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Common culture


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Common culture

  1. 1. COMMAN cultura if not we, then who can !!!Manage ment
  2. 2. ISSN (Print) : ISSN (Online) : COMMAN cultura if not we, then who can !!! Editor-in-chief I. KARTHICK Founder Director I Knack Education Dr.J. Senthil Velmurugan Periyar University Salem. Dr. M.Mangala Gowri Nift-Tea Collage Tirupur. Dr. A.M. Venkatachalam Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology, Karur. Mr. A. Dayala Rajan Nift-Tea Collage Tirupur. R. Saravanakumar Iknack Educational Hub Mrs. MD. Kavitha Master Mind Education#2/525A, HRHK Nagar, Mangalam Main Road, Muthusamy Complex, Periyandipalayam (Po)., TIRUPUR - 641 687. E-mail : Web :
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  4. 4. EDITORIAL NOTE: In todays business world commerce and management plays a lead role in decision makingprocess of all wider business area. The technological development, globalised business, multi-cultural trend etc… results in penetrating growth. While it also leads to multiple issues and hurdlesin business sector. The demand and preference of customers, competitors, price hike, grey market,and money value has an equal role in development of a business and an economy too. Commancultura (research institute of commerce and management) offers information on commerce andmanagement areas by analyzing, interpreting, and communicating the datas , information, issuesand solutions towards the students, learners, and well-wishers of commerce and management,with the help and support of professionals, business peoples, research peoples through the journalnamed(COMMAN CULTURA) WHICH WILL BE PUBLISHED in format of (print & online)intime period of ONCE IN TWO MONTHS OF A YEAR. It will cover all major areas of commerceand management ,every article will be thoroughly checked by the higher experts and professionalswe believe that the journal will be a supporting tool for business peoples, professionals,& studentsof commerce and management. Mr. I.KARTHICK EDITOR IN CHIEF
  5. 5. COMMAN cultura SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN GREEN MARKETINGDr. J. SENTHILVEL MURUGAN Mr. A. DAYALA RAJANAssistant Professor Assistant ProfessorPRIMS – Periyar University Department of Management StudiesSalem - 11. NIFT – TEA College of Knitwear FashionVoice: 9965828353 Tiruppur – 04 Voice: 96777-56022Introduction.... It seems that these days, every product has a social reason behind it. At the moment, marketing is oneof the most important activities of the companies due to social and environmental considerations. In the firstpart of the 80s, marketing took into account the social and environmental considerations which made it verypopular (Kotler and Armstrong, 1999). One of the fields of marketing which has created many debates in themedia is green marketing. It seems that every consumers, whether an individual or industrial bodies, havebecome more aware, and more interested in the environmental issues. In the study carried out by Atman in 16countries, in 2005, over 50% of the consumers have expressed their interests and concerns over theenvironmental issues. In the study that was made in Australia, in 2006, the conclusion was that 84% of peoplebelieved that they had responsibilities towards the environment. They said that they have modified theirbehaviors towards shopping because of their concern over the environmental issues (Polansky). According to the American Marketing Association, green marketing is the marketing of products thatare presumed to be environmentally safe.v Five Possible Reasons for Green Marketing of firms1. Organizations perceive environmental marketing to be an opportunity that can be used to achieve its objectives.2. Organizations believe they have a moral obligation to be more socially responsible.3. Governmental bodies are forcing firms to become more responsible.4. Competitors environmental activities pressure firms to change their environmental marketing activities.5. Cost factors associated with waste disposal, or reductions in material usage forces firms to modify their behavior.v The Four Ps of Green Marketing Like conventional marketers, green marketers must address the four Ps in innovative ways. 1
  6. 6. I am Clever P – PRODUCT P – PRICE· Identify customers environmental needs and · Most customers will only be prepared to develop products to address these needs pay a premium if there is a perception of additional product value.· Develop environmentally responsible products to have less impact than · This value may be improved performance, competitors. function, design, visual appeal or taste. Environmental benefits are usually an· Products made from recycled goods. added bonus but will often be the deciding· Products that can be recycled or reused. factor between products of equal value and quality.