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  1. 1. Making Baby Diaper Cakes for Baby Shower Party!e diaper cakes
  2. 2. Throwing a baby shower can be a lot of fun However, if youre worried aboutfinding some creative ways to decorate consider somekeyword While thename conjures up some possibly unpleasant thoughts, diaper cake baby aredefinitely not meant to be consumed by guests Instead, they are funcenterpieces that can be used by the new parents long after the shower hascome to an end By combining a cute idea with a useful end product, babynappy cakes are one of the most popular trends in babyshowers today And,you can have matching somekeyword Here are some helpful hints About theBaby Diaper Cake These beautiful cakes are hand assembled with thehighest quality ingredients and are spectacular table centerpieces and all theingredients, are usable by mom and the new baby
  3. 3. The somekeyword and somekeyword are designed to coordinate and matchthe diaper cakes by our in-house artist and designers This is very special andunique since other companies dont offer this special service If youve beeninvited to a baby shower, our diaper cakes make a memorable and practicalbaby shower gift somekeyword involve a little more effort than just stacking awhole bunch of diapers in the center of a table There are three mainingredients to somekeyword: e diaper cakes about 50 diapers, 1 foot of ribbonfor each diaper and some tape You should ensure that the take does stickwell but it doesnt rip the diapers when the finished product is disassembledlater Making Baby Diaper Cakes One of the worse parts of creatingsomekeyword is getting all of those diapers ready
  4. 4. To make them look nice, you have to roll them up and tie them with the ribbon While the job isnt hard, doing it fifty times can make your wrists hurt, youreyes sore, and your mind screaming: why didnt you just buy one! Thats whyits a good idea to call in some friends to help you with this part of thesomekeyword process As with edible cakes, somekeyword come in tiersUsually, youll make the top tier first by attaching five or six of the tied diapersaround the outside of the bottle You can attach these with tape or with ribbonUse the remaining diapers to make a second tier and finally a third, larger tierYou can make as many tiers as you want but remember thats going to take alot more diapers
  5. 5. In his example, youll use about 27 to 29 diapers on the largest tierFinalizing Baby Diapers Cakes When the tiers are finished, youll make babydiaper cakes together using the tape Tape the largest tier to a serving platteror a circular piece of cardboard Add the additional tiers then wrap more ribbonaround the entire product Place all of the other items youve bought on thecake but secure them with the existing ribbon For more about baby cakes,read somekeyword About the Author: Sarah Porter has written extensivelyabout Personalized Baby Shower Invitations, Unique Baby Diaper Cakes,Inexpensive Baby Shower Diaper Cakes, Custom Baby Shower Party DiaperCakes, Affordable Cakes Baby Shower, Online Diaper Cakes Baby Showers,Making Baby Diaper Cakes, Creating Baby Shower Party Diaper Cakes andmuch more for websites including www
  6. 6. cardsshoppe com www express-invitations com www cards-411 com
  7. 7. e diaper cakes