year. Laurent-perrier great success story and now stands Brut millésimé is composed of roughly as the fourth largest Champagne equal parts Chardonnay and pinot noir. brand worldwide. in keeping with the house style, it is pure in its flavour and crisp in its definition. This wine is a bottled extract of the quintessential character of the vintage 1999: elegant, full of character and pleasantly crisp. USUaL pRiCe £46.50 PROMO PRICE £39.95Grand Siecle Grande Cuvee ’ ’To produce Laurent-perrier’s luxury cuvée, familymember and chairman Bernard de nonancourtdecided to concentrate on the two mainstays ofChampagne’s know-how: the blending of differentCrus and the blending of different harvest years.The epitome of Champagne ‘assemblage’(the ‘marriage’ of different wines from severalvintage years which are then aged together forsix years) this handcrafted prestige cuvée hasunique depth, finesse, complexity andconsistency with a remarkable lengthof honeyed, nutty flavours.USUaL pRiCe £126.50PROMO PRICE £9920 | Champagne
  21. 21. Ultra Brut Rose Brut NV ’This is a rare Champagne of zero dosage, which can adored for its fresh red fruit flavours, this iconic roséonly be made in years when the grapes are of optimum was instrumental in making pink Champagne bothripeness – with a good balance of acidity and natural stylish, sophisticated and well respected. Soft salmon insugar. Only relatively small volumes are produced of this colour, it displays hints of strawberries, raspberries andintensely perfumed wine that exudes citric, white fruit red cherries. With a delightful freshness and a suppleand honeysuckle aromas, completed with light floral rounded finish, this is the benchmark rosé. Superb asflavours and a delicately fresh finish. an aperitif and equally tantalising as an accompanimentUSUaL pRiCe £51.50 to charcuterie and red fruit desserts.PROMO PRICE £44 USUaL pRiCe £59.95 PROMO PRICE £53.95 SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £48 Champagne | 21
  22. 22. I n 1833, Louis Roederer inherited the Champagne company that was originallyfounded by his uncle in 1776.he immediately began spreading thefine Roederer reputation throughouteurope, concentrating his efforts inRussia and it was not long before theTsar himself was drinking Roederer’sChampagne. in fact, it became sucha favourite of Tsar alexander ii thathe asked Roederer to create his ownpersonal cuvée from their finest a result, the now globally acclaimedCristal was born; the first everCuvée de Roederer, the réserve wines thatare used to maintain the house styleare stored in barrels and it is perhapsthe only Champagne house to havesuch an extensive cellar of these wines.This ensures Roederer Champagne ofits distinctive style: rich, round, toastedand highly complex.22 | Champagne
  23. 23. Brut Premier NV Brut Vintage 2004a blend of 40% pinot noir, 40% predominantly pinot, the Brut Vintage 2004Chardonnay and 20% pinot meunier, this has a subtle nutty and citric nose, enticingwine is full and generous, integrating mature the senses with hints of orange and hazelnutsnotes with more youthful and fruity tones. punctuated by warm, fruity notes followedThis is a complex wine that is both modern by caramel. The palate is deep and full on firstand powerful whilst retaining the status of attack, showing rich, rounded vinosity but witha great classic. all the refined sweetness, acidity and tight-knitUSUaL pRiCe £42.50 texture of pinot noir fruit from the Verzenay vineyard. a classic vintage brut with all thePROMO PRICE £38.95 traditional flavours of Champagne expressedSIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE with a refinement, precision, purity and(PER BOTTLE) £35 harmony that is quintessentially Roederer. USUaL pRiCe £64.95Carte Blanche Demi-Sec PROMO PRICE £59.95The Carte Blanche is essentially the same SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICEblend as the Brut premier with a higher (PER BOTTLE) £53dosage, resulting in a deliciously rich,medium-dry Champagne. intense floral,honey and caramelised apple tones Cristal 2004alongside hints of warm sugar almonds can assembled from 45% Chardonnay and 55%be found. The dosage adds a rich, creamy pinot noir, this stunning cuvée has a highlytexture providing great length, supported expressive, elegant and precise freshness and delicate bubbles. hints of citrus fruit and a pure mineralityperfect with desserts or foie gras. lead through to generously rich tones.USUaL pRiCe £42.50 Full and creamy on the palate, revealing a fine concentration of stone fruits balancedPROMO PRICE £36.95 by a fine acidity and exhilarating freshness. The overriding impression is one of a true harmony of flavours, senses and silky textures – an absolute sensation. pRiCe £175 Champagne | 23