· Products with environmentally responsible · Environmentally responsible products, packaging. however, are often less expensive when· Products with green labels, as long as they product life cycle costs are taken into offer substantiation. consideration. For example fuel-efficient Certified products, which meet or exceed vehicles, water-efficient printing and non environmentally responsible criteria. -hazardous products. P – PLACE P – PROMOTION· Marketers looking to successfully · Green marketers will be able to reinforce environmental credibility by using introduce new green products should sustainable marketing and communications position them broadly in the market place tools and practices. so they are not just appealing to a small · Companies in the financial & banking are green niche market. providing electronic statements by email,· The location must also be consistent with e-marketing is rapidly replacing more traditional marketing methods, and printed the image want to project and allow materials can be produced using recycled projecting own image rather than being materials and efficient processes, such as dominated or compromised by the image water less printing. of the venue. · Retailers, for example, are recognizing the· The location must differentiate you from value of alliances with other companies, your competitors. This can be achieved by environmental groups and research organizations when promoting their in-store promotions and visually environmental commitment. To reduce the appealing displays or using recycled use of plastic bags and promote their green materials to emphasize the environmental commitment. and other benefits. 2
  7. 7. I am CleverBenefits of Green Marketing Green marketing offers business bottom line incentives and top line growth possibilities. Whilemodification of business or production processes may involve start-up costs, it will save money in the longterm. For example the cost of installing solar energy is an investment in future energy cost savings.Companies that develop new and improved products and services with environmental impacts in mind givethemselves access to new markets, substantially increase profits and enjoy competitive advantages over thosemarketing non-environmentally responsible alternatives.Social Responsibility The social responsibility is an approach which is focused on the customers and it takes into accountthe environmental problems, and its long term welfare. Stewart & Salmon define “Social Responsibility” asfollow: It is a method of management which the organizations are involved in those activities that havepositive effects on the society and will promote the products (Stewart & Salmon, 1997).Social responsibility is a method that the competitors adopt in response to their customers demand to producesuitable products and event to set the prices in such a manner that it is both profitable to the producers and, atthe same time, reasonable to the customers. Social responsibility transcends the positive environmentalapproach since it takes into account every angles of the consumers consumption. In this approach, not onlythe environment and eco system but the physical and mental health of the consumers and even the increase inpopulations are taken into considerations. Social responsibility in marketing means to give an appropriatedirection to the consumers taste which in turn requires a long term plan. Social responsibility deals with 4main categories: consumer approach, social relations, green marketing and varieties (Pride & Firel, 1995).We shall discuss the green marketing as one of the dimensions of the social responsibility.Effects of Social Responsibility on Green Marketing and its Implementation Today, the Indian consumers care more about their own health and their environments more than ever.Majority are in pursuit of those products that are least harmful to their own mental and physical health andultimately their own society. But the Indian companies and industry have not caught up with it and have paidlittle attention to this trend.They have not yet realized that green marketing and paying attention to consumers health and environment isa useful and practical tools to promote sales and consequently increase the profit margins. Additionally, itshall be a competitive advantage for the companies which make them distinct from its competitors. It alsoplays an effective role on the environmental health. We should know that green marketing, today no longer anadvert but it is a need and necessity. We, (whether consumers or producers) should all have to pay attention toit because the environment is part of our physical and mental health. Since social responsibility plays animportant role in the green marketing and it can affect the health of the consumers and environment, As wediscussed here, in the present article, the practical and necessary tools with regards to social responsibilityinclude packaging, design, promotions, advertisements, private sale, services and positioning. 3
