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Why Creating a Sense of Urgency is a Terrible Idea


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I recently wrote a blog with the same title, that I got a bit of positive feedback on. I decided I could shorten it and give it more impact as a SlideShare.

It's about a "best practice" in change management that seems like a good idea at first blush, but as you really think about what the words mean, it turns out it's not that helpful at all.

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Why Creating a Sense of Urgency is a Terrible Idea

  1. 1. Why Creating a Sense of Urgency is a Terrible Idea by Harrison Cates Withers III
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  3. 3. I was recently told that a best practice of change management was to “create a sense of urgency”
  4. 4. management experts (including Drucker) have been saying it instinctively for years without actually thinking about what it means.
  5. 5. what does it really mean?
  6. 6. and is it relevant in today’s business climate of openness and transparency?
  7. 7. Let’s break it down: Create a Sense of Urgency
  8. 8. Create what is it you are trying to create when it comes to change? If you want people to help create a solution, you should engage them before it’s urgent.
  9. 9. Sense sense alludes to a feeling. you may “sense” you are getting a cold, or maybe you just need a drink of water.
  10. 10. Urgency the fact that something is urgent does not mean it’s important. Source: First Things First, Stephen Covey
  11. 11. human beings tend to be quite literal. create a sense of urgency is translated as: a fictional account that will make me feel uneasy and that I need to take care of immediately, but that probably isn’t important.
  12. 12. what you really need is: communicate an expectation and explain the importance
  13. 13. words matter if your people understand it’s really important, they’ll make it urgent. (be transparent)
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