  24. 24. .. Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV ’ U ncompromised quality is at the heart of moët & The moët & Chandon impérial is a balanced Chandon – one of the biggest combination of the three wine varieties; names in the Champagne region. disclosing a succession of elegant and harmonious sensations, a fresh maturity, having developed strong ties with supple and refined lines, inspiring wellbeing vine growers over the years, moët and an emotion which is appreciated and & Chandon ensures a superlative shared. The nose and palate are in perfect standard of the grapes is used. harmony, with rich and striking aromas of The renowned company also owns vine and lime blossom. a collection of excellent grands and USUaL pRiCe £36.95 premiers Crus vineyards. The vast PROMO PRICE £31.95 array of sites available for selection is at the heart of the company’s Grand Vintage 2002 signature technique, enabling the The 69th grand Vintage from the maison wine-makers to blend hundreds is mature, harmonious and precise. Seven of different vineyard plots. moët years in the cellars have developed the & Chandon is therefore able to mature, toasty flavours – both sweet and represent the variety and diversity dry – notes of frangipane alongside toasted almonds, mocha and light tobacco come to offered by the Champagne region. the fore, followed by ripe autumn fruits. The palate leans towards a fresher citrus tone with mandarin orange and pink grapefruit flavours, enlivening the creamy and round mid-palate. USUaL pRiCe £52.50 PROMO PRICE £48 SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £43 Grand Vintage Rose 2002 ’ This gorgeous rosé Champagne offers flavours of cherry, plum and fresh fig combined with notes of wild strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. Warm spicy notes and a subtle smokiness enrich the flavours of the palate. aged for seven years this delightful wine is mature, harmonious and utterly compelling. USUaL pRiCe £63.95 PROMO PRICE £58.50 SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £5324 | Champagne
  25. 25. T he house of g.h. mumm has Mumm de Cramant been offering Champagnes Bottled under low pressure to enhance with a sense of tradition since the freshness and delicate flavours of the1827. Founder and pioneer georges fruit, this single Cru cuvée is blended inhermann mumm became one of the time honoured tradition, with a strict selection of 100% grand Cru Chardonnaythe first Champenois to buy vineyards Cramant wines. Fresh and elegant onto gain control over all aspects of the palate, it boasts crisp lime, lemon andproduction. Today, mumm still owns grapefruit flavours with delicate bubbles218 hectares of spectacular vineyards, that seem to melt-in-the-mouth, alongwhich are predominantly located in with a graceful and lingering finish.the seven most renowned grands USUaL pRiCe £52.50Crus of the Champagne growing PROMO PRICE £45region: aÿ, Bouzy, ambonnay, Verzy,Verzenay, avize and Cramant. Mumm Cuvee R Lalou, 1998 ’ a blend of Chardonnay and pinot noir, this prestige wine is created in honour of the legendary and now obsolete Cuvée René Lalou; a tribute to the man himself who charismatically headed the house for nearly half a century during the early 1900s. it is the culmination of the house style, a close-knit wine of extreme depth and great sophistication that still displays freshness, mineral notes and balance. USUaL pRiCe £115 PROMO PRICE £97.50 Champagne | 25
  26. 26. C hampagne perrier-Jouët has been renowned since 1811 for its boutique Champagnes, which combine exceptional elegance with ‘Belle epoque’ art de vivre. The avant-garde spirit for which the house is fêted finds its purest expression in the iconic anemone bottle of its prestige cuvée, ‘Belle epoque’, designed in 1902 by emile gallé. This creative philosophy has earned perrier-Jouët a cult following, resonating across the social spectrum from decadent bohemia to refined luxury and attracting such eclectic admirers as Oscar Wilde and Coco Chanel. When combined with a signature house style of grand Cru Chardonnay-driven purity and elegance, the result is a timeless work of art.Belle Epoque 2002Characterised by the house’s signature grand-CruChardonnay, it is complemented by pinot noir fullfruit notes and with tremendous balance in thefinely judged dosage. aged for over six years inperrier-Jouët’s cellars, the Vintage 2002 displays finearomas of white fruits, with floral notes of acaciaand hawthorn, rounded off by citrus and a hintof vanilla. The intensity of the palate leads intoa beautifully delicate wine, which displays theexcellent balance of structure and aciditythat creates Belle epoque’s characteristicharmony and elegance.USUaL pRiCe £105PROMO PRICE £87.5026 | Champagne