  8. 8. I am Clever1. Packaging and Design Shoppers still use non recyclable plastic bags in all supermarkets and fruit shops in India. We wont beable to recycle these bags for the next 400 years, therefore, it is recommended to use recyclable orcardboard/paper bags. There are recyclable symbols displayed on some of the products, and some other lacksthis labeling symbol. The packaging should be in a way that it would be easy to use them and it would notbecome a bother for the consumers to use them, the packaging should be in a way that we do not throw themaway after use. The design for consumed products are better to be transparent so that the inside of the productscan be seen.2. Advertising/ Promotions Many of the advertisements are focused on the products itself. It is recommended that therecyclability of the products, using technology of green production and also pay attention to the consumerswelfare should be considered bearing in mind of the consumers care immensely about these elements.Promotion should be in a manner that the consumers do not throw the recyclable products in the trash.3. Personal Selling Since in many industries, the sales subject is mainly private sales or the product displayed in theexhibitions are private sales, it is recommended that the subject of the green production and clean technologyshould be displayed for the consumers viewing.4. Services Many services of the Indian companies can concentrated on the physical evidence and processes andof their friendly services compatible with the Indian environment. The process of providing services shouldbe based on TQM (Total Quality Management) and six sigma which it ultimate goal is to provide the needsand wants of the consumers so that to inflict the least harm to the environment.5. Positioning Once the segmentation and targeting is over, positioning is followed. After the above advertisingswork is done, many of their products, specially, the consumed products, with low involvements, are better tomake one of their main goal to the health of the consumers and also the environments, even in philosophy, theorganizational mission on the strategic level of the company is to be incorporated and pay attention to it isconsidered as one of the main necessities for the Indian industry.Conclusion We could say that there are no way back to the products which harm the environment and gradually,the government pressures, and competitions and change in the attitude of the customers, will commit thecompanies to pursuit green marketing. The companies, with re engineering in production processes, productdesign, and service position are to solidify their positions in the competitive market, otherwise, they will getleft behind by the green trend. The approach of green marketing is not only to satisfy the needs of thecustomers but to satisfy this need should be in a manner in which it would be beneficial for the society too. 4
  9. 9. I am Clever E-CRM: DERIVING VALUE OF CUSTOMER RELATIONMr. A. DAYALA RAJAN, MBA, (Ph.D), NET Dr. J. SENTHILVEL MURUGANAssistant Professor Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Management Studies PRIMS – Periyar UniversityNIFT – TEA College of Knitwear Fashion Salem - 11Tiruppur – 04 Voice: 9965828353daya0307@gmail.comVoice: 96777-56022 E-CRM is the latest buzzword in the corporate sector and is perceived as one of the most effective tools in this direction for service companies. E-CRM provides a means to conduct interactive, personalized and relevant communication with customers across electronic channels. E- CRM is nothing but the electronic counter part of CRM. It doesnt replace the traditional channels of communication, such as phone or fax, but is just another extension for the customers to interact with companies on a one-to-one basis. Its a more personalized and interactive form of communication and synchronizes communications across both electronic as well as traditional channels. Such a system has training benefits too. A new salesperson, for instance, can use the CRM package to quickly learn about his customers or their past history. A typical CRM application integrates and co-ordinates multiple business functions such as sales, marketing, support/service, and the multiple channels of communication with the customer, such as, face-to-face, call center, and Web. Thus the key requirements for a CRM solution includes: Analytical capabilities, unified channel of customer interaction, Web-based functionality, centralized database of customer data, integrated workflow, and integration with ERP applications 5
