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Cannabis: a double edged sword


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Cannabis: a double edged sword

  1. 1. A short documentary<br />Cannabis: the double edged sword<br />By Harriet Trayling<br />
  2. 2. Mood Board<br />
  3. 3. The ‘Lumiere’ Brothers were the creators of original film, it is evident that they were not influenced by any previous films as they did not exist.<br />They produced ‘actualities’ which were the first type of film, reflecting everyday life, which is my aim when I make my short documentary, in order to make the audience aware of the positives and negatives of the use of cannabis in today’s society, both socially and medicinally.<br />There are various documentaries shown on Channel 4, etc. Related to drug use to raise the awareness. This has particularly encouraged me to want to create a short documentary of my own as the short films shown in between programmes really hit home and shock the audience. <br />Influential Films<br />
  4. 4. In addition, the film “Control” which retells the life story of Ian Curtis from Joy Division, is based primarily on their music and Curtis’ drug addiction, leading to mental illnesses and consequently resulting to Ian committing suicide. As I am a Joy Division fan, this film has influenced me into investigating the positives and negatives of cannabis, and also gaining various professional peoples opinions’, such as police officers and doctors.<br />Continued...<br />
  5. 5. I aim to include interviews with professional people, such as doctors to gain their opinions on the use of cannabis. Also, information from local politicians demonstrating their views on how the increase in the usage of cannabis has affected society as a whole. <br />Firstly, will include the medical uses – positives<br />Secondly, I will demonstrate the social uses – negatives<br />Finally, the conclusion will be the impact and consequences on society, which will display “the double edged sword”.<br />Synopsis<br />
  6. 6. Locations<br />I will have several locations, but the documentary will be based around Grays, as that is the local town, which will enable me to gain politicians, police officers and doctors views on this topic. <br />I may include clips from London, as it is a metropolis, with a high number of cannabis users. This could allow me to gain a deeper insight into why people smoke cannabis.<br />