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  1. 1. Flat PlanThis is a flat plan of my content page, it is veryrough and not very detailed, however it doesgive a clear view of how my contents page willlook. The design is simple and ordered, which Ibelieve will look most effective when producingmy contents page.I
  2. 2. 1st draftThis is the first draft of my contents page. It isvery similarly laid out like my flat plan, havingthe banner going across the top of the screenwhich holds the heading ‘Pop Inside’, and havingthe front cover being displayed again on thispage, to make it clear for the readers to see andknow what pages the main features appear on.The boxes are all located at the bottom of thepage, however unlike the flat plan there are fourboxes rather than three, which allows moreinformation and more articles to be displayed.The blue star in the bottom, centre of the pageis also very effective because it captures theaudiences attention encouraging them to readthat article. It not only stand out because of thebright colour used, but also because the rest ofthe shapes on this page are boxes, so thisdifference is emphasised making it stand outfurther.I say that the rest of the page is only covered inthe square shape, although in the bottom, rightcorner there is a heart displaying the pagenumber which I think looks really effectivebecause it will attract the young girls, thismagazines target audience.I do like this draft however I feel that it could dowith having a few more photos or other featureson the page simply to add greater detail andtherefore interest for the audience.
  3. 3. Again to make my contents page I used the editing programme Photoshop. One of the good things aboutPhotoshop is the wide range of rich colours that they have to offer. This feature was really helpful whenproducing my magazine because it allowed me to create a colourful magazine that would attract the youngeraudience. I particularly liked it for my contents page, when I had to create a highlighted effect on my text, tocreate varying interest and to develop the conventions of a music magazine. To do this I used a box tool andthen I painted it this bright yellow colour, these where then placed over my chosen text creating an interestingeffect.
  4. 4. Final VersionThis is the final version of my contents page. I ampleased with this page, because I believe it followsthe conventions of a real music magazine well.There is a great deal of colours and articles thatwould interest and attract the audience that thismagazine is targeted at.I believe the use of adding the front cover to thecontents page and having the page numberscoming out of it, is a very clever technique becausenot only does it create a well designed contentspage, but it also allows the readers to see wherethe main articles are featured within the magazinein an easy way. Plus it is one of the mainconventions of a contents page used by a musicmagazine with a similar target audience.I feel the photo that I have added in the bottom,left corner creates a varied page, as well as addingmore visual impact.The four boxes that have the four chosencategories work well on this page and definitely runin with the theme and the target audience of thismagazine.I do feel this contents page should have had a lightcoloured background, because it does seem a bitwashed out, but apart from that I am happy withmy contents page and believe it is an effective,informative page.