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Harold mcraeresumenew

Most updated resume. Currently a System administrator at CACI supporting the United States Navy. I have a very diverse IT background and adapt to change quickly. I am a very fast learner.

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Harold mcraeresumenew

  1. 1. HAROLD MCRAE 6325 Barnard way Virginia Beach, VA 23464  (757)779-1468  PROFESSIONAL with experience in network engineering, mobile application, user applications, and customer support for large infrastructures. My professional experience in analysis, implementation, troubleshooting, and documentation of network systems has paved the way for my promising future. SECURITY CLEARANCE: TOP SECRET Comptia Security + Certified EDUCATION ECPI UNIVERSITY VIRGINIA BEACH, VA Associates in Management Information Systems Expected December 2016 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CACI February 2016-Present System Administrator 2 –TMIP (Theater Medical Information Program)  Duties include providing a wide range of services in support of United States Navy patient management related software, ensuring the software satisfies the functional requirements of Navy publications and other government directives pertaining to patient management.  Managed the Firewalls by creating different firewalls rules using TCP and UDP protocols. I also have the capability of NAT while traffic is being routed inside and outside the network to protect data. Experience with HBSS (McAfee) for United States Military Ships, also used various system tools to monitor network traffic.  Performed training and instillation of medical program (TMIP) used by the United States Navy. Along with installing the program also consisted of creating and monitoring Oracle Database based on ship environment.  Build many Servers and Clients for United States Navy Ships and making them communicate with various types of Navy networks. Assisted with ORT, Canes, and Compose network environment. This implementation also includes designing the ships network type. Worked with VM ware during this project managing servers and monitoring.  Trained United States Navy medical/Sickbay members on how to Backup Database daily and how to function using the 8 software included with TMIP instillation. This training includes me creating documents for members as system training will last 16 hours.  Provide implementation training and database testing, trouble report analysis and resolution, Including designing and upgrading various networks. During this process I also create testing document to test the system before implementation.  Write software test plans and reports, including writing installation guides, how-to's, and engineering documents.  Respond to Tier 3 and Tier 4 incidents using REMEDY ticket system.  Experience with troubleshooting all layers of OSI. OLD POINT NATIONAL BANK March 2014-present Network Engineer/System engineer  Led Network Upgrade of “Mobile Iron” devices for several LAN sites: Submitted change orders; managed personnel; used high level physical and logical diagrams to configure each new device within a lab environment, before being installed into production Configured Mobile Iron (application which connects ends-user smartphone to company IT
  2. 2. Network including VPN connection) to end-user Apple ISO, Blackberry or Android smartphone. Giving email, VPN connection, and limited access to company applications. Also give end-used access to the Intranet using Mobile Iron. Expert experience with managing Blackberry iPhone and Android devices. Lead for presentation to instruct end-user how to use device.   Managed Port Security, Preventing security violations caused my multiple MAC Addresses. Shut down ports and enable ports using Putty.  Experience using Websense internet content filtering to monitor and filter sites that should not be used.  Experience using Barracuda (email firewall) for email filtering and monitoring unwanted and wanted emails.  Experience servicing and servicing/troubleshooting Citrix NetScaler making sure applications are always available with its application load balancing capabilities  Experience writing and understanding T-SQL and know how to use common SQL Server tools.  Assist with Juniper switch software/firmware updates; perform password recovery of legacy Cisco switches.  Working with Sr. Network Engineers to enforce endpoint security.  Perform network administration duties; assist with the implementation, configuration, upgrading, and maintenance of a variety of network services to include server monitoring, virus protection, and security.  Experience using Cirtix Receiver to remotely monitor and maintain.  Assisted Senior Engineer with department imaging project. The project consisted of Microsoft System Center and installing software and all necessary network tools based on department for laptop set up and deployment.  Assisted with managing 500 Employees profiles using Active Directory assisting end-user with unlocking account and changing passwords. Also authorize all users and computer in a windows domain type network Patching and activating network drops & asset management (Switches, VoIP phones, & hard drives)  Deploy/ Configure VoIP Cisco phones version 7945 and manage for over 500 end-users.  Maintain entry level knowledge in all areas of LAN/ WAN networking.  Experience monitoring and implementing VPN upgrades ( Cisco Anyconnect)  Resolving network issues in timely and cost efficient manner while maintaining client Service Level Agreements  Assisted with “Printer Refresh Project”. Replacing all branch and department HPLJ printers. Started with bringing the printers up in DHCP to register IP Address of previous printer.  Performs application and Active Directory End-user accounts administration duties; assist with creating, deleting, enabling, disabling, and group assignments very well.  Worked VMware, ability to manage different Servers on the Network including backing up and wiping.  Experience using Barracuda Spam Firewall, experience allowing and preventing unwanted traffic.  Experience administrating VoIP phones using Cisco Call Manager to administer Cisco phones.  Experience using Wire Shark ( Protocol Analyzer ), also have experience using Solar winds ( IP address tracker )  Work with numerous of vendors, such as Electronic System Inc., SyComm, Verizon, and Dell. BANK OF AMERICA January 2013-February 2014 Helpdesk Specialist  Configure requested wireless connection to end-user workstation including cable management.  Process and support Help Desk Tickets from each of company end-user, which consist of more than 500 people.  Install Duplexer on HP printer and Xerox copier also have 2 years’ experience Mapping printer to end-user workstation  Remote and troubleshoot end-users computers using end-users MAC address with Dame Ware & Dame Ware Utilities also experience using WebEx programs.  Replace workstation hardware such as mouse keyboard also including some mother board troubleshooting.
  3. 3.  Cabling of network racks in data closets  Ran Department and Login scripts for end-user to be able to view department share folders. ABBTECH STAFFING July 2013-January 2014 Help desk Analyst Intern  Top Secret Security Clearance (DOD, CAF, SSBI, OPM) to provide assistance with supporting the Navy.  Handle incoming customer calls  Provide first-level and second level user administration support  Active Directory user administration tools, network drive mappings, printer mappings  Provide first-level and second level application software support  Navy legacy applications  Windows applications AMERIGROUP CORPORATION December 2011-January 2013 Member Service Representative  Function as an information source through telephonic assistance to members, providers, billing agencies, and various company/department staff.  Interact with provider community and various departments to resolve issues involving the membership and credentialing status.  Explain benefits, eligibility status, enrollment processing procedures and status of authorizations and referrals to callers.  Assist with activities to ensure membership's continuity of care.  Conduct member outreach calls as assigned to proactively educate members on services available (Welcome Calls)

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Most updated resume. Currently a System administrator at CACI supporting the United States Navy. I have a very diverse IT background and adapt to change quickly. I am a very fast learner.


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