  27. 27. ..Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque Rose 2002 ’ Grand Brut Blason Rose ’a Champagne of exemplary finesse and elegance, The assemblage combines to create a wine that The Blason Rosé shows hints of red fruits on thewith the balanced fruit underlining the Rosé hue. is elegant yet delicate. This Champagne reveals an nose and a rich long palate. Up to 15% red wineComposed of 45% Chardonnay, 50% pinot noir attractive floral bouquet with creamy hints and from Bouzy is added to the blend, giving extraand 5% pinot meunier, the Belle epoque Rosé touches of yeasty autolysis that give way to crisp body and fruit to produce its attractive salmonis completed with a final 8% dose of still red citrus flavours in the mouth and a lingering finish. pink colour. The assemblage includes aroundwines from ambonnay and aÿ – added to give USUaL pRiCe £36.50 15% réserve wines and spends two to threethe distinct rosy colour. Light and floral on years on the lees before disgorgement. PROMO PRICE £33the nose, with hints of wild strawberry, USUaL pRiCe £48.95raspberry and forest fruits, this distinctive and SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £29.50 PROMO PRICE £44.95elegant wine is fresh, yet silky and balancedon the palate with excellent ageing potential. SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £40USUaL pRiCe £135 Champagne | 27
  28. 28. I n the heart of Champagne country for 500 years, the philipponnat family and Champagne house has been established in aÿ and mareuil-sur-aÿ since 1522. The house is now run by Charles philipponnat who oversees the 18th-century cellars and 20 hectares of vineyards, comprised predominantly of pinot noir (the flagship variety of the house style). Their premium-quality wines are classically quite dry with a fantastic balance of ripe fruit flavours – perfect for gourmet dining and connoisseurs seeking Champagnes of great character. new to harrods this year, we are excited to offer a selection of their cuvées which we believe offer a glimpse of the superb standard and style that this house has to offer.28 | Champagne
  29. 29. Royale Reserve Non Dose ’ ’ Grand Blanc 2004The Royale Réserve non dosé is a subtle The grand Blanc is exclusively blended fromvariation on the emblematic blend of the Chardonnay grapes from the best growthshouse of philipponnat, combining crispness and of the Côte des Blancs and montagne devinosity. By not adding any sugar once the first Reims, including some white Clos des goisses.ageing process is completed, philipponnat offers This wine is a noteworthy exception in thea leaner and crisper expression of the Royale otherwise pinot noir-dominated range ofRéserve. This wine will delight lovers of mineral philipponnat wines. While possessing vinositytoned wines and will be a great companion and a creamy texture, it is true to the lightnessto aperitifs and seafood. and finesse of a great Blanc de Blanc. a superbUSUaL pRiCe £34.95 aperitif or wonderful companion to all seafood.PROMO PRICE £32 USUaL pRiCe £53.95SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £29 PROMO PRICE £48.50 SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £44Royale Reserve ’ Le Clos de Goisses 2000a house signature for philipponnat, the Royale Belonging exclusively to philipponnat, theRéserve takes advantage of the rich and Clos des goisses is an exceptional vineyardpowerful pinot noir grapes from the southern of just 5.5 hectares on a steep, south-facingside of the montagne de Reims, which always slope. This unique wine is characterised bymakes up the majority of the blend. With three incredible length and body, in which pinotyears’ ageing, this wine is sufficiently mature, noir predominates red fruits and floral notes,yet remains delightfully crisp. followed by deeper earthy tones. This fabulous wine is extraordinarily mineral and intense.USUaL pRiCe £34.95 a marvellous companion for gastronomyPROMO PRICE £32 matching game, mushrooms and even cheeses.SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE USUaL pRiCe £135(PER BOTTLE) £29 PROMO PRICE £114 Champagne | 29
  30. 30. B enedictine monk dom pérignon was a historic and important figure in the development of fine Champagne to the superior standard as we know it today. moët & Chandon adopted his name in the late 1920s for their prestige Cuvée Champagne. in honour of the care and craftsmanship with which dom pérignon originally elaborated his wines, moët & Chandon categorically insists on choosing only the best harvests and thereafter, a long, slow ageing of the wine for a minimum of seven years on its lees.Vintage 2002The first hints of fresh almond and harvestaromas immediately open up into preservedlemon and dried fruits, rounded off by darkersmoky and toasted qualities. The presence of thewine on the palate is immediately captivating.paradoxically concentrated yet creamy, it isenergetic and warm in the mouth, focusing onthe fruit, then gradually taking on more profoundbass notes. This distinctive cuvée holds its noteperfectly, intensively and with just a subtle hint ofunderlying vivacity.pRiCe £12030 | Champagne
