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On climate data for climate related financial disclosures


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Talk given at the Sustainable Finance Forum Europe in Paris on March 2019

Published in: Investor Relations
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On climate data for climate related financial disclosures

  1. 1. On climate data for climate related financial disclosures Harilaos Loukos – CEO Sustainable Finance Forum Europe, Paris, March 2019
  2. 2. WHAT WE DO We are a commercial climate data provider
  3. 3. IPCC climate model data for impact studies 4300 cities and 100 countries >450 users from >95 countries Working with scientists, physical risk consultants, engineers ..
  4. 4. TCFD CONTEXT ASSESSING PHYSICAL RISK On assets, operations, supply chain, demand, workforce ..
  5. 5. Company X is impacted by changing climate Asset managers evaluate impact on asset price Company X evaluates cost of changing climate 1 2 3
  6. 6. “..the physical risks are not only overlooked in valuation models, but often completely omitted from forward-looking strategic and risk management disclosures” EY Global Climate Risk Disclosure Barometer 2018
  7. 7. TCFDs quality rating (100 scale) From EY Global Climate Risk Disclosure Barometer 2018 19 Asset Management 27 Financial Sector 33 Non financial Sector
  9. 9. Recommended by TCFD but without practical guidance except referring to CMIP5 version of the data, scenario RCP8.5 and key variables The IPCC climate model data are hard to access and handle
  10. 10. IPCC climate models data volumes Data storage, access, and processing has become a challenge 2 PB IPCC Report 5 2011/13 0.04 PB IPCC Report 4 2005/7 >100 PB IPCC Report 6 2019/21
  11. 11. Physical risks assessments require accessible, quality and reliable climate data
  12. 12. FILE MERGING CALIBRATION QUALITY CONTROL REMAPPING SAMPLING FORMATING READY TO USE DATA RAW DATA Physical risk modeling needs processed daily climate data What we do for our users
  13. 13. Challenge your TCFD consultants on the climate data they use Build in-house knowledge about IPCC climate data Make sure to use up-to-date and processed data TAKE HOME MESSAGES Practical guidance and reference climate data for TCFDs remains an open question
  14. 14. thanks