  10. 10. I am Clever Conservative CRM Perspective Internet-based CRM Perspective · Customer contact through – telephone, · Customer database management mail, in person · Effective data mining · Personal selling · Leveraging technology · Emphasis on after sales service · Electronic point of sale · Complaint handling · Call centre · Responsive Customer Service. · Service customization · Finally satisfied customer · Volume be serviced by technology and CRM is a comprehensive sales and marketing approach to build long-term customer relationships andimprove business performance. The above elaboration states about the transition which CustomerRelationship Management is undergoing and how technology has affected the modern relationship with thecustomers.Direct benefits of an e-CRM system include:· Service level improvements – Using an integrated database to deliver consistent and improved customer responses.· Revenue growth – Decreasing costs by focusing on retaining customers and using interactive service tools to sell additional products.· Productivity – Consistent sales and service procedures to create efficient work processes.· Customer satisfaction – Automatic customer tracking and detection will ensure enquiries are met and issues are managed. This will improve the customers overall experience in dealing with the organization.CRM and the Customer Life CycleWhat is the Customer Life Cycle?It takes ten times more effort and costs ten times more money to attract a new customer than to keep anexisting customer. This “statistic” alone should be enough for companies to invest in CRM. Finding 6
  11. 11. I am Clevercustomers is the first step and the faster you get through the sorting process of qualifying prospects intocustomers; the faster will be the returns. A web environment adds to this process in a very positive way. Thisprovides the means for people visiting the site to select whether they are indeed right to be customers. Gooddesign and clear information will aid in this goal.Finding the CustomerThe process starts with finding customers. The Internet allows attracting customers in two ways:(1) Getting them to find you through search engines, links, and alliances with other sites(2) By proactively finding them and sending material electronically.Building Value for the Customer After finding the customer, it is important to find ways to add value to the relationship. Value is in themind of the customer, and it is necessary to find out what they perceive to be valuable; by surveying themeither online, by phone, or by regular mail.Establishing Long-Term Relationships To build customer loyalty and strong relationships, more sophisticated ways to be used. Buildingcustomized or personalized sites for the customers to use will provide both added services and give customersa reason to return regularly to the e-business.E-Loyalty It is easy to get customers to visit the website for the first time. It is much more difficult to get them toreturn. A good content can do this. Content can be unique articles about the industry or simply links to othersources of information. Content can also be tools that a visitor may find useful. Many real estate sites havemortgage calculators or home buying checklists that aid customers in using the service.How does E-CRM work? In todays world, customers interact with an organization via multiple communication channels—theWorld Wide Web, call centers, field salespeople, dealers and partner networks. Many organizations also havemultiple lines of business that interact with the same customers. Business with the organization the way the customer wants - any time, via any channel, in anylanguage or currency—and to make customers feel that they are dealing with a single, unified organizationthat recognizes them every step of the way. 7
  12. 12. I am Clever A hotel may know, immediately after registering the customer, what he prefers in themorning-tea or coffee. The e-CRM system does this by creating a central repository for customer records and providing a portal oneach employees computer system allowing access to customer information by any member of the organization atany time. Through this system, e-CRM gives the ability to know more about customers, products and performanceresults using real time information across the business.Customer Focus in Banking Services As the intense competition becomes a way of doing business, it is the customer who calls the shot in decidingthe nature of products and services offered in the market. The customers are becoming demanding, dominant andselective. In fact the perceptions and the expectations of the customers have undergone a sea change, with theavailability of banking services to the customers at their door steps through the help of technology.Marketing of customer services aims at two important goals: Prosperity to the bank and satisfied customers. Banks offer tangible services like loan schemes, interest ratesand kinds of account and the intangible services like behavior and efficiency of staff, speed of transactions and theambience. The banks may need to include customer oriented approach or customer focus in their five areas ofbusinesses such as Cash accessibility, asset security, money transfer, deferred payment and financial advices.There are four strategies available to customer relations managers:· To win back or save customers· To attract new and potential customers· To create loyalty among existing customers and· To up sell or offer cross services. The future of banking business very much depends upon the ability of the banks to develop closerelationship with the customers. In order to develop close relationship with the customers the banking industry hasto focus on the technology oriented innovations that offer convenience to the customers. Today customers areoffered ATM services, access to internet banking and phone banking facilities and credit cards. These have elevatedbanking beyond the barriers of time and space. Functions in CRM: The following activities can be performed with the help of CRMØ Business partner Management: Capturing customers basic information with the aim to sell different products of the bank.Ø Contact Management: Maintaining customer information and contact histories of existing customers. 8
