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Customer interview –

  1. 1. Customer InterviewBeing - Collaborative Learning Cloud
  2. 2. Presentation RoadmapOverviewPotential Customers Interviews -QuestionnaireComplete Interviews Questionnaires KeyQuestionsMarket PotentialLessons LearnedAdditional materialsThe - Collaborative Learning Cloud
  3. 3. - Collaborative Learning CloudIn the current era, with the implementation of technology almost in all the fields facingdramatic changes in the functionality and working processes. The technologyinnovations are impacting on education systems too. The Skillout – CollaborativeLearning Cloud is a proof of new innovative ideas helping tear down the walls of thecurrent education system.Following are the key prominent features of Skillout – Collaborative Learning Cloud:UsabilityThe new application will be more users friendly. The teachers, facilitators, mentors,observers and users will get the more benefits from the application.Automatic Guiding EngineFacilitate the students to follow the engine and learn quickly how to take the morebenefits from the studying environment and perform better.
  4. 4. - Collaborative Learning - Collaborative Learning CloudOverviewBuilt-in Team CollaborationThe teams will not require using third party tools to collaborate. All of theircollaboration needs will be served in one window and help them to keep the recordof their all activities at one place.To Do Lists, Tasks Management and Project ManagementThe application will have a built-in to do lists, tasks management and projectmanagement tools which will help them to get more out of their study and courses.Central Knowledge RepositoryThe application will provide a facility to build a central repository of information andalso help to build the information portal which will help the students to get all in onewindow what they need to complete their courses.Intelligent Collaboration Suggestion EngineIt will be the heart of the application which will help the students to find like mindedpeople for completing a project. This will enhance the success ratio of ideas andproject dramatically by matching the most suitable people to work together and getbetter results.
  5. 5. - Collaborative Learning CloudPotential Customers Interviews --Questionnaires Key Questions01. Is your Institute currently providing any online courses?02. What courses do you provide online and What tools do you use?03. Would you briefly explain how it works?04. What are the challenges you faced in launching of the Online courses?05. What advantages has the online courses provided to you?06. Have you seen any Online course? Have you used it at any time in the past?07. Would you be interested in adapting a similar system in your institution?08. What advantages do you think the online course will provide to you?09. What challenges do you see in adapting to an online course in your institution?10. Do you beleive such a platform will be useful for you in the future? If so whenand how?11. Do you feel the availability of online collaborative learning cloud is anopportunity for you to establish your own online collaborative education system? IfNO Why?12. What are of the following key features would you like to get or wont prefer to getin your Collaborative Learning Cloud?
  6. 6. - Collaborative Learning CloudComplete Interviews QuestionnairePleaseCLICK HEREto View theComplete Interview Questionnaire
  7. 7. Market - Collaborative Learning Cloud
  8. 8. - Collaborative Learning Cloud
  9. 9. - Collaborative Learning CloudThe key challenges that customers reported are:1. People dont understand the concept of online education.2. Online education require good self-motivation capability.3. The online tool must help increasing student motivation.4. Online education tools are not enough user friendly.5. The course materials have to be the "killer content." It may notalways be so.6. People are skeptical of free education.7. Certificate upon completion of the course may not be recognized byUniversities and/or employers and has no value.
  10. 10. - Collaborative Learning CloudThe key advantages that customers reported are:1. Going out from the working environment can give the employees a freshand creative enviromeant to learn new stuff.2. Its free. Really? :)3. "Learn at the student convenience".4. Interact with student around the world.5. Access to broad amount of online materials.6. Implementation of the lifelong education concept.7. To work, to share the experiences and to learn from teammates and otherpeers in the interactive environment.
  11. 11. - Collaborative Learning CloudWe have added some video interviewswith our potential customers here and a fewexcerpts of the conversations below
  12. 12. Franco Santos, student, male, 29 years old, Brazilian, living in Brazil,former coworker.The interview was conducted in Portuguese via Skype.He never used a learning platform; because he always found a good book oronline information about the subjects that he wants to learn.He would be interested in using a learning platform if it had good contentand good references, and he would be willing to pay for it.He liked our presentation and prototype.
  13. 13. Claudio Lyra, student, male, 47 years old, Brazilian, living in Holland, friend.The interview was conducted in Portuguese via Skype.He is a "veteran" in the use of learning platforms (knight center, coursera, udacity,edx, etc.). He never paid for any course until now, but he would be willing to pay ifthe course offered an internationally recognized certificate.He misses on the platforms that he uses a single dashboard and schedule ofevents, as we suggest in our prototype. He believes transcripts or subtitles of thevideos in several languages would be quite advantageous. A possibility toperform tasks offline would be the ultimate.He liked our presentation and prototype.
  14. 14. Dr. Keno Bus, student, male, German, living in Germany, coworker.The interview was conducted in German.He only used the online learning platform offered internally by the company.This platform consists only of videos and tests. He would be willing to pay foronline courses if they offered a high level content and that are relevant to theirprofessional activity. He would use the syllabus of course to judge whether thecourse is worth.Collaboration, a strong community, dashboard, etc. are interesting features,but the content is essential. The platform should offer an exclusive “killercontent” to attract students to their "community."He liked our presentation and prototype.
  15. 15. - Collaborative Learning Cloud
  16. 16. - Collaborative Learning CloudLessons LearnedAll interviewed students were willing to pay to get access to our platform. The mainrequirements are:– High level Contents that are relevant to the professional activity of the students.– Internationally recognized certification.– Our proposal quite pleased, but lacking an exclusive feature.We learned that the courses need a good syllabus, so that students can review thecourse content, and that the knowledge providers must have a good reputation.Our proposal is in the right direction, but we must find a feature that is unique toour platform. Since already exists in the market several similar platforms.
  17. 17. - Collaborative Learning CloudAdditional materials that we used to have a good interviewresult and some tips from Stanford Human ComputerInteraction Class how to find and interview potentialcustomers are here:1. Participant Observation -- Interviewing -- Additional Needfinding Strategies -- Creating Design Goals --
  18. 18. - Collaborative Learning CloudThe Team1. Olya Zakharova (Team Lead)2. Azhar Mateen3. João Teixeira Soares4. Suresh Belur5. Auguste Yeboue6. AlBandari AlGhunaim7. Zuhair Sagga