  31. 31. F lorens-Louis heidsieck Rare 2002 founded his Champagne a dazzlingly impressive wine, Rare contains house in 1785. Forty-three a complex mineral composition and fruityears later, following his death, his character that can only be described as pure.nephew Christian heidsieck and pale gold with subtle reflections of green, thiscousin henri-guillaume piper assumed wine expresses a subtly complex, vegetal nosecontrol of the house and changed with notes of wood, pepper, ginger and cumin,the name to piper-heidsieck. combined with distinctive coffee bean aromas. Refined and elegant on the palate, its impressionin 1953 marilyn monroe declared is light, however it’s neither lacking richness northat she: “goes to bed every night density. Soft spices and ginger complementwith a drop of perfume and wakes the fresh mouthfeel of this extravagant wine,up each morning with a glass of which will delicately linger on.piper-heidsieck.” piper-heidsieck’s pRiCe £145award-winning winemaker, Régis Camus,maintains the predominant use ofpinot noir in his celebrated rangeof wines, adding crispness and radianceto complement the great finesseof Chardonnay. Champagne | 31
  32. 32. M adame pommery created Cuvee Louise 1999 ’ the first successfully marketed made from grapes hailing from the grand Cru brut Champagne, entitled vineyards of avize, Cramant and ay – three of ‘pommery nature 1874’, at a time the Jewels in Champagne’s crown – the Cuvée Louise Vintage is created as a tribute to Louise when most Champagnes were pommery. a wine of stunning purity and finesse, excessively sweetened by sugar. it is a signature of the vintage and a classic Louise. This set the benchmark for the rest elegant, yet refreshing, this Champagne betrays of the Champagne houses, and with the dominance of Chardonnay in the blend. this pioneering spirit and a focus on Floral and citric, packed with lemon zest, excellence, pommery ensured the mirabelle, greengage and ripe juicy apple with enduring signature house style. white flower nuances enriching toasty notes, overlaying a gloriously smooth, silky texture. Today, all pommery wines are expertly crafted by Chef du Cave, Thierry USUaL pRiCe £100 gasco, who oversees some of the PROMO PRICE £92 finest cellars in Reims covering over 18 kilometres of galleries hollowed Cuvee Louise Rose 2000 ’ ’ out of chalk. at a depth of 30 metres This Louise Rosé cuvée is complex, charming underground, these cellars keep and the epitome of finesse. its colour is close the maturing wine at a steady 10°c to pale amber pinks which indicate fine maturity and promising delicacy. it opens up in the glass throughout the year. to reveal the aromatic notes of small woodland strawberries combined with white fruit, like peach, along with a few notes of apple. The taste leaves a memory of suaveness but CHAMPAGNE also of freshness and infinity on the mouth. USUaL pRiCe £335 R E I M S - F R A N C E PROMO PRICE £28532 | Champagne
  33. 33. Brut Royal NV Apanage Rose ’With a blend that emphasises the Chardonnay grape, this brut The captivating pastel hue of the apanage Rosé enhances itsnon-vintage has lively flavours of fleshy fruit and red berries. fine bubbles. With a great freshness and wonderful elegance,Originating from 40 selected villages in the Côte des Blancs, this rosé reveals aromas of little red berries combined withmontagne de Reims and other areas in the Champagne sharper notes of granny Smith apples. Rich and well balanced,region, the liveliness and delicacy of the Chardonnay grape all the flavours hinted at on the bouquet are harmonisedis enhanced by the climate. its freshness shows hints of citrus in the palate. expect an easy to savour Champagne thatand white flowers and is made possible by cool primary culminates in an unforgettable, wonderfully fresh finale.fermentation, which prevents the naturally volatile subtle USUaL pRiCe £42.95flavours from escaping. PROMO PRICE £39.50USUaL pRiCe £37.95 SIX-BOTTLE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £35PROMO PRICE £32.50 Champagne | 33
