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  1. 1. Interesting Facts.
  2. 2. Gar lic: Its high contents of sulfur helps TO CLEAN THE BLOOD, it is an excellent ally to eliminate HEAVY METALS in the body, such as mercury. It helps us activate the liver processes promoting the production of its enzymes, cleaning toxines and helping us keeping a beautiful and healthy skin.
  3. 3. Good news for apple lovers! Its high content of Pectin converts the apple into an excellent internal cleaner, helping us eliminate all kinds of toxic substances from the body though the fecal material. Besides that its contents of malic acid makes it easier the eliminiation of toxines through the kidneys, the liver and the vesicle.
  4. 4. Another wonderful food is the grapefruit, it has glutathione, an active enzyme from the liver which is in charge of ELIMINATING CARCINOGENS SUBSTANCES. Besides, as well as the lemon and the citrus fruits, its high content of vitamin C helps cleaning the digestive walls.
  5. 5. In the case of the Artichoke and the Celery, their strenght lies on the reason that they are excellent diuretics and thanks to the increasing of urine flush it prevents the liquid retention and helps eliminating toxines.
  6. 6. Green leaves vegetables, carrots, grapes and nuts help accelerating depurative processes of the body, helping us getting rid off toxines in a fst and healthy way.