World Capital Mutual Direct Gold Purchase Program


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Purchase physical gold at discount of LME

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World Capital Mutual Direct Gold Purchase Program

  1. 1. Direct Gold Purchase Program Why Buy Gold? World Capital Mutual, LLC (WCM) is a Supplier / Seller of Physical Gold Bars. WCM participatesin Gold Mining Operations throughout the world. WCM purchases Raw Gold from producing Gold Minesand sells Pure Refined 99% Hallmark Gold Bars of 1 kilo gram to 12 kilo gram Bars directly to, GoldRefineries, Businesses, Investors, and Individuals at discount prices. All Bars are sold with a built-inprofit margin to the purchaser, stamped at .9999 purity, and hallmarked by the gold refinery. The recent economic turmoil has left many governments, investors, businesses, and individuals, considering the purchase of gold. Gold is the only secure currency, investment, or business asset. There is no precedent for what is currently happening in the global economies. Our nation cannot print enough money or tax enough to pay for our current or future debt. Gold is the only safe-haven to protect wealth from the ravages of the global financial storm. The recent economic instability has been a classic cause of continuing nervousness around the world. We can expect foreign currencies along with the US dollar to face devaluation in the future. The recent global financial crisis has seen governments all over the world print enormous amounts of money to use in their stimulus programs. It is no coincidence that as investors lost faith in stocks and currencies; they turned to gold in a huge way, resulting in a massive surge in the Gold price in 2009 and 2010.There is always a strong demand for gold. Demand remains high and growing for government,commercial and personal use - in literally every country in the world. Many countries are consideringputting their currency on a gold standard to protect from devaluation. Apart from the massive demandfor gold for use in decorative jeweler designs, there are hundreds of industries that depend on gold.Strong demand and limited supply drives the price of gold. Gold supply will become limited in the nearfuture as the world’s demands increase.Immediate purchase is recommended as each month gold supply becomes more limited. Forconsideration and to apply for participation in the World Capital Mutual Direct Gold PurchaseProgram, please contact your local Representative or send an email only requesting more The Future is Gold, the Time is Now World Capital Mutual, LLC 1110 Brickell Avenue Suite 407 Miami, Florida 33131
  2. 2. Why some analysts are recommending a "buy" on physical gold right nowThere are always many analysts who recommend a small but significant holding of gold in yourinvestment portfolio.Right now, there are probably more analysts recommending a “buy” on gold than probably at any timein the last 30 years. (A recommendation of “buy” means that they expect the price of gold to continueto rise).Depending on the analyst, there are a few main reasons for their positive outlook on gold, and hereare the six strongest arguments we hear regularly:  Central governments are printing unprecedented amounts of money in response to the recent financial crisis. This has fuelled concerns that cash may lose value as a store of wealth, making gold much more attractive, relatively speaking.  Property in many major markets may not have fully adjusted in response to the financial crisis. For example, housing affordability in major cities (such as the major Australian capitals) has not improved substantially. Again, this may strengthen the relative position of gold if you think a property value fall is possible - or even likely.  India, which is responsible for a massive slice (some 40%) of the world demand for gold (largely due to its cultural appeal), is still growing in population and middle class wealth. Analysts who see this continuing therefore feel gold demand will be supported in the long term.  Major central governments show a commitment to buying major positions in gold reserves. For example both the Chinese and Indian government have made massive investments in gold in the past 12 months and appear to be planning to hold onto this asset rather than sell opportunistically. Analysts feel this strategy will support the gold price in years to come.  Gold production (supply) is in decline as reserves run out and new mining areas become harder and harder to secure. Analysts who feel that supply is decreasing and demand strengthening will often conclude that gold is a "buy" proposition.  The US dollar remains (and will remain) weak relative to most currencies. In many ways, gold can be seen as an alternative to the US dollar, so when the US dollar weakens, the price of gold generally strengthens.     The US dollar is a Risk of losing its place as the World Currency. For nearly 50 years the US dollar has enjoyed the status of being the World Currency and the basis for every financial transaction. The US dollar is now at risk of being replaced by either currencies or by the introduction of a new currency.  World Capital Mutual, LLC 1110 Brickell Avenue Suite 407 Miami, Florida 33131