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  1. 1. How does one learn a great new skill? Jump in and get messy!diaper cakes
  2. 2. For many folks who are somewhat Type A, there are a number ofthings that can be done for starters to kick things off Get motivatedYouve got to think like an artist A first-rate artist visits museums,galleries, reads art publications, surrounds herself with images shefinds stimulating She also maintains a sketchbook of her owncreative ideas This helps to keep her enthusiastic and ready tocreate so that when she arrives in the studio, she doesnt standaround wondering "er
  3. 3. what do I do now?" You are capable of doing the same thing Takea trip to your local library or bookstore and flip through the cakedecorating books I strongly recommend Hello, Cupcake and WhatsNew, Cupcake? by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson; even if youdont plan on making cupcakes, their techniques will jump-start yourcreativity Other sources of inspiration: Websites that showcasecreative cakes TV programs (cake competitions are fantastic) Localbakeries Food blogs (The Kitchn is a good one) Read the directionsWhile youre at the library browsing books about cakes, pick out ahandful with quality pictures and well-crafted directions on basic cakedecorating Dont neglect to look into additional general books thatarent just about cake; you can find good, simple directions in booksthat focus on "how to bake" or "how to cook" If you cant comeacross any books you like, or if you prefer other types of learning, noworries! You live in the age of YouTube
  4. 4. Visit that site and look for "cake decorating" or "creative cakes"see? Hours of video goodness I like somekeyword; its particularlyretro, and its a series! Its more or less basic, which is great if yourejust starting out If exploiting the Internet and the lovely free libraryisnt doing it for you, you can always learn from a diaper cakesanother person
  5. 5. Craft stores occasionally provide cake decorating courses (tryHobby Lobby or Joann), or if you have an acquaintance whos afirst-rate cake decorator, you can request to linger next time theydesign a cake You could even offer to trade favors for formaltraining One thought before we continue: Im assuming you alreadyknow how to bake the cake and make or obtain frosting Boxed mixand canned frosting are just fine if youre not interested in doing thefrom-scratch thing If, however, you want to be decorating cakes youmade yourself--and you dont know how--let me turn your attention toone of my best resources: The King Arthur Flour blog They walk youthrough the process of each recipe (with photos!), the comments areextremely beneficial, and you can even call them with concerns
  6. 6. Oh, and their recipes are superb Make a mess After all thatresearching, observing, chatting, planning dive in and get messy!All that prep work alone wont make you any better; its justinformation that will help you learn more proficiently once youreactually practicing Youve got to get into the kitchen if you ever wishto make creative cakes
  7. 7. The only way to learn to do something is to do it Bake a cake Tryyour new capabilities Keep a journal if you prefer, of what you didand what you learned Take a picture of each cake so you can watchyour progress Next thing you know, youll be an excellent cakedecorator and your friends and family will be asking YOU for lessons!
  8. 8. diaper cakes