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Get escape your 9 5 = get the exact system i use to bank $1,133.51 per day like


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Get escape your 9 5 = get the exact system i use to bank $1,133.51 per day like

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Get escape your 9 5 = get the exact system i use to bank $1,133.51 per day like

  1. 1. GET Escape your 9-5 => Get The Exact System I Use To Bank$1,133.51 Per Day Like ClockworkWSO Of THE DAY 5/14/2012Quote:Originally Posted by 1medic Hey guys,Im Brit and dont like hype... I hate to say its"the best course..." but its unquestionably ina category of its own.Reasons why this is a good course: (Full review below...)Quote:Originally Posted by joseph01 Build A Real Business, Not An IncomeI got access to the course and its the bestcourse on the warrioir forumthe members area is a tresor you dont need to buy any other coursesI will follow your steps and I will make money ASAPBy the way the first lesson is a KILLER ONEHere Are The Secrets to Making AnAverage Of $1,133.51 per DAY...WhileBreaking All Of The So Called Guru’sRulesI Guarantee This Is the Simplest Way forANYBODY (even complete newbies) To StartMaking Big Money Online FAST:• Without doing any fancy product launches
  2. 2. • Without 8 mile long salesletters• Without being an expert or having a product• Without being a tech wizard• Without advancing big capital• Without having a list• From your home, office, or nearest coffee shopWant Proof That The One Man Freedom SystemWorks?One Man Freedom Proof!
  3. 3. Dear Warriors,I realize that this may sound like a load of Internet Marketing nonsense. That thismay sound too good to be true? Perhaps...However, Im not asking you to believe anything yet...All I ask is that you refrain from disbelieving while I show you the proof.It will take just a few minutes. Yet the rewards can be enormous. So stopeverything youre doing right now and read every word of this post.First, I want to tell about...GET Escape your 9-5 => Get The Exact System I UseTo Bank $1,133.51 Per Day Like ClockworkThe Great Money Making HoaxThere is a saying in weightloss "complicate to profit and simplify to get results."The same is true in the internet marketing industry.And that is complicate to profit and simplify to get results.The truth is the guru’s make things complicated on purpose. Were presented withmillions of options. SEO, Facebook, PPC, Offline, Kindle Publishing, Affiliate
  4. 4. Marketing, Amazon, Youtube, Pinterst, Copywriting, Video Marketing, LinkdIN...thelist goes on and on!The result is you become overwhelmed. And it works to their benefit too. You buythe "BSO" bright shiny object but the bright shiny object alone is friggin worthless.Perfect for them because most likely you’re going to come around again to buytheir next “bright shiny object”They want you to have bright shiny object syndrome because that is what makesthem rich. Well if your as frustrated with all that crap then I want show yousomething thats ACTUALLY working RIGHT NOW.A system for making money online that works regardless of sex, age, educationlevel, intelligence or technical skills.Break Free From The Bright Shiny ObjectSyndrome FOREVER! Look at success in ANY field and most likely it is a result of mastering certainfundamentals and discovering a few KEY secrets.Yes, I said secrets. Listen the road to success is often not obvious, andcounter intuitive...and this is especially true when it comes to trying tomake money online For example...its intuitive to create a product and convince your customers to buyit. Its counter intuitive to find a need, write the salesletter first and then create aproduct.Its intuitive to be good at everything when it comes to internet marketing, itscounter intuitive to do a few KEY things very well.Its intuitive to try to get free traffic and always spend less on traffic, its counterintuitive to set up your salesfunnel so you can spend MORE than your competitorsand still make a profit. The truth is making money online is simple, once you know a few tricks.Think of internet marketing/making money online like a carnival game. You canonly win once you know the trick which is not obvious. A trick that Im about toreveal to you in just a moment. Now, before I go any further I would like to introduce myself and my partnerMy name is Mike Marin. As some of you may know I’m a marketing strategist andcopywriter who specialize in the art and science of online persuasion. My clientshave include Top Clickbank marketers like Travis Sago (“The Magic Of Making Up”which has a gravity of 209.77), Big Direct Marketers like Dr. Tom Orent, and DanGallapoo …as well as Millionaire Real Estate Investing Guru’s and Multi-million dollarcompanies like FORCE FACTOR®.
