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  1. 1. The history of the wedding cake can be dated back asfar as the Roman Empire where the groom would eat a part of a loaf of Barley and break the rest over thebrides head. This was to symbolize the dominance themale had over his bride and the breaking of her virginal state. Fortunately we have come a long way since then.e diaper cakes
  2. 2. Typically before the 17th century the wedding cake was sweetenedbread, consisting of flour, sugar and water By the nineteenth century thewedding cake became extremely popular and a focal point of the wedding Early cakes were single tiered, plum or fruit cakes
  3. 3. Many traditions and superstitions came from the sharing of the weddingcake One notable superstition was that sleeping with a piece of cakeunder ones pillow would make the e diaper cakes dreamer, dream of theirfuture spouse The tradition of the white wedding cake, symbolized purityand innocence and first appeared in the Victorian times
  4. 4. Wedding cakes were also white to symbolize affluence, status andwealth as the whiter the icing the more refined the sugar which was quiteexpensive The wedding cake has always been linked with the bride andnever more so that in todays culture where the bride often matches herwedding cake icing to her gown or to the theme of the wedding Todayswedding cakes can take many colors other than white with weddingcakes becoming more and more a part of the wedding color theme
  5. 5. Originally the wedding cake used to be single tiered which the bride andgroom cut and distributed to their guests With the size of weddingsincreasing and the need for larger multi-tiered cakes it is now the duty ofthe wedding reception venues or caterers to cut the cake and distribute itto the guests In keeping with some of the older the traditions it iscommon for the bride and groom to distribute wedding cakes to theguests in either decorative bags or boxes
  6. 6. However it is also common for the wedding cake to be served as a partof the dessert or even as a part of a fourth course with after dinnercheeses and tea and coffee In some countries it is tradition for the brideand grooms to feed off the first piece of cake In other countries it iscustomary for the bride and grooms to smash a piece of cake into theother persons face
  7. 7. This tradition is not dissimilar to the breaking of the loaf of bread over thehead of the bride; however it does not have the same meaning Bridescan also save the top tier of the cake to eat at their one year anniversary
  8. 8. This tradition originates in the 19th century as the newlyweds oftensaved the top tier of the cake for the christening of their first child whichwas usually 9 months after the wedding night Now days the twotraditions are disassociated as the more and more couples are havingchildren later in the marriage
  9. 9. The tradition of the wedding cake has its roots hundreds of years agobut is still common place in todays weddings Its is still a central part ofthe wedding reception even though the meaning and superstitionsassociated with wedding cakes have changed
  10. 10. Wedding cakes are now more elaborate and decorative than ever beforeand truly make and elegant statement at the wedding reception Formore information visit
  11. 11. e diaper cakes