  13. 13. I am CleverØ Activity Management: Providing calendar and scheduling of activities of individual sales people. Lead Management: Capturing potential leads from new/existing customers and converting leads into actual business. Campaign Management: Targeting customer with promotions/offers based on customer segmentation/data analysis and also analyzing the effectiveness of the campaign.Globalized Scenario "Change" is a continuous process and banking industry is no exception to this natural law. Change inthe Indian banking industry is inevitable due to the implementation of the financial sector reforms andpolicies in the country. The main objective of financial sector reforms is to promote an efficient, competitiveand diversified financial system in the country. Indian banking industry has undergone tremendoustransformation after liberalization and globalization process initiated from 1991. These changes have forcedthe Indian banking industry to adjust the product mix to effect the rapid changes in their process to remaincompetitive in the globalised environment.Competition from Foreign Banks and New Private Sector Banks The entry of more and more foreign banks and new private sector banks, with lean and nimble footedstructure, better technology, market orientation and cost effective measures, have intensified the competitionin the Indian banking industry. Financial Institutions have also started entering into the domain of banks. Inrecent years, the share of business of public sector banks has declined considerably. So there is a compellingneed for the Indian banking industry to modify its marketing strategy to attract the customers and to withstandthe stiff competition from foreign banks and new private sector banksTechnological Advancement The advent of technology both in terms of computers and communications has drastically altered themethodology of banking business. In the banking sector, the technology has opened new vistas and in turn hasbrought new possibilities for doing the same work differently and in a most cost-effective manner.Technology helps to have 24 hours a day banking, all seven days in a week. Tele banking, Internet bankingand E-banking have opened new business potentials and opportunities which hither to remained unexplored.All these technological advancement may pave the way for home banking rather than branch banking.Innovation Another important force of change in the Indian banking sector is innovation. Banks are innovative,pro-active now-a-days and offer top class service to customers. They play a dynamic role not only as aprovider of finance but also as a departmental store of finance. As a result of this, new products like merchantbanking, mutual funds, leasing, factoring, forfeiting, corporate advisory services and venture capital areemerging. These innovative services may augment revenue with cost effective measures. 9
  14. 14. I am CleverSMS Banking When people are hard pressed for time, the need for "anytime anywhere" banking gains utmostimportance. Bearing this in mind, banks provide a novel service which gives retail customers accountinformation and real-time transaction capabilities from their cell phones. With SMS banking the followingservices can be obtained:· Get account balance details· Request a cheque book· Request last three transaction details· Pay bills for electricity, mobile, insurance etcDevelopment of the Skills of Bank Personnel To meet the new challenges, banks have to devise novel ways of meeting the customers demands. Tohelp the banking staff to get sufficient exposure to technology, suitable packages relating to hardware andsoftware applications in relation to their works are to be provided. Further, a separate marketing wing may becreated in every bank to market their banking services. They must be trained suitably to keep pace with thechanging environment. In order to meet the challenges, the Human Resource Department in banks have toprepare appropriate manpower plans and strategies. E-CRM applications could enhance the delivery of a CRM strategy, such applications should bechosen carefully to fit in with organizational culture, process and legacy IT systems. The financial and humanresource cost as well as the amount of time required for implementation of a CRM application should also bekey factors in the selection of e-CRM applications. 10
