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Amazing Elevator Pitch


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Amazing Elevator Pitch

  1. 1. Amazing Elevator Pitch Business, IT & Education Worlds Kharkov 14 April 2014 Lead Like an Entrepreneur PhD Olya Zakharova
  2. 2. Content 1. Passion 2. Idea 3. Experience 4. Magic 5. Why I need You 6. What You will get 7. Next Step
  3. 3. Passion I'm truly passionate about Interactive Online Learning and believe it can help make successful people luckiest.
  4. 4. Idea I foresee each University will have its own interactive learning platform as a service. Saas will not only reduce costs of education and rise both its quality and students & business people loyalty. Also it helps generate new profit for Universities.
  5. 5. Experience I know how to create fun and easy learning process and simplify user experience to increase learning outcomes. I have a PhD and work with the real students every day at my University more than 6 years. I already have successfully implemented my innovative ideas and now going to expand my experience worldwide.
  6. 6. Magic My core quality: responsibility, leadership, perfectionism, creativity. My magic allows me to connect with people around the world and create synergy from such collaboration.
  7. 7. Why I need You All this is flying now. I need You because you are pragmatic and you know how to make money from my passion, magic and experience. Our synergy will help to make this amazing World even better.
  8. 8. What You will get You will get reliable, experienced, passionate partner with new energy and an overwhelming desire to change the world and create a fantastic education system.
  9. 9. Next Step I invite You to setup a brief 10-15 mins Google Hangout in order to discuss the details tomorrow at 8 am PST. Thank You!
  10. 10. E-mail: Skype: harizmalife Google+: PhD Olya Zakharova