  34. 34. W inston Churchill was quoted to say: “i cannot live without Champagne. in victory, i deserve it and in defeat, i need it.” his Champagne of choice was pol Roger. This, one of the few remaining family owned houses in Champagne, was founded by monsieur pol Roger in 1849, and for the proceeding 50 years until his death in 1899 he pioneered one of the most respected brands in the region. Today, the prestigious company is run by the fourth and fifth generations, who preside over 86 hectares of vineyards in the Vallée d’epernay and the Côte de Blancs. With stocks equivalent to five year’s normal sales and some of the coolest and deepest cellars in epernay, pol Roger Champagnes offer a glimpse into the sublime.Brut Reserve NV ’ Rose Vintage 2002 ’ Sir Winston Churchill 1999made from a harmonious and equal blend of a full-bodied, vintage Champagne made from Sir Winston Churchill was pol Roger’s mostChardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier 50% pinot noir, 34% Chardonnay and 16% vin illustrious devotee and customer and thisgrapes, the Brut Réserve is enjoyable as Rouge de Champagne. The year was a testing eponymous Champagne is made in his aperitif, an accompaniment to meals or growing season, which produced this intensely The composition of the blend is a closely guardedsimply for celebrations. This wine remains brilliant pink rosé, with citrus fruit aromas, family secret but from tasting it is likely that theas a wonderful expression of the definitive alongside stewed strawberries. The palate strikes Champagne features about 70-80% pinot noirhouse style of pol Roger. a perfect balance between minerality and firmness, with the remainder made up from Chardonnay.USUaL pRiCe £36.95 with mature red fruits coming to the fore. The grapes are all from grand Cru vineyards delightful on its own or paired with food. that were under vine during Churchill’s lifetime,PROMO PRICE £ 31 USUaL pRiCe £76.50 the wine of which is only ever made in the very best vintages. it is made to a style which Churchill PROMO PRICE £70 himself favoured: robust, mature and long-lived. SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £63 USUaL pRiCe £125 Order a case and receive a complimentary Pol Roger Musto Crew bag. 34 | Champagne
  35. 35. T he house of Ruinart was founded in 1729 by nicolas Ruinart and remains one of the most sophisticated and classic Champagne houses to this day. The house style has a preference for Chardonnay, the elegance of which stems from grapes sourced from the Côtes des Blancs, balanced by the structural style of the montagne de Reims fruit. Together, these account for 100% of the blend in dom Ruinart and Ruinart Blanc de Blancs. even more remarkable is the high proportion of Chardonnay in Ruinart’s rosé Champagne – a style that normally requires large proportions of red grapes.R de Ruinart Brut NV Ruinart Blanc de Blanc Ruinart Rose NV ’a skilful blend of wines made from the a blend of 100% premier Cru Chardonnay a blend of 45% premier Cru Chardonnay andChardonnay and pinot noir grapes, R de Ruinart from different years, this superb wine features 55% premier Cru pinot noir, this Ruinart Rosé isis a golden, lively and fruity Champagne with a profuse mousse that provokes a supple and a splendid rose petal pink in the glass. The nosesubtle aroma of white fruits. The full extent harmonious palate. This is a well balanced, rich, is very fine with subtle fruity aromas and hints ofof aromas will be exposed fully by a subtle, suave and soft wine, with subtle honey and raspberry. Vigorous, and well balanced onsophisticated dish such as lightly sautéed scallops. mineral flavours, completed by a long, the palate, this fine, smooth and supple wineUSUaL pRiCe £43.95 sustained finish. has notes of morello cherry leading to USUaL pRiCe £56.50 a relatively long finish.PROMO PRICE £39.50 PROMO PRICE £51 USUaL pRiCe £56.50SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £35 SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £45 PROMO PRICE £51 SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £45 Champagne | 35
  36. 36. T aittinger remains one of the few Champagne houses to be owned and actively managed by the family named on the label. Though the house’s origins are thanks to its founder Jacques Fourneaux back in 1734, the Taittinger name was introduced almost two centuries later when pierre Taittinger acquired the house. The hallmark of a Taittinger Champagne is its high percentage of Chardonnay. The consistent, exceptional quality of Taittinger’s cuvées is recognised worldwide and has earned the house many accolades, including the latest decanter World Wine award’s ‘non Vintage Champagne Trophy 2010’ for the Taittinger prélude grands Crus nV.36 | Champagne
