Ppt For Visit To A Mall


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In this ppt we have shown that when the students are supposed to visit a mall,,, wht to do there and we have explained the topic retailing in some details.here we've visited westend mal,ludhiana...!!!!

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Ppt For Visit To A Mall

  1. 1. Visit To A Mall Submitted To: Lect. Gaurav Goyal Submitted By:Harnam Kaur Anshu Kashyap Gaganpreet Kaur Simranpreet Kaur Amandeep Kaur Mangat
  2. 2. Introduction • Retailing as a concept is not new in india. • It is only during the recent past that indian retail sector is witnessing a process of change and piosed to undergo dynamic transformation. • India is now developing into a retail power.
  3. 3. Traditional Retail Formats Indian retail sector is controlled by traditional and unorganized formats. The traditional „kirana‟ shops still enjoy the leadership and commanding position in retail trade. These are independent stores and mostly run by family members.
  4. 4. Organized Forms Of Retailing  The last decade has witnessed dynamism in Indian retail sector.  Retailing has emerged as one if the most important sectors of Indian economy since 1990s.  A large number of retail formats have come in force offering a wide spectrum of merchandise and services.  Various new and improved forms of retailing like departmental stores , supermarket , hypermarket and even up market are no longer a dream.
  5. 5. Food Court • A food court is generally an indoor plaza or common area within a facility that is contiguous with the counters of multiple food vendors and provides a common area for self-serve dining. • Food courts may be found in shopping malls, airports, and parks. • In various regions (such as Asia, America and Africa), it may be a standalone development. • In some places of learning such as high schools and universities, food courts have also come to replace or complement traditionalcafeterias. • The average cost of a meal per person in an American food court in 2004 was $6.
  6. 6. ObjectivesObjectives  To analyze the buying behaviour pattern vis-à-vis demographic of the consumer in shopping malls .  To examine the percantage translation of footfaal into actual purchase behaviour and factors affecting it.  To study the effect of location while deciding on a shopping mall.
  7. 7. Scope Of Survey The survey was restricted to the city of Ludhiana having a large consumer base. Two shopping malls “WESTEND MALL” and “MBD NEOPOLIS” were selected to be the part of the survey conducted.
  8. 8. Tools For The Questionnaire • A structured questionnaire having close ends and open- ended questions will form the primary data collection tool from the respective respondents. • The secondary data for the study consisits of magazines , research journals and internet.
  9. 9. Major Findings
  10. 10. 1.Merchandizing o The number of stores and products may variety is very important but not enough to be a differentiating attribute because almost all the malls have similar merchandizing assortments. People want malls to reflect their own styles besides this they want stores to rejuvenate themselves because they get bored quickly. o From our analysis it seems that people usually want that there should be quality products as well as in addition to clothing, footwear and restaurants and multiplexes variety of stores like magazines store , gift shop , accessories should be present within the shopping malls. o Quality of products was cited as an ideal shopping attribute , as well as one of the major reasons for not visiting a specific mall retail outlet.
  11. 11. 2.Entertainment o It is well said that shopping malls are places where people can socialize with friends & family , enjoy entertainment , watch movies comfortably , shop at variety of stores or solve their loneliness or other psychological stress. o Presence of different kinds of speciality entertainment facilities like snooker , bowling , movie theatre etc. has a vital importance for the attraction of participants. o People want things like sport centres , dance clubs , restaurants and café.
  12. 12. 3.Location And Accessibility o There is lot of competition in this shopping mall business. o A large number of malls are coming up in cities in the future. o Most of the customers feel that the environment and vicinity around the malls should be good so that it is comfortable for them to visit the place. o People don‟t like to visit a specific retail outlet as most of them are present in the crowded areas of the city.
  13. 13. 4.Buying Behaviour • Different types of people visit shopping mall. It is not always that they will buy. People in Ludhiana frequently buy when they visit a mall followed by always buying behaviour.
  14. 14. 5.Control Room • A control room or operations center or operations control center (OCC) is a room serving as a central space where a large physical facility or physically dispersed service can be monitored and controlled. • Control rooms have been used by the military and by large industrial plants. • Control rooms for vital facilities are typically tightly secured and inaccessible to the general public. • Multiple electronic displays and control panels are usually present, and there may also be a large wall-sized display area visible from all locations within the space.
  15. 15. 6.Promotional Schemes • Sales promotion is one of the seven aspects of the promotional mix. • Many retailers put many promotional schemes so that consumer gets forced to buy their products. • For Example:There could be 35% off or 40% off on the purchasing of products as shown in pictures at the right side. • Many brands use to put offer BUY ONE GET ONE FREE or BUY THREE GET TWO FREE etc. • These are the schemes which are used to promote their products. • Sometimes the retailer provide free samples to the customer for the first use and for advertising.
  16. 16. <20 20-30 30-40 40-50 >50 Once in a week 5 3 4 4 2 18 Once in a month 10 28 3 7 4 52 Twice in a month 7 2 9 2 1 21 Once in three months 2 3 2 1 1 9 24 36 18 14 8 100 People visiting mall according to their age groups
  17. 17. Occupation Vs buy purchase behaviour
  18. 18. Different activities in which different age groups like to engage
  19. 19. Limitations • Due to the time and cost contraints The study cannot be generalized to the other parts of the state as only Ludhiana was selected for performing the survey and this might not be true representatives of the whole universe of punjab. • Above this some of the customers were not cooperative. • Cooperative enough at the time of survey, as they were in the shopping mood and the need to fill the questionnaire was found disturbing by them..
  20. 20. Suggestions  Malls should rejuvenate its layout from to time as there is a tendency that people get bored people get bored after frequent visits.  Malls should catch up with the changing new trends.  Special promotional activities should be conducted on weekdays to avoid rush on weekends , so as to increase the number of footfalls in the weekdays.  Shopping malls should not only be located in a good locality but also near the cities so that people of every age groups has access to it.  Shopping malls should have big , easy and comfortable parking area.  In addition to high price and branded stuff low price products should also be kept thus targeting customers of every class but no compromise should be made on quality.
  21. 21. Conclusion • The information thus collected from the respondents of the study presented the prevailing situation of shopping malls in Ludhiana. Because of the changing consumer moods , increasing purchasing power and more frequent visits of teenagers , entrepreneurs have developed new formats for providing merchandize and services ranging through the shopping malls that attracts them . • It was observed that there are big players sharing the youth fashion-pie and have carved themselves as permanent stop providers for the customers . Whatever the clothing or style they want, whatever accessories to go over, being hip hop or just playing casual, good retailers will provide them all.