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Herod the Great's Family Tree

Family tree for Herod the Great from the NIV Faithlife Study Bible

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Herod the Great's Family Tree

  1. 1. The NIV Faithlife Study Bible, built for curious readers, is full of dynamic graphics like this one in addition to family trees, timelines, charts, and other illustrations. Herod the Great’s Family Tree Stay Curious. There’s more to explore! 25:8 I have done nothing wrong Judging by Paul’s response, the Jewish leaders had apparently repeated their earlier false accusations that Paul had incited sedition and desecrated the temple (24:5–6). See the infographic “Herod’s Temple” on p. 1626. 25:9 to Jerusalem Festus acquiesces to the Jews’ wish for Paul to be tried in Jerusalem, but he offers to preside at the trial. Paul’s response indicates that he suspects Festus is really intending to hand him over to the Jewish authorities. 25:10 Caesar’s court Festus is acting as Caesar’s representative when he makes judicial decisions. Paul is saying that, since he has discredited the Jewish accusa- tions that he violated the Mosaic Law, a Roman court is the only place where he should be tried. 25:11 I appeal to Caesar As a Roman citizen (see Herod the Great's Family Tree DrusillaBernice Agrippa the Second Felix Herod the Great Herod Agrippa the First Herodias PhilipAristobulus Herod Antipas Antipater Archelaus Herod Philip II 80572_05b_john_act_Faithlife SB_p5.indd 1826 8/23/1 More Graphics Buy Now infographic © Zondervan; images © Faithlife Corporation