  37. 37. 2004 Brut Millesime ’ Light golden in colour, this wine presents a slightly mineral aroma followed by an intense and delicate fruitiness. The first impression on the palate is full-bodied and the mid-palate is rich, well rounded and supple. a wide range of fruity, cake flavours including fresh apricot and brioche are evident whilst the finish is long and complex. a superb Champagne offering a rich and harmonious aromatic palate. USUaL pRiCe £54.95 PROMO PRICE £46.50Brut Reserve NV ’ Prelude Grands Cru NV ’assembled from 40% Chardonnay and 60% This wine comes from four grands Crus sites andpinot noir and pinot meunier, this delightful is made from the first pressing, with up to 25% ofbrut non-vintage has a fruity, yeasty nose. the blend originating from réserve stocks. prior toan attractive array of peach, white flowers release it is aged for a minimum of four years onand vanilla pod flavours are evident throughout the lees. intensely fresh, citric flavours lead toand are enhanced by the fine mousse. a much fuller, mellowed taste reminiscent ofUSUaL pRiCe £39.95 white peaches in syrup.PROMO PRICE £36 USUaL pRiCe £49.95SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £31.50 PROMO PRICE £43.50Nocturne Sec NV Folies de la Marquetterie NVThis wine has a subtle, fresh nose reminiscent of harvested from a single vineyard, this wine haswhite blossom, ripe peach and dried apricots. an intense, fruity bouquet with aromas of peach,On the palate it is soft, fresh and mellow with apricot jam and subtle hints of toasted briochedelicate floral and ripe fruit flavours. it has and vanilla. The palate is full-bodied, fruity anda long length with a subtle sweetness. graceful with golden peach flavours. The longUSUaL pRiCe £48.50 finish is distinctive with light toasty notes.PROMO PRICE £44.50 USUaL pRiCe £57.50 PROMO PRICE £48..50Comtes de Champagne 1999 Comtes de Champagne, Rose 2003 ’Crafted from 100% Chardonnay, with 5% an amber, rosewood colour, Comtes dematured in new French oak barrels for four Champagne Rosé 2003 has a fine, elegantmonths, the wine remains on lees for five years nose reminiscent of blossoms, rose and violet.before disgorgement. The bouquet is reminiscent a faint touch of fresh almond pervades fromof minerals, white blossom, fresh almonds and the background. The first impression onvanilla. extremely fresh, dominant flavours of the palate is fresh, complex and fine,citrus, lemon zest and grapefruit reside on complemented by flavours of raspberry andthe palate. an exquisite Champagne with pear. an exquisite Champagne with remarkableextreme finesse and length of flavour. balance of structure, vinosity and framework.pRiCe £165 USUaL pRiCe £235Receive a complimentary bottle of Prélude Grand Cru PROMO PRICE £205when you purchase the Comtes de Champagne 1999. Champagne | 37
  38. 38. M adame Clicquot is often considered the first businesswoman of the modern era. Widowed at 27, she flaunted the conventions of the day by taking control of her late husband’s small Champagne house. in so doing, she carried out many dramatic and dangerous feats – including defying napoleon’s blockade and sending a secret Champagne shipment to Russia. The house of Veuve Clicquot is among the most prestigious Champagne firms and is best known for its famous ‘Yellow Label’; a blend from several vintages. it is a lesser-known fact however, that Veuve Clicquot was also the first to make cuvées composed entirely from a single, exceptional year.Yellow Label NVThe dominance of pinot noir grapes givesYellow Label its strong structure, whilst a touchof pinot meunier adds to its roundness, leavingChardonnay to provide the finesse it needs forperfect balance. assembled from about 50 Crusand carefully stocked réserve wines, providingthis wine with its inimitable Clicquot style.USUaL pRiCe £41.95PROMO PRICE £3638 | Champagne
  39. 39. Rose NV ’ Vintage Reserve 2002 ’ La Grande Dame 1998The nose is elegant and generous, with initial at first, freshness predominates – balsamic notes La grande dame is named in honour of madamearomas of fresh red and black berry fruit with of menthol and liquorice together with hints Clicquot, and is the ultimate embodiment of herhints of cherry, leading to dried fruit and biscuity of citrus and red fruits that nestle alongside legendary maxim: ‘one quality – the finest’.notes. in line with the style of the house, the wine aromas of white flowers. after several minutes On the nose, Chardonnay characteristics comeis perfectly balanced and combines elegance of aeration, typical Clicquot notes of dried fruit, to the fore with the arrival of floral, nutty,and personality. nuts and pastries take the lead, crowned by a veil candied fruit and mineral aromas. This aromatic,USUaL pRiCe £48.95 of sweet spices like vanilla. in the mouth the wine impressively complex bouquet is confirmed in is lively and firm, yet soft and velvety with spicy the mouth. On the palate, the wine is clear-cutPROMO PRICE £42 fragrances emerging from the dosage. The finish and pure; perfectly balanced with a delightful silky is also contradictory, with a structure that is smoothness. it has a long, lively and structured based both on freshness and smoothness finish and offers great cellar potential. USUaL pRiCe £55.50 USUaL pRiCe £125 PROMO PRICE £51 PROMO PRICE £113 SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £47 SIX-BOTTLE CASE PRICE (PER BOTTLE) £100 Champagne | 39
