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Accenture Digital Revolution Challenge - Musicians Breaking Through to Stardom


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Accenture Digital Revolution Challenge

Published in: Technology
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Accenture Digital Revolution Challenge - Musicians Breaking Through to Stardom

  1. 1. Breaking Through The Clutter And Reaching Stardom Harrison Wang
  2. 2. Music Isn’t Just Sounds… In today's world, we demand more than just a three minute track. Musicians or artists needs a distinctive style, an uniqueness, something that distinguishes themselves from the others. Why? Because we demand innovation. How? Creating not only music for the ears, but arts for the soul.
  3. 3. Music Meets Art What do you get when you integrate Music, iPhone, and a GPS? A Revolution Introducing, The National Mall, World’s First Location Aware Album.
  4. 4. The location-aware album is a dynamic playlist that changes music as you walk. Different zones, different music. Music That Interacts Music becomes art. Innovation leads and turns heads. Artists need to create more than just sounds to satisfy the increasing demand of consumers. But Why?
  5. 5. Closer Look At The Industry Today (USA) Transition to digital medium is clear. Decline in revenue overall since 2000. Access to digital technology has allowed more exposure, but also more competitiveness. Music needs to gain intrinsic support from consumers.
  6. 6. Further Insight (Global)
  7. 7. What’s In Store Now?
  8. 8. It’s About Integration Pushing The Location Awareness Technology Exposure Create Integrate Revolution Expose artist music through all apps Create location, environment and mood awareness app Integrate with iPhone, iWatch, Galaxy Gear Watch, even Google Glass! Music that interacts. Expose artist to users depending on where, what they are doing or mood Complete Freedom! Create own playlist or let the apps select for you
  9. 9. Artists Helping Artists Sound Cloud Model Original Artist Remix Artist Royalty Music videos can be designed by artist to integrate music and art itself. Artist grants remixes. Royalty is paid when remix generates revenue Use of integrated apps. Grants exposure to both original and remix artist Exposing own work. Recognition of original work maintained
  10. 10. Want To Know More? How does location awareness music work? OR Contact me Harrison Wang E: M: 0403 632 681 Thank You