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How The Ancient Israelites Viewed The Universe

Learn how the ancient Israelites viewed the universe in this infographic from the NIV FaithLife Study Bible

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How The Ancient Israelites Viewed The Universe

  1. 1. The ancient Israelites divided the world into Heaven, Earth, Sea and the Underworld. GOD EARTH HEAVEN OF HEAVENS HEAVENSHEAVENS GATEOFHEAVEN SHEOL FOUNDATIONS OF THE HEAVENS FOUNDATIONS OF THE HEAVENS MOON STARS SUN CLOUDS SEA SEASEA SEA MOUNTAINSMOUNTAINS WINDOWS AND DOORS OF HEAVEN THE SKY THE GREAT DEEP FOUNDATIONS OF THE EARTH WATERS ABOVE THE FIRMAMENT FIRMAMENT FIRMAMENT They viewed the sky as a vault resting on foundations—perhaps mountains—with doors and windows that let in the rain. God dwelt above the sky, hidden in cloud and majesty. The world was viewed as a disk floating on the waters, secured or moored by pillars.The earth was the only known domain—the realm beyond it was considered unknowable. The Underworld (Sheol) was a watery or dusty prison from which no one returned. Regarded as a physical place beneath the earth, it could be reached only through death. Ancient Hebrew Conception of the Universe G E N E S I S   |  5 780310080572_01a_gen_lev_Faithlife SB_p4.indd 5 8/23/16 10:33The NIV Faithlife Study Bible, built for curious readers, is full of dynamic graphics like this one in addition to family trees, timelines, charts, and other illustrations. How the Ancient Israelites Viewed the Universe Stay Curious. There’s more to explore! More Graphics Buy Now infographic © Zondervan; images © Faithlife Corporation