  40. 40. T he essence of the Tanqueray brand was laid down over 170 years ago when Charles Tanqueray – who had descended from three generations of clergymen – chose not to follow the family calling and instead opened a distillery in Bloomsbury, London. Charles’s refusal to accept the status quo meant that he spent many years testing the finest botanicals from around the world. Today Tanqueray gin continues Charles Tanqueray’s legacy of excellence. Tanqueray gets its rich multi-layered flavour from select botanical ingredients – angelica, juniper, coriander and other botanicals inconveniently sourced from around the globe. named after the tenth distillation that this luxury gin undergoes, in aptly named ‘Tiny 10’, during which the spirit is macerated in fresh limes, oranges and grapefruit, producing the refreshing taste of Tanqueray no. Ten.40 | WhiTe SpiRiT OF The mOnTh
  41. 41. The Wayne HemingwayNo. T Pack enacclaimed British designerWayne hemingway has broughthis creative vision to luxury ginTanqueray no. Ten this year,with a limited-edition bottle.This beautiful casing mirrors themodern exterior of the bottle,while the interior is inspired bya 1930’s cocktail theme. The ginitself is a dry, crisp gin witha rich juniper flavour and citrusflavour lending a refreshing edgeto gin and tonics and making anincomparable to martini cocktails.USUaL pRiCe £36.50PROMO PRICE £29.95 WhiTe SpiRiT OF The mOnTh | 41
  42. 42. T he legacy left by legendary Johnnie Walker Gold John ‘Johnnie’ Walker has The Gold Label was blended to celebrate expanded decades and spread the first 100 years of Johnnie Walker in 1920. to worldwide acclaim. John Walker A well-kept secret, it’s only been available started out in his parents shop in outside the company since the 1990s. It is crafted using whiskies such as Cardhu, for Kilmarnock, Scotland in 1820 at the a honeyed flavour, and Clynelish, providing early age of 14, selling everything from malt and oak flavours. There are notes of soft writing paper to whisky. However as raisins and toffee, fresh malt and light cream. time would tell, it was the latter which Gold Label is as enticing as it is sensuous. would immortalise his name. USUAL PRICE £66.50 Three generations of the Walker PROMO PRICE £56.50 family have defined the steps to make Johnnie Walker the world famous Johnnie Walker Blue with Glasses Scotch whisky it is today. Encased in This premium whisky has been paired an iconic square bottle, the Johnnie with two elegant glasses to maximise Walker range of whiskies are blends the sensational flavours that embody of some of Scotland’s finest drams. Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Presented in a stylish blue lacquer case, this is the gift The Blue Label represents the pinnacle for whisky connoisseurs. of the House of Walker – the epitome PRICE £220 of blending from the rarest malts – which has an array of awards to its Johnnie Walker Blue Venturer Bag name. Each cask is hand-selected for its exceptional quality, character and The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Venturer is available exclusively from Harrods. flavour, ensuring the unique character The Venturer is the result of a partnership of the Blue Label; a complex, between two global icons: Johnnie Walker powerful, incredibly smooth dram Blue Label and Greg Norman. This limited that retains the signature Johnnie edition VIP bag was personally designed by Walker smokiness. Bill Amberg and Greg Norman, influenced by Greg’s incredible achievements on the golf course and in business. Only 331 Venturer bags are available worldwide, in recognition of the number of weeks Greg Norman reigned as golf ’s world number one. Each bag contains a suit compartment, shirt pocket and three bespoke accessories designed for the professional at the top of his game. The Venturer limited edition is the ultimate travel accessory for the power player. Price £1,500 Also available: Johnnie Walker Blue Caddy Bag £240 Johnnie Walker Blue Club Bag £27542 | WHISKy Of THE mONTH
  43. 43. WhiSKY OF The mOnTh | 43
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  46. 46. Best Flavoured Dark Bar / Golden Bean 2011, Best Flavoured Dark Bar / Silver Bean 2011Best Dark Truffle / Silver Bean 2011, Best Milk Bean to Bar / Silver Bean 2011 – Academy of Chocolate Chocolate, Tea & Coffee, Ground Floor