  15. 15. I am Clever Benefits of E-CRM to bank and its customers IS STATED BELOW: BENEFITS TO BANK BENEFITS TO CUSTOMERS Ø Relationship with customers : Ø Customer interaction and satisfaction · Trust, cooperation and satisfaction · Bank-customer interactions remains · customer becomes more loyal and undisputed, a commentators making good use of the services · Information exchange, Business or financial (transactions) Social exchange Ø Using e-mail for business communication Ø Convenience · Quick and accurate information to all · Woo the customer, which are really vital customer queries for them · Bridges the gap · Additional service aspect of the core services Ø Personalized services or one to one services Ø Speed of processing the transaction through e-Response · Serving the unique needs of individual customers · Strengthen the relationship between the supplier and the customer - Excellence in service of the customers. · Ti m e l y r e s p o n d s t o c u s t o m e r Ø Establishing a Web site to market Ø Trust products or services · Trust among the partners of substitute - Cost savings, opportunism, and threats · Potency of marketing relationships drive action and innovation Ø Service quality - Take advantage of new opportunities · Outcomes from a mouth of a human Ø Transaction Security being. - Manage security with least repercussions · Reliability, responsiveness, quality, - Ensure secure payment on the Internet . empathy and assurance.Conclusion E- CRM enables financial institutions and organizations to maintain relationship with customers.Customer loyalty & retention of customers are assured through E-CRM. E-CRM facilitates the organizationsto provide personalized and one to one effective services. The organizations have made it certain that latestand updated information is available in their organizations website. Latest techniques and measures and e-CRM were used to improve and maintain transactions security of the customers. To conclude, with E-CRM, customers are in your hand!! 11
  16. 16. I am CleverReferences:1. Barnes, J.G. (1997), "Closeness, strength, and satisfaction: examining the nature of relationships between providers of financial services and their retail customers", Psychology and Marketing, Vol. 14 No.8, pp.765-90.2. Bose, R. (2002), "Customer relationship management: key components for IT success", Industrial Management & Data Systems, Vol. 102 No.23. Gunasekaran, A (1999), "Current and future directions of multimedia technology in business", International Journal of Information Management, Vol 19 No.2, pp.105 - 20.4. Zeithaml, V., Bitner, M.J. (2000), Services Marketing, McGraw-Hill, New York, NY.5. Zikmund, G.William(2000) business research methods, Oklahoma state university.6. Zineldin, I. (1995), “Bank-company interactions and relationships: some empirical evidence”, International Journal of Bank Marketing, Vol. 13, No. 2, pp. 30 - 40. A STUDY ON RETAILER AND CUSTOMER ATTITUDE TOWARDS P & G DETERGENT POWDER IN COIMBATORE CITYP.THIRUMOORTHI P.KARTHIKEYAN** EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The study was undertaken to find out the Attitude towards P&G detergent Powders (Ariel and Tide)from Retailer and Customers. The study was carried out with 100 customers and 100 retailers wereconsidered and their opinion about P&G detergent powder has been gathered.The primary data were collected through a structured questionnaire designed for retailers and customers. Thedata were consolidated and interpreted by using statistical tools like simple average, Ranking, Chi Squareanalysis and ANOVA. Tables and graphs are used for better representation.According to the result obtained from the opinion survey, it was found that P&G detergent powder is superiorand market leader, in terms of quality and performance. 12
  17. 17. I am CleverINTRODUCTION OF THE STUDY. In the present scenario a potential customer is offered a wide variety of products to choose in themarket, the customer is the king, its he who determines the growth, prosperity and even existence of abusiness enterprise. The present study reveals the attitude towards P&G detergent powder. The study indicates theconsumer degree of influence while using detergent powders and to increase the perceived value of a brand bygiving it more value.REVIEW OF LITERATURE Mr. Anand Kumar (2001) of Anna university has done MBA project on the study entitled “Customerattitude towards Hero Honda two wheelers in Coimbatore city” . The Study focused on the objectives is tomeasure the market share of Hero Honda, to know the performance and to identify the difficulties faced by thecustomers. Mr. Naveen (2003) of Madurai Kamaraj University has done a project on “A study on retailer attitudestowards Cavin Care products in Coimbatore city. In this project the objective is to measure Cavin Careperformance and their service, to know the retailer attitude towards product, price, quality, distribution andmargin and to study the market strategies.* B.E., MBA.,(Ph.D), Lecturer.,Periyar Institute of Management Studies(PRIMS), Periyar University, Salem** M.B.A.,M.Phil.,PGDPM&LL, PGDCA.,Lecturer., Department Of Management Studies, Maharaja Artsand Science College, Neelambur, Arasur(PO), Coimbatore-641 407P&G COMPANY: Procter and Gamble (P&G) is one of the most skilled marketers of consumer-packaged goods.It markets the leading brand in 19 of the 39 categories in which it competes. Its average market share isclosed to 25%. Two billion times a day, P&G brands touch the lives of people around the world. The corporatetradition is routed in the principles of Personal Integrity, Respect for the Individual, and Doing whats Rightfor the long term. The study is focused on two of the familiar detergent powders of P & G, namely Ariel and Tide.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The primary objective of our study is to find Retailer and Customer attitude towards P&G detergent powder. 13
