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Photography in Flux (Photographers Opinions) from SNAG PDS 2011


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Photography in Flux speakers include three professional photographers Doug Yaple, Christopher Conrad, and Roger Schreiber. They offer tips for better photography and current trends in art and craft photographic documentation.

This PowerPoint and Audio Presentation was recorded at the SNAG Professional Development Seminar 2011.

Organized by Andy Cooperman, Brigitte Martin and myself, Harriete Estel Berman, we hope this information serves as a resource for the arts and crafts community. Please feel welcome to share this information (with appropriate attribution to the SNAG PDS 2011.)

Find all 21 lectures from the Professional Development Seminar here on Slideshare or on my website which also has handouts and podcasts organized by topic.

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    What are the hallmarks of a quality photo?
    How can you make your images better?

    Professional photographers, Doug Yaple, Christopher Conrad and Roger Schreiber share their experience in this online presentation of the Professional Development Seminar recorded live during the 2011 SNAG Conference in Seattle, Washington.

    Our speakers’ PowerPoints and audio recordings have been combined so that you can experience the entire Photography in Flux program. Learn how the visual language of photography can be most effectively used to represent your work and produce an image that knocks ’em dead.

    All programming organized by Harriete Estel Berman, Andy Cooperman, Brigitte Martin. Edited by Harriete Estel Berman.

    Courtesy of SNAG Professional Development Seminar held at the 2011 SNAG Conference.

    Sponsors include NEA, MJSA, and SNAG.

    Additional background about the topics presented can be found at ASK Harriete:

    Photograhers web sites:
    Doug Yaple
    Christopher Conrad
    Roger Schreiber

    Please feel welcome to share this information with your fellow artists and makers.
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Photography in Flux (Photographers Opinions) from SNAG PDS 2011

  1. 1. Professional Photographers Opinions: Robert Schrieber, Christopher Conrad, and Doug Yaple
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