  47. 47. BRUCE LANGLANDS 18 24 44 50 Director of Food Halls ooking up a gourmet feast Harrods Magazine C this Christmas sounds more time-consuming than it really is. Having interviewed some of Food & Entertaining the world’s best chefs for this, our first-ever Harrods Magazine Food & Entertaining, I discovered it’s not just9 NEWS 24 CHRISTMAS LUNCH me who believes that the key to fine cuisine Festive truffles from Charbonnel et MADE SIMPLE is provenance. The most flavoursome dishes Walker; William Curley Couture Fresh flavours, high-quality ingredients rely not on complicated recipes, but rather on Chocolate; Taittinger’s Nocturne Sec; and clever shortcuts make this festive starting out with the very best ingredients. organic olive oils by Manni feast deliciously different All the produce that we’ve used in the meals11 A FINE LINE 36 CHEFS’ SECRET INGREDIENTS created throughout the next 68 pages has been Coln Valley Smokery has perfected the Eight top chefs choose their must- selected with flavour in mind. Sourcing these flavour of its salmon by doing things have foods, drinks and spices to turn products is a long process – and one that we the slow, old-fashioned way Christmas lunch into a gourmet feast take very seriously. We check to ensure that they are grown naturally and ethically. We visit the12 DING DONG! 38 NEWS farms that supply us. We forge strong working Gourmet treats make the festive Demarquette chocolate; Can À Suc relationships with the individuals behind each season all the more special sugar shapes; La Maison de la Truffe brand, because we want their trust as much as truffles; A L’Olivier oils; top wines14 SMART DECO we want yours. And once the products arrive Delicious and decorative, this season’s 40 BURIED TREASURE in-store, they are checked and double-checked most stylish Christmas ornaments Worth more than its weight in gold, to make sure we are genuinely proud to put are good enough to eat the white truffle is a gourmet superstar them on our shelves.16 NEWS 44 BOXING DAY CLEVER Our passion for exceptional quality also Home baking kits; the best A delicious array of fine meats, translates to our prepared foods. Our cocktail Advent calendars; old-fashioned cheeses and cakes is a smart option party food is a social whirl of salmon mousse and festive confectionery for a festive feast parcels, foie gras terrines and delicate canapés. Our Harrods mince pies, Christmas cakes and18 ’TWAS THE NIGHT 50 HOW TO HOST THE puddings are derived from old-English recipes, BEFORE CHRISTMAS PERFECT PARTY while our yule logs and stollens add an exotic Our European neighbours have Careful preparation, an eclectic guest European touch. All our fresh foods – from inspired a feast of seafood, salads list and contingency tactics ensure goose to salmon, ham to beef ribs, chipolatas to and exotic fruits – a perfectly light and your reputation as the ultimate host sprouts – will combine simply and beautifully luxurious prequel to Christmas Day to create a memorable gourmet feast. While 66 ULTIMATE LUCKY DIP22 TALKING TURKEY From pink Champagne to smoked the fine flavours are doing all the hard work, The privileged life of a free-range salmon, Christmas cake to caviar, the chef will have plenty of time to enjoy the turkey at Peach Croft Farm results the “Ultimate” hamper has all the festivities, too. in an extra-tasty Christmas dinner ingredients of a very festive season And this Christmas, for your convenience, we have produced a festive foods order form, which can be found at the back of this HARRODS MAGAZINE FOOD & ENTERTAINING HARRODS STORE IMAGE magazine and in-store. Editor-in-Chief DEBORAH BEE Image Director MARK BRIGGS Art Director BARNEY PICKARD Media Sales Director GUY CHESTON Deputy Editor FLEUR FRUZZA Head of Advertising Sales & Publishing Chief Sub-Editors LISA HILLMAN, NICOLETTE THOMPSON CHARLOTTE MARKS Junior Sub-Editor NICOLA CORFIELD Marketing Manager, Food Halls ROMOLA BASU Producer LISA BONNICI Marketing Manager, Restaurants LISA TRUDEAU Art Editor SONJA BURRI Media Sales Manager, Home CHRIS SWEET Senior Designer NATALIE MOSQUERA Media Sales Executives, Home Junior Designer RACHEL ESCUDIER ADELE BROUSSE, HON BAN LEE Fashion Writer LAURA JORDAN Staff Writer AMY BROOMFIELD PRODUCTION Cover Editorial Assistant LOUISE FISH Reproduction ZEBRA PHOTOGRAPHER Print Production THE WESTDALE PRESS LIMITED Picture Researcher EMILY SELLERS DEIRDRE ROONEY Publisher BETH HODDER Harrods, 87–135 Brompton Road, London SW1X 7XL STYLIST Associate Publisher AISHA ISCEL t: +44 (0)20 7730 1234; f: +44 (0)20 7225 6633; Publishing Coordinator SUZY CHAPMAN ARABELLA MCNIE Publishing Assistant ALETHEA QUARTEY All information and prices are correct at time of going Harrods gingerbread Production Manager HAYLEY ELLIS to press. wreath £30 Harrods Magazine • 5
  49. 49. T H E W I N E S H O P, L O W E R G R O U N D F L O O RF L O R E N C E - R O M E - H A R R O D