  18. 18. I am CleverThe Other objectives are:1. To find out the goods, service, and scheme, margin by different brands perceived by retailer and customer.2. To study about quality, quantity, price and various other factors for preferring particular brand.3. To find out the brand image of the product and how it effects buying decision of the retailer and a customer.4. To study the product character and its performance.RESEARCH DESIGN: Though the primary objective of the study is to understand the attitude of retailers and customerstowards P&G detergent powders, Descriptive research design is most suitable. Descriptive research design isapplied to study where we need to portrait the characteristics of a group or individuals as a situation.A sample design is a definite plan for obtaining a sample from given population. It refers to the technique orthe procedure the researcher would adopt in selecting items for sample. Since the population size is infinite.Sample size for the study was taken as 200 respondents in which 100 samples for customers &100 samplesfor retailers. In this study the researcher has adopted convenience sampling for customers, and judgment samplingmethod for retailers. Population of the study includes all the customers and retailers in Coimbatore city.SOURCES OF DATA COLLECTION: The research consists of the application of both Primary and Secondary data. Primary data werecollected by administering questionnaire cum interview schedules from retailers and customers. Thesecondary data were collected through websites and from various journals and magazines. The collected datawere analyzed by using the following statistical tools:Ÿ Chi Square testŸ ANOVAŸ Weighted AverageŸ Simple AverageŸ Ranking Method 14
  19. 19. I am Clever TABLE NO:1 ANALYSIS ON RETAILERS ATTITUDE TOWARDS P&G DETERGENT POWDERS (ARIEL & TIDE) Fast moving detergent powders in the shop Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Value () 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Volumes No. Of Brand fx respondents Mean I II III IV V VI VII Ariel 28 26 13 20 8 4 1 530 100 5.30 Henko 1 1 3 6 30 46 13 247 100 2.47 Rin 19 23 21 28 9 --- --- 515 100 5.15 Surf excel 21 21 32 20 4 1 1 528 100 5.28 Tide 27 23 21 14 9 5 1 526 100 5.26 Wheel 2 7 11 9 37 27 7 319 100 3.19 Mr. white --- --- 2 2 2 18 76 136 100 1.36INTERPRETATION Among all brands Ariel is the fast moving product in the retailer shops. It has the highest mean of5.30, Surf Excel is in the second place with 5.28, Tide has 5.26 and has ranked third, Rin in the fourth placewith 5.15 its mean, and Wheel, Henko, Mr. White, with means of 3.19, 2.47, 1.36 respectively. 15
  20. 20. I am Clever Analysis on customers attitude towards P&G detergent powder Volumes No. Of Expectation fx Mean respondents I II III IV V Affordable price 45 5 7 3 --- 60 272 4.53 Quality 6 22 14 8 10 60 186 3.10 Cleanliness 4 31 12 8 5 60 201 3.35 Availability --- --- 22 25 13 60 129 2.15 Promotional offer 5 2 5 38 10 60 134 2.23 TABLE NO.2 EXPECTATION OF CUSTOMERs FROM ARIEL Rank 1 2 3 4 5 INT Value () 5 4 3 2 1 ERPRETATION In the test of customer expectation Ariel has the highest mean of 4.53 for affordable price and 3.35,3.10, 2.23, 2.15 for cleanliness, quality, promotional offer, and availability. 16
  21. 21. I am Clever TABLE - 3 EXPECTATION OF CUSTOMERS FROM TIDE Volumes No. Of Expectation fx Mean respondents I II III IV V Affordable price 10 10 11 6 3 40 138 3.45 Quality 23 10 3 4 --- 40 172 4.34 Cleanliness 8 15 13 3 1 40 146 3.65 Availability --- 1 6 12 21 40 67 1.67 Promotional offer 3 4 7 12 14 40 90 2.25 Rank 1 2 3 4 5 INT Value () 5 4 3 2 1 ERP In the test of customer expectation Tide has the highest mean of 4.34 for quality and3.65, 3.45, 2.25, 1.67 for cleanliness, affordable price , promotional offer, and availability. 17
