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  1. 1. The Harvard Experience Harpreet K Kang
  2. 2. Harvard is a Brand, because you experience it.
  3. 3. Its not about old classic Buildings Its about people you meet - how each one of us deals with the student - that makes it a special experience.
  4. 4. Its not about the size of the volumes Its about having enough of them in the vicinity, enough of cafes, enough of big oaks to sit in the shade of and then having the coach in the Well, who is well informed to be inspirational...
  5. 5. Harvard is a tourist spot beyond a doubt But thats not why students from all over the world come here... It is to interface with faculty, who claim the BEST knowledge on THEIR subject in the entire World.
  6. 6. Its a Cult Brand.
  7. 7. This is my Class. There were 80 students Six of these were Americans. Most had something to say about the Oil leak by BP - the biggest ever in USA. Most of them also knew where the country Kosovo is. Majority were concerned about Sustainability For an average Indian - they came from another planet.
  8. 8. 80 students writing the exam online for 3 hours - all you could hear was clicking of the keypad. By the way, the coach came in once for a couple of minutes to pick up something from his workstation. I know what you are thinking.... Oh! Thats something that can only happen at Harvard. Right? Think again... Harvard is made by humans, who believed in a philosophy and THEMSELVES.
  9. 9. Lets check out more Symptoms So, I wrote an open book exam for 3 hours. Did I mention that I could browse online for my exam, carry 20 books, and hire a consultant if I cared to. I could literally sit on my laptop - nobody gave a damn. The 5 topics for 5 questions were told in the class a week before it happened. All the same, it was one of the toughest exams I would have attempted. Why?
  10. 10. Wikipedia - What is that? The Coaches introduced Mind you, you (the student) the class to a list of websites is nobody - when you take he or she would advise the an exam - you quote every student to browse. The single sentence you put were advised to seriously down in it. (Nugent, 2010). browse through them thoroughly. The exams are cryptic - no more essays with stories in When I say seriously, I must them. tell you - you couldn’t write an exam without browsing The exams are both most of those. objective and subjective.
  11. 11. Are these students different than the ones at PCTE?
  12. 12. NO.
  13. 13. Only the environment is? What makes the environment?
  14. 14. Buildings? Trees? Libraries? Cafes? Computers?
  15. 15. Perhaps Yes... but that all doesn’t make more than 15% of it.
  16. 16. Rest of the 85% comes from us. Have you seen how a different Coach in the same class can make all the difference at PCTE? How students abroad sign up courses with one coach and nobody opts for the other Coach. You could be teaching at Harvard, and still be a pauper.
  17. 17. Dr. Nick Nugent Challenged every single student on any issue related to International Marketing in the world in his class.
  18. 18. “You tell me a country, which USA doesn’t trade with, and I will prove you wrong in the next 3 minutes.” - Dr. Nick Nugent Sr.
  19. 19. “If there is some literature on International Marketing in the world, it is very likely that between me and my team, we have read it.” - Dr. Nick Nugent Jr.
  20. 20. We need to ask ourselves... How many of us can say that? I for one can not. It only tells me - I have a long way to go, before I am worthy of my students.
  21. 21. Thank you for a patient hearing. Queries?