Running head: KUDLER FINE FOODS CONCENTRATION            1                       Kudler Fine Foods Concentration          ...
KUDLER FINE FOODS CONCENTRATION                                                                    2                      ...
KUDLER FINE FOODS CONCENTRATION                                                                     3be accepted and docum...
KUDLER FINE FOODS CONCENTRATION                                                        4    Reference    Mchugh, J., Mchug...
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Kudler fine foods concentration


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Kudler fine foods concentration

  1. 1. Running head: KUDLER FINE FOODS CONCENTRATION 1 Kudler Fine Foods Concentration Fredrick Harris MGT/521 September 25, 2010 Dr. Suzanne Cherry
  2. 2. KUDLER FINE FOODS CONCENTRATION 2 Kudler Fine Foods Concentration Kudler Fine Foods is well known as a respectable gourmet grocery store with their exoticfoods and specialties they provide to their customers. Kudler Fine Foods can improve in severalareas of the business venture to become an outstanding company. The area that Kudler is welldiverse in is their ordering and inventory. Although the company discards at least 12% ininventory every week, Kathy Kudleradapted in making new orders and purchases. Theconcentration this falls in would be economics. The economics portal within Kudler Fine Foodsin demand and supply were not visible because of her decision to forbidthe use of preservativesin her products. In order for Kudler Fine Foods to maximize their profits in demand and supply,her customers would have to repurchase goods every two or three days. Economics is the “socialscience that analyzes the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services”(Nickels, Mchugh, &Mchugh, 2008, p. 3). The production and consumption of materials that Kudler Fine Foods distribute does notfall with the circular flow of quantity demanded. This led Kudler Fine Foods to be operated in ashort run management environment with accelerating vision for expansion. Understandingdemand and supply is an area that is of interest. If individuals could comprehend and predict howsupply and demand will be forecasted, not only will his or her knowledge be of instrumentalvalue but their business as well. Another area of interest withinKudler Fine Foods concerning concentration is theiraccounting department. The company strategic plan along with the company virtual organizationplan was in absolute chaos and not withstanding to be presented by any organizational official.Understanding that a person want to implement a strategic plan however, all information has to
  3. 3. KUDLER FINE FOODS CONCENTRATION 3be accepted and documented. For a firm to want a strategic plan, first they would want to knowwhen the last time an audit was complete on their business. Accountants are detail oriented andvery thorough in all they do and demonstrate in detailing financial positions of an organization orfirm. Economics and Accounting are the two areas that develop the best interest in Kudlar FineFoods although business statistics plays an important role in all they do. Business statistics inKudler Fine Foods is the key factor in determining where their next business will be located aswell as their decision-making abilities. Strategic analysis and surveys dictate every avenue ofapproach in determining whether a business will succeed or fail. Kudler Fine Foods realized withthe Del Mar store their economic profit would never surpass the opportunity cost to operate thatbusiness. Kudler Fine Foods is a business that is doing very well and like all business can beimprove upon. Finances are an area in which no business can ignore or not improve upon. KudlerFine Foods demonstrated the time value of money lack thereof with hiring an intern toimplement a strategic plan. Kathy Kudler understanding and knowledge in the value of anorganization asset is critical in forecasting and structuring for future operations and investments.The area that Kudler Fine Foods demonstrated passion for was their finances.
  4. 4. KUDLER FINE FOODS CONCENTRATION 4 Reference Mchugh, J., Mchugh, S.& Nickels, W., (2008).Understanding business. Retrieved from University of Phoenix eBook Collection database University of Phoenix. (2003). Kudler fine foods: strategic plan. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, MGT-521 - Management website.