  5. 5. Heres What Others Have Said About Me And MyPrevious WSOsQuote:Originally Posted by Robert Brauer I dont leave reviews often...And for good reason.Most people simply dont deliver, because they dont have real world experience.Mike is the exact opposite. Hes worked with several multi-million dollar companies todramatically improve their profitability. The knowledge this guy has is astounding. Hes one ofthe most well-read people I know.Give him a few years and hell be charging at least $20,000 to work with him, where hellshare with you the same information youre getting in this jam packed product.I absolutely cannot believe hes selling this product at such a low price. The information youregetting is what youd pay thousands for in other courses...and if you take his advice to heartcould put millions in your pocket. If youre on the fence about this, you probably arent serious about really being successfulonline.Robert BrauerQuote:Originally Posted by todd11 Heres a short review, since Im well known as one of the "video guys" in Internet Marketing:Mike is remarkably knowledgeable in thissubject, copywriting and copywriting for video, AND proper video element"construction". I used one of the formulas that he suggested in an experiment once myself andwas shocked at how many sales I made. Everyone who puts together a video salesletter or even sells products as an affiliate with video needs to be armed with this importantinformation that can make or break you. The only problem I had with the series is that Mike almost went too far out of the way tomake sure we understood at the beginning what he was going to be showing us. This isprobably the "correct" thing to do, but I tend to get impatient.. it didnt take away from whatfollowed, however.Overall, with a price of only $8, this is a complete no-brainer. I purchased and did not receivea review copy myself..Todd..Quote:
  6. 6. Originally Posted by mert Mike you the man!This really is ten levels up and a one-fits-all solution for any videomarketing who’s been struggling to generate revenues with their campaigns! I’ve utilized quite a lot of strategies in the past nothing steady there. But your formula issomething else. I got a copy and checked everything (matter of fact I’ve used it already).I’m really glad this one is not on a dime sale (which I hope it won’t be).Very successful WSO coming from a verysuccessful Marketer! Oh well, what else could I ask for?Thanks Mike!Id also like to introduce you to my partner Cory Ross, youve probably neverheard of him and that is because he prefers to keep a low profile. He is atop vendor on clickbank and makes multiple six figures sellingdownloadable products outside of the internet marketing market. He is REALexpert and not somone who has made all their money online by selling how tomake money online products like 90% of the gurus out there.Here is an award he received from clickbank.GET Escape your 9-5 => Get The Exact System I UseTo Bank $1,133.51 Per Day Like Clockwork
  7. 7. Anyway, here’s why this is important for you?Because we have just created a new course revealing our system for creating andselling thousands of dollars of downloadable information products. This system justmay be your golden ticket out of the rat race and into a life of freedom andadventure!Introducing The One Man Freedom System!
  8. 8. This proven money-getting system is designed to give you a detailed step-by-step for creating and selling thousands of dollars of downloadable informationproducts outside of the internet marketing niche. NOTHING is held back.This is NOT your usual WSO. Its not a hit-and-run, get-rich-quick report thatpromises overnight wealth and (maybe) delivers just a few useful tips. Rather acomplete Newbie Friendly System for making massive amounts of cold, hardcashin the shortest time possible.These are advanced strategies you can use to take your business from zero to$1,000 per day and beyond.Here’s a glimpse of a FEW of secrets I want to give you access to:Exactly what you need to do in order to make six figure online. (This is thequickest way Ive ever seen to go from broke newbie to six figures)A Simple Checklist that can increase your chances of creating aBLOCKBUSTER product (in 12 hours or less.) Forget fancy productlaunches, this checklist is al you need.Why this simplified way to make money online is outperforming every otherapproach. And it makes perfect sense for anyone who understands direct
  9. 9. marketing.The single most important secret for making money online. Violatingthis rule is the most common cause of failure.A controversial (yet misunderstood) strategy I personally use to make boatloads of cash with minimal effort!“The Relative Importance of Data” – This is an advanced acceleratedlearning technique that I share with you for eliminating your“information overload” problem.How to look like a blue chip fortune 500 company even if it’s just you workingon your laptop at starbucks.The secrets of those “overnight online success” who never seem to gothrough all the struggle that most others do when making moneyonline. (Here’s how to use their strategies to shortcut your success)How to find slam dunk markets!How to double your chances of success when launching a new product.Yet another simple strategy few marketers, even veterans have heardabout.What professional horse racing gamblers know about making money onlinewhich most internet marketers don’t. (Please…ALWAYS remember this one orelse!)Exploding the “Niche” myth. (Forget all these fancy methods for pickingniche markets once and for all)How to pick winning offers to promote them in your EVERY one of youremails...without sounding obnoxious or turning people off.Why the stupid “standard” pick a market advice will leave you at nochance of creating a success online business.How to get a premium product created that you can sell for premium priceseven if you have no idea what you are talking about (BTW this has nothing todo with hiring ghost writers or public domain)How to create 60%+ squeeze pages in under 7 minutesHow to create products that sell themselves. (PLUS the fastest known way tocreate a product….even if you’re not the expert)The shocking confessions of a 6 figure affiliate marketer. His thoughts onaffiliate marketing…It’s not what you think.A simple laundry list of things to run your “online empire”Exactly where to go to get your website created “on the cheap”.
