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College Magazine Research Powerpoint


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College Magazine Research Powerpoint

  2. 2. This magazine follows a colour scheme of Yellows, Whites and Oranges these colours give a boldness to the more subtly coloured main picture. The picture shows a student relaxing, listening to music which shows a more laid out idea of college. This would appeal to students as it implies that it is about subjects other than coursework and essays. The of the magazine emphasises the main picture. This magazine shows a student wearing quite “fashionable” clothes and the Masthead is quite elegant which implies that it is a fashion magazine. The Writing is all around the model. I like this idea and may use this in my magazine. Layers were used to make the words look like they are in front of and behind the model. There is no particular colour scheme but the most noticeable colours are creams and blacks. And is aimed at students into fashion.
  3. 3. This magazine concentrates on the educational side of this college and shows a very mature colour scheme of browns whites and blacks. This cover is very simplistic and is aimed at student who is interested in their courses and education. The left third is where the main image model is placed as well as the cover lines to entice the buyer. This magazine has a very bright main image and uses many different fonts. The main image portrays a boy band within a group of students. This magazine is probably to do with music or teen trends. The different fonts imply that the magazine is quite versatile in audience as different cover lines give off a different image to the buyer.
  4. 4. This magazine shows an architectural fixture which may mean this college specialises in architecture or construction. The colour scheme is very simple but effective. There are no pull quotes, cover lines, articles or teasers on this front page which means that the reader must already assume what is inside the magazine. The target audience for this magazine is a of a more mature kind. This magazine shows a student in a field. The background is blurred to focus on the student in bright coloured summer wear, this implies that this is a summer issue for this magazine. There are many cover lines around the model so that the picture is still visable. The colour scheme of font is the same as that of the models clothing, I may use that in my magazine cover to give it a base colour.
  5. 5. This magazine shows a man in a navy suit on a white background. These blues and whites are continued in the font of this picture apart from the name “Allen Stephenson” in the lead article which makes it stand out to buyers. Similar to to “em” magazine this magazine encloses the model, using layers, within the text. The target audience for this magazine may be male students hence the male model. The colour scheme for this magazine is very obviously blue and mustard yellow. The left third is full of all of the information so that the buyer can see all the information given. The use of layers makes it look like the model is stepping over a banner giving a 3-D effect to the magazine. The model is dressed quite casually so this magazine may give a simplified or laid back approach to the college. In comparison I would like my own college magazine to have a lively, fun approach to college.