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  1. 1. Im sure many of you have been to a kids birthday party. But I bet there are some of you that have no idea what is involved in picking kids birthday cakes. Some of you may already know the decisions involved, but are looking for a way to make it easier. The following paragraphs are some suggestions to help make this process easier for those who have done it. Also, it will show others how much work it takes to pick kids birthday cakes.diaper cakes
  2. 2. When thinking about kids birthday cakes, most of us simply think of running tothe nearest bakery, picking a design, and purchasing it But theres definitelymore to it The first thing to do is find out what theme the child wants for theirparty This will be the most important tool in deciding the cake design Whetherit be a Elmo party or a pop star party, there are numerous ideas out there Theinternet is a wonderful tool
  3. 3. Use it You will find many websites out there that give many suggestions onplanning all sorts of themed parties, including different types of kids birthday
  4. 4. cakes Once you have picked the theme and started your research, you needto decide how extravagant you want to be Some of you may want small andsimple for kids birthday cakes While others want something detailed andcomplicated
  5. 5. Either way, make sure the design you pick is something realistic If you aremaking the cake, make sure it isnt above your skill level If the cake is beingmade at a bakery, check with them to be sure its something they can do Keepin mind all the costs involved, as well, when picking designs for kids birthdaycakes No one likes to get super excited about something, only to discover its
  6. 6. over their price range
  7. 7. Do all your research in advance so you have enough time to look over yourmany options For instance, if youre having a princess party, many peopleautomatically think of Disney princess cakes But their are also castles, tiaras,wands, carriages, etc Look over your many options, narrow them down, andpick the cake that best suits all around Obviously, kids birthday cakes shouldbe something the child will like
  8. 8. But it should also fit all your other criteria, such as budget, size, and detailYou now have the cake you want If you are going to a bakery, youre nearlydone All thats left is ordering it and picking it up, and, of course, the cost of itBut if youve decided youd like to try making kids birthday party cakes, theresstill plenty to do
  9. 9. You need detailed instructions if this is your first time making the designchosen You will also need a detailed list of what materials diaper cakes areneeded Obviously, you will need the cake ingredients, either the boxed mixesor the ingredients to make it from scratch You also need to decide if you wantto make the icing yourself or buy it already made If making it yourself, youneed to decide what type of icing to use
  10. 10. Most often butter cream icing is used, but there are many other options outthere Then you will need to list any decorative materials you will need,whether it be decorator bags and tips or ready made sugar decor Be sure togo over your instructions and items numerous times before making your trip tothe store Kids birthday cakes are one of the biggest details of the party so youwant to be sure you have what you need
  11. 11. diaper cakes