  10. 10. Why you don’t need to know how to build a website or do anything technicalto make a fortune online…many people don’t know that I still can’t build awebsite.The 3 best no-cost ways to build your own HUGE list. (HINT: if you lookat all of the most successful online marketers they have one thing incommon…and that is they have a BIG list. )How to double (even triple) the sales on your website in the next 30 Days(With no additional traffic)How to convert more visitors to buyers with Stealth Selling™ (Example:most marketers focus on increasing desire to improve conversion ieusing scarcity, social proof and curiosity. But you can often sell a lotmore by reducing resistance)How to set up your website so profits come in on auto pilot every day formonths (even years). A proven step-by-step plan to attracting all the TOP affiliates in yourniche…in the fastes amount of time humanely possibly.How to get the REALLY big “super affiliates” lining up to sell your product.How to use mega-advanced sales strategies to triple the response onwebsite! (This is something most internet marketers never figure outbecause they have never sold nose to nose toe to toe in the real world).Advanced marketing strategies to take your business from zero to whereveryou want to go.The “Value Multiplier” Proven Funnels that can multiply the value ofyour visitors by 600%Why having tons of traffic isn’t 100% relevant to your income goals. (The Keyis to get buyer traffic and I’ll show you my 3 best sources)I could go on and on with this.But know this, that’s just a small taste of what’s in this course, and we haven’teven scratch the surface on all the tips, strategies and ideas inside.Heres what the course includes:Plug & Profit “One Man Freedom System” Training Lessons (this is a the“meat” of the course and is 16 multimedia lessons. Youll learn exactly what todo in order to create an internet based business that can free you from you 9-5)Rapid Results Quick Start Video (For quick references)
  11. 11. The Cash Flow ChecklistsGET Escape your 9-5 => Get The Exact System I UseTo Bank $1,133.51 Per Day Like ClockworkWhat’s The Catch?This is a special offer ONLY for members of this forum and it will only be availableat this deeply discounted price for one week… and one week ONLY. After that, thiscrazy low discounted introductory offer will end and the price will go up.This limited time introductory offer also include the time sensitive warrior exclusivebonuses. Once you see these bonuses you’ll understand why I can’t keep everythingat this ridiculously low price any longer than 7 days.But I’m not trying to scare you with any scarcity non-sense. I want to give you afair warning that the cost of this will be going up very soon.Wait, theres more…I’ve also decided to “sweeten the pot” for warriors. For accepting my offer inaddition to the One Man Freedom System I’ll also include 2 KILLER bonuses to helpyou make money even faster.Fast Action Bonus #1: Overnight Traffic StampedeThe Overnight Traffic Stampede is an online training system designed to give youacomplete proven blueprint for driving massive amounts of buyer trafficfast.It’s based on a proven time tested method that Cory has personally used for yearsnow to make a fortune online. And in this training you’re going to see exactly howhe does it.Here are just some of the things you’ll learn inside...Discover how to turn ANY struggling internet business into a moneymaking machine by delivering endless amounts of FREE trafficdaily. (Best Part: Every cent you make is pure profit!)A simple way to get all the FREE traffic you ever need to earn 6 figures+ ayear online.How you can increase your chance by getting free “natural” back linksfrom this little known source. It’s a simple strategy, yet very few internetmarketers, even veterans, have ever heard of this.Why the common guru answer of “pick one traffic source and master it…is
  12. 12. fatally flawed” (Hint: The worst number in business is ONE)How to solve your traffic problem once and for all. (Clue: It’s not yourfault rather a common lie you’ve been over and over again by people who onlydrive traffic in their imagination)Why learning SEO tricks and tactics is a silly waste of your time andenergy….just look at what happen to the “tricksters” during Panda and Penguinupdates. (There are incredibly better and more effective ways to get FREEtraffic…once you know the secret!)How to tap into large “starving crowds” of prospects who spend likesailors on leave…and how to siphon off hungry buyer type traffic from theseoverlooked sources in the next 24 hours!The fastest known way to get a flood FREE traffic without JV Partners or anemail list. (I hate the word push button because it sounds like hype…but thistraffic is literally “push button”)In this 45 minutes training, you will get the answers, the mindset, and thetools you need to start to drive more targeted traffic, increase your onlineprofits….and create the dream lifestyle you desire for yourself and your family.PLUS: After this training, you will:F – I – N – A – L – L – Y have a clear answer to the question…How do I gettraffic? You’ll know exactly what steps you need to take to …instead of beingoverwhelmed and confused.Fast Action Bonus #2 - The Poor MansList BuildingCourseDont have a list?No sweat.In this bonus Ill show you the two methods I would use if I only had $150 to myname and needed to build a list fast. BTW - This is the exact same method I usedto create a $500 a month passive income stream.Fast Action Bonus #3 : Live 1 Hour Q and ASessionMeet with us LIVE and ask us whatever you want!
