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Ieee 2014 2015 power electronics and power system projects


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Final Year Students Project
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Ieee 2014 2015 power electronics and power system projects

  1. 1. IEEE 2014 Power System Projects 1. Voltage support control strategies for static synchronous compensators under unbalanced voltage sags 2. Adaptive pi control for voltage regulation 3. Aiding Power System Support by Means of Voltage Control With Intelligent Distribution Substation(document,video file missing) 4. Stability Enhancement of DFIG-Based OffshoreWind Farm Fed to a Multi-Machine SystemUsing a STATCOM(document video file) 5. Transient stability enhancement of power system equippedwith Power System Stabilizer by Static VAR Compensator 6. Power Quality Improvement Using DVR in Power System(DOCUMENT VIDEO) 7. Performance Improvement of Dynamic Voltage Restorer using Proportional - Resonant Controller 8. A New Control Method of Cascaded Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Generators Using Direct Power Control 9. Residential Distribution System Harmonic Compensation Using PV Interfacing Inverter
  2. 2. IEEE 2014 POWER ELECTRONICS PROJECTS 1. ANFIS-Based Control of a Grid-Connected Hybrid System Integrating Renewable Energies, Hydrogen and Batteries(video ) 2.An LED Driver with Dynamic High-Frequency Sinusoidal Bus Voltage Regulation for Multistring Applications(video document) 3..ZigBee Wireless Sensor Nodes with Hybrid Energy Storage System Based On Li-ion Battery and Solar Energy Supply(video and document) 4.A Novel Reduced Switching Loss Bidirectional AC/DC Converter PWM Strategy With Feedforward Control for Grid-Tied Microgrid Systems(video document) 5.Sliding Mode control of DC/DC switching converters for photovoltaic applications