Trials and tribulations of transition


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Trials and tribulations of transition

  1. 1. TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS OF TRANSITIONMumbai03.07.2008. D. Harish
  2. 2. Survey on transition25 respondentsSr.Mgmt - 9 ; Middle Mgmt - 6 ;Below Mgmt – 10;IT/BPO/FMCG/Pharma/Fin/Tele;< 30 yrs :11; 30-45 :8 ; 45 + 6 ;
  3. 3. Survey focusPurpose of moveKey concernsSupport that is requiredTypical frustrationsInitiatives that workedImmediate boss’ support
  4. 4. Survey results : purpose of moveSenior Mgmt Significant growth in responsibility Locational preference Significant increase in remuneration
  5. 5. Survey results : purpose of moveMiddle Mgmt Dis-satisfaction with current role Widening industry experience Increase in remuneration
  6. 6. Survey results : purpose of moveBelow Mgmt. Change in nature of role Significant growth in responsibility Dissatisfaction with current job
  7. 7. Key Concerns on TransitionAdapting to new Organisational CultureUnderstanding new industryProving / establishing oneself in the neworganisationPersonal Hygiene factor (housing,children’s education, etc.)
  8. 8. Typical Frustrations in Early DaysNon-availability of key people & boss forclarificationDelay in providing responses to questionsNo ready reckoner on Policies &ProceduresNo place to sit, no computer, nothing todo!!
  9. 9. Support that is required in Early DaysClarity around role, goalsImmediate boss’ commitment andguidanceInduction to Policies, Procedures,InfrastructureIntroduction to key people in theorganisationRelocation assistance (housing, schooling,gas connection, etc.)
  10. 10. Immediate Boss’ SupportRegular and close interactionSetting up newcomer for successGuidance and directionsFree and frank sharing of viewsExpectation milestones (realistic &gradual)Guided exposure to forums
  11. 11. Initiatives by New-comers that workedSocial and informal get-togethers withpeersStructured schedule of one-on-onemeetingsSystematically documenting and raisingquestionsSeeking inputs on role and expectationsOff-site to get to know immediate team
  12. 12. Negative impact of an ineffective on-boarding programPoor integration into the teamLow morale of the new employeeLoss of productivityFailure to work to their highest potentialEarly attrition – loss of reputation/additional replacement costs
  13. 13. Organisational benefits from an effective on-boarding ProgramReduce turnover and related costsEngaging & motivating employeesRobust implementation of systems/processesContinuous improvement throughfeedbackStrengthens reputation of caring
  14. 14. On-boarding : DefinitionsInduction - Whole process whereby employees adjust or acclimatise to their jobs and working environment.Orientation – refers to a specific course/ training event for new startersSocialisation – the way in which new employees build up working relationships and find roles for themselves within their new teams.
  15. 15. Designing an Induction ProgramClassify Must know / expected to know /nice to knowRecognise diff. learning styles & needsCreate opportunity to meet network ofcontactsAct upon feedback received from earlierinducteesBuild a FAQ library and keep updating it
  16. 16. Immediate Boss’ Engagement – a frameworkExtend warm welcome & enquire/ ensurepersonal (incl. family) comfortHand over appointment letter & check for alladmin arrangementsDiscuss job description and purpose/ place inthe overall contextAgree short-term/ induction related personalobjectives
  17. 17. Immediate Boss’ Engagement – a framework (contd.)Clarify expectations/ appraisalmechanism / reward linkageExplain training & development plannedfor success in roleAppoint & introduce a mentor/ buddy (firstfew weeks)Arrange for meetings with key contacts(within & outside the organisation)
  18. 18. BASIC Standards of Excellence BENCHMARK (BASIC+) Walk around introductions by HR resource Welcome board / introductory meetings BRILLIANT (BASIC, BENCHMARK +) Induction starts from offer acceptance Workspace with telephone, computer access ready oncovering all needs employees and Campus Tour day 1 mail to all Introductory network of relations sent prior to day 1 Admin stuff (ID Card, schedule ready A detailed induction Lunch coupons) pre-arranged Immediate boss has full day set aside to familiarise the newcomer on day 1 Organisation Charts for reference Annual reports, with immediate team on day 1 Lunch house magazines, policy manuals providedassigned forof meetings & Mentor/ Buddy for reference 3 months calendar every new joinee activities planned / supported Reference guide to inductee on support & supporting resources
  19. 19. New trends in Employee InductionOn-line induction module to cover certainaspectsAccess to Policies on the portalInformation sharing between offeracceptance & joiningInformation gathering by new employeeusing a structured formatUsing recent joinees (6 months ago) asbuddies for new joinees.
  20. 20. Wow experiences !Welcome / Induction kit sent on offeracceptanceCompany products hamper sent homeSeeking inputs on key plans being madefor the year aheadInviting for key meetings / get-togetherseven prior to joiningDetailed hand-holding for locationaltransfers
  21. 21. THANK YOU