  13. 13. As a special bonus to warriors you’ll also get access to a LIVE 2 hour Q and Acoaching call. There Cory and I will be interaction with direct question from you andothers on how to implements these secrets immediately. You will be emailed thedate and time of the Q and A call.So with that said...What would a system like this be worth to you?Well, I’ve personally invested tens of thousands of dollars (and more importantlymy time) on my entrepreneurial education, attending seminars, personally workingwith the top marketing experts and gurus, and testing these strategies with my ownpersonal clients to make sure they work. So, here’s how it works:Its no secret that alot of marketers use the warrior forum to test offers, work outthe kinks in their products, and get reviews before launching at a higher price tothe general public and that is exactly what we are doing here.So,in a few days this off will be pulled off the forum and this will be sold for $97,so if you want to get it, GET IT NOW!For Warriors ONLY, and ONLY for a few, short daysyou can access this entire system for GET Escape your 9-5 => Get The Exact System I UseTo Bank $1,133.51 Per Day Like ClockworkThat my friend is a bargain of a lifetime. What’s more though, is the money isactually irrelevant, because…You Also Get A 60 Day NO Risk100% Money Back Guarantee!My guarantee is simple. You have a full 60 days to try it Risk-Free. If you’re nothappy for any reason or no reason at all, just PM or shoot an email to my customerservice team and we’ll refund every penny.Don’t Wait!This special offer is only available for 7 days. After this the price will go up! Due tothe extreme value of the content inside the price will be increasing at randomintervals. If you wish to access the “One Man Freedom System” do so NOW . Theprice you see is the lowest you will get.
  14. 14. GET Escape your 9-5 => Get The Exact System I UseTo Bank $1,133.51 Per Day Like ClockworkHeres What Others Are Saying...Quote:Originally Posted by 1medic Hey guys,Im Brit and dont like hype... I hate to say its"the best course..." but its unquestionably ina category of its own.Reasons why this is a good course:They teach some amazing strategy. Blah blah blah.... Well yes, but so do other people to someextent. Does that really change much for the reader? Not really.To me, the excellence of this course is that **they removed big barriers to taking action onproduct creation**. No course online has done this in my experience.Barriers that include:- I just dont have the energy to do all this...- Not sure I can really provide value for people in a product.- Will I be profitable? How can I reduce the risk?- Will my product still be sellable next year?- I suffer from Perfectionism - they have the only solution Ive even seen that has changedthings for me.- And more... like the which niche, which niche, which niche conundrum..Note: you need the Outsourcing OTO to get the benefits above. For me, the most questionsabout taking action were answered in the Outsourcing OTO. Else Id have a mass of greatadvice I really wouldnt use.They have really interesting teachings on IM strategy. Alone, the first 2lessons of the main product could potentiallybe life-changing.Im not too sure why they have newbie and simple in the sales copy. That confused mewhen I saw the product. To me this is more for intermediate marketers who want to leave thewheel of short term money and climb to the higher road of solid asset creation.Thats what these guys have done. They have tried to set out a road for the beginner to getto the highest position of product creation (with high visitor value). There are not many mapsfor newish people to that destination.And, as Ive said theyve figured out ways of removing the psychological barriers that makemany of us scared of the product creation model.Im taking time to write this to show the 2 guys that I appreciate their efforts.Cheers,
  15. 15. LukeQuote:Originally Posted by mjones70 I purchased this WSO, and I gotta say the bonus traffic video alone is worth a lot more thanthe few bucks to purchase this course. Very detailed and to the point, great for both beginningmarketers or someone more advanced. Highly recommended.Quote:Originally Posted by mario23 This is a killer course that holds nothing back. Start your internet business off right.This is a REAL GAME changer for those that is on the fence.The course has a nice layout too.Give this a try asap...
  16. 16. Heres the DealYou can do nothing. Keep wishing that things will get better and never take anyaction. Continue to struggle making money online, converting traffic into sales, oreven worse wasting your time and money picking up one bright shiny object afterthe other.Or 
  17. 17. You can grab this offer right now Component #1 - Plug & Profit “One Man Freedom System” TrainingLessons–16 print lesson explaining each step of the systemComponent #2 – Rapid Results Quick Start Video Component #3 - The Cash Flow ChecklistFast Action Bonus #1 – The Overnight Traffic StampedeFast Action Bonus #2 - The Poor Mans List Building CourseFast Action Bonus #3 – Warrior Only Live Q and A sessionYou get all this for a special low price ofGET Escape your 9-5 => Get The Exact System I UseTo Bank $1,133.51 Per Day Like Clockwork