Social media marketing ppt by Awaaz India Media Pvt. ltd. Hari Trivedi


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Hari Trivedi Awaaz India Media P. ltd. Social media PPT.

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Social media marketing ppt by Awaaz India Media Pvt. ltd. Hari Trivedi

  1. 1. Election Awaaz provides assistance for Election Technology INDIA’S First ISO CERTIFIED ELECTION TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Proposed Social media marketing Objective • “ Election Wohi Jeet Ta Hai Jo Logon Se Rista Banata Hai” •Idea is to create bond with Prospective voters. •Once an Excellent bond is created, the same translates in to a vote. •Barack Obama used the concept and elected twice as president of U.S.A.
  2. 2. Election Awaaz provides assistance for Election Technology INDIA’S First ISO CERTIFIED ELECTION TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Proposed Social media marketing • Total FB Users in India 7.8 Cr. • Total FB users in in given area will be mapped by various data base. • Other users on social media like twitter, LinkedIn , can also be mapped to given constituency. • Idea is to create specific page of your MP dedicated to Your constituency only. • Once people join the programme and follow they are likely to vote in favour of candidate they support online. Example Barack Obama .
  3. 3. Content/programme – Our team to study all the good work done by you in your Constituency and upload the same – Based on Study, we jointly choose and create events/cause/programme. – We will create New event/cause and invite followers/friends to post on the wall of each programme. – Various photos/videos will be uploaded from time to time. – All social media like FB,linkedin,you tube and dedicated website will be integrated with links and to be managed by dedicated SEO team.
  4. 4. Content/programme – Will keep a team of 5 members Plus 1 Manager to promote the cause and programme for each Parliament seat. – People only from parliament area can join the programme. – Both positive and negative comments are expected. – All comments will be replied every day by our team, Where ever needed we consult your team. – We hope to create friends/followers/participants on these programme to the tune of 50% of social media network users in given area. – Considering that average one user have 10 plus friends and followers on FB,our , the impact is minimum 10 times the actual participants. – Most of the social media users are above 18 hence they are voters. – Once they join the cause they will vote in your favour.
  5. 5. Expected Result –We hope to generate 50% direct followers/friends/participant in your Given. –50% direct participant will impact minimum 10 times the nos. of given area. –90% of these are likely to vote in our favour.
  6. 6. Levels of Social Media Engagement with Voters
  7. 7. Proposed Integrated Social Media Strategy Social Communities Seeding Feeding Weblog Forum Self Help Communities Participation, engagement and advocacy: peers and friends will spread the message Legend Free viral dynamics Post registration viral dynamics Constituency Portal Niche Community connected to campaign liking Rating Video Contest Sign Up Video Message Webi Sodes Content Publishing Content Development Tune-in Opt-in
  8. 8. Proposed Social Media Program • Social media programs will include: – Content Creation • Community Engagement across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Fickr • Integration with Constituency Portal – Content Publishing on Multiple Media • Social SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) • Viral Marketing – Content Creation & Engagement by Voters • Feed Back Loop • Drive Likes on Facebook and other sites
  9. 9. Obama Everywhere • Obama has gained 5 million supporters in other social networks. • Obama maintained a profile in more than 15 online communities, including BlackPlanet, a MySpace for African Americans, and Eons, a Facebook for baby boomers. • On Facebook, where about 3.2 million (during the campaign) signed up as his supporters, a group called Students for Barack Obama was created in July 2007. • It was so effective at energizing college-age voters that senior aides made it an official part of the campaign the following spring. • And Facebook users did vote: On Facebook's Election 2008 page, which listed an 800 number to call for voting problems, more than 5.4 million users clicked on an "I Voted" button to let their Facebook friends know that they made it to the polls.
  10. 10. Deconstructed
  11. 11. Online Advertising Obama Search • The Obama campaign spent $3.5 million on Google search in October 2008 alone. • Yahoo collected $673,000 during the same month. Social Networks • The campaign spent $467,000 on Facebook in 2008, including $370,000 in September 2008. • $61,000 went to Black Planet. • Only $11,000 went to MySpace spending in 2008. Media • $138,000 went to • Time Warner spending totaled $337,000 before October. • Politico, $145,000 • WashingtonPost, $100,0000. •, $21,000 in September 2008 • Weather Channel, $108,000 all year. • Through ad network Centro, the campaign spent $630,000 on local TV and newspaper Web sites before October. Another $100,000 went through Cox. Ad networks: • The campaign spent $600,000 in 2008 on, Collective Media, Undertone Networks, Burst Media, Quigo, DrivePM, Pulse360, Specific Media, and online video networks Broadband Enterprises and Tremor Media. Online Advertising - Obama
  12. 12. Obama YouTube Channel Obama YouTube Channel
  13. 13. YouTube Obama McCain Videos 1,827 330 Views 120,479,084 25,995,773 Subscribers 149,258 28,343 Special features of YouTube page Contribute to campaign via Google Checkout; link to YouTube page on Find events; host events YouTube Statistics
  14. 14. Facebook Facebook
  15. 15. Facebook Statistics Official Obama McCain Members/Supporters in largest group 5,066,446* 583.518* Number of Wall posts 572,383 none Special features of profile page** Videos, find out where to vote, register to vote none * Unofficial group ‘One Million for McCain/Palin’ has 200,251 members Unofficial group ‘One Million Strong for Barack’ has 986,470 members ** Beyond basics like Posted Items, Events, Discussion, Wall posts Facebook Statistics
  16. 16. LinkedIn Obama – LinkedIn
  17. 17. Flickr Obama - Flickr
  18. 18. Brand Obama - Segmentation