  22. 22. I am Clever TABLE NO.4 CHI SQUARE ANALYSIS OF RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN INCOME LEVEL AND PURCHASING FACTORS Particulars Affordable Attractive Quality Total Income Level (Rs) Price Packages Advertisement Below 5000 3 16 …. 1 20 5001-10000 3 33 2 1 39 10001-15000 7 14 1 3 25 Above 15000 4 10 …. 2 16 Total 17 73 3 7 100 HO= There is no significant relationship between income level and considerthe purchasing factors of customers.H1= Ther e is significant relationship between income level and purchasing factors. 2 2C HI-SQUARE TEST (c )= S (O IJ-E IJ) / E IJ 2 2The calculated value c is S (Oij - Eij) /Eij = 11.0388.Therefore, The degrees of freedom = (r - 1) (c - 1) =9 2The tab le value of c for 9 degrees of freedom at 5% level of significance is 16.919.The table 2value of c is higher than this calculated value.INTERPRETATIONHence, the result of the income level & purchasing factor support the hypothesis. We can thus,concl ude that there is no relationship between income level and consider the purchasing factor. 18
  23. 23. I am Clever ANALYSIS OF VARIENCE (ANOVA) TABLE NO.5 SATISFACTION LEVEL OF PRICE TOWARDS CUSTOMERS AND RETAILERS (ARIEL) Satisfaction Level of price Customer Retailer TOTAL Excellent 4 .... 4 Very good 10 31 41 Good 20 43 63 Satisfied 22 21 43 Poor 4 5 9 60 100 160Hypothesis: Null hypothesis (H0) There is no significant difference between satisfaction level of price towardsAriel customers and retailers. Alternative hypothesis (H1) There is significant difference between satisfaction level of pricetowards Ariel customers and retailers. 19
  24. 24. I am CleverSum of all the variables in samples = ÿ x1 + ÿ x2 =60+100 =160 2Correction factor =T /N 2 =160 /10 =2560 2 2 2Total sum of square (SST) = ÿ x 1 + ÿ x 2 - T /N =1016+3276 - 2560 =1732Sum of square between the sample (SSC) 2 =( ÿ x 1 ) / N +( ÿ x 2 ) 2 / N - T 2 /N 2 2 =(60) /5 + (100) /5 2560 =720 + 2000 2560 =160Sum of square within the sample (SSE) =SST SSC =1732 160 =1572 20
  25. 25. I am Clever ANOVA TABLE for SATISFACTION LEVEL OF PRICE TOWARDS CUSTOMERS AND RETAILERS (ARIEL) Source of Sum of Degrees of Mean square square Value variation freedom Between 160 (C-1) 160/1 sample V1 =2-1=1 =160 196.5 / 160 Within 1572 (n - C) 1572/8 = 1.228 sample V2 =10 2 =8 =196. 5 Total 1732 9 V1=1, V2=8, TABLE VALUE= 5.3177 Calculated value= 1.228 Here the calculated value is less than the table value. Hence the null hypothesis is accepted. There isno significant difference between satisfaction level of price towards Ariel customers and retailers. 21
  26. 26. I am Clever TABLE NO.6 SATISFACTION LEVEL OF PRICE TOWARDS CUSTOMERS AND RETAILERS .(TIDE) Satisfaction Level of price Customer Retailer TOTAL Excellent 9 43 52 Very good 7 36 43 Good 12 14 26 Satisfied 12 7 19 Poor ... ... ... 40 100 140Hypothesis:Null hypothesis (H0) " There is no significant difference between satisfaction level of price towardsAriel customers and retailers.Alternative hypothesis (H1) " There is a significant difference between satisfaction level of pricetowards Tide customers and retailers.Sum of all the variables in samples = Σx1 + Σx2 = 40 + 100 = 140 22
  27. 27. I am CleverCorrection factor = T2 /N 2 = 140 /10 = 19600/10 = 1960 2 2 2Total sum of square (SST) = Σx1 + Σx2 - T /N = 418+3390-1960 = 1848Sum of square between the sample (SSC) 2 2 2 = (Σx1 ) / N +(Σx2 ) / N- T /N = (40) 2/5 + (100) 2 /5 – 1960 = 1600/20 + 10000/5-1960 = 320Sum of square within the sample (SSE) = SST – SSC = 1848 – 320 = 1528 23
  28. 28. I am Clever ANOVA TABLE FOR SATISFACTION LEVEL OF PRICE TOWARDS CUSTOMERS AND RETAILERS (TIDE) Source of Sum of Degrees of Mean square square Value variation freedom Between 320 (C-1) 320/1 sample V1 =2-1=1 =320 320 / 191 Within 1528 (n - C) 1572/8 = 1.6753 sample V2 =10 2 =8 =191 Total 1848 9 V1=1, V2=8, TABLE VALUE= 5.3177 Calculated value= 1.6753INTERPRETATION Here the calculated value is less than the table value. Hence the null hypothesis is accepted.There is nosignificant difference between satisfaction level of price towards Ariel customers and retailers.FINDINGSBased on Retailer:1. The majority of the respondents from retailer 85% and 15% from departmental stores2. Majority of the retailers are having 5 years and above experience in the market3. 45% of the respondents are purchasing P&G detergent powder weekly once4. 34% of respondents sells more than 100 Kgs of detergent powder per month5. 53% and 40% of respondents sells below 10 Kgs of Ariel, tide respectively per month6. Among all the brands Ariel is the fast moving brand in the retail shop. It has a highest mean of 5.30 24
  29. 29. I am Clever7. Most of the retailers expecting discount scheme8. The majority of 66% of respondents feels that demand and supply are equal9. 79% of retailers are satisfied with current sale promotion10. 63% of retailers are recommending P&G product to customer11. The majority of retailers says that the quality of P&G detergent powder is excellent, Ariel (53%), Tide(56%)12. 43% OF THE RETAILERS FEEL PRICE OF ARIEL IS GOOD, WHERE TIDE IS EXCELLENT IN PRICE.13. The majority of retailers are satisfied with sales promotion, Ariel 32%, and Tide 31%.14. Most of the respondents feel P&G detergent powder is poor in margin (66%)15. Majority of the retailers say P&G detergent powder is excellent in distribution.16. According to retailer point of view the suitable sales promotion tool is price offer. It has the highest mean of 4.45.Based on customer;1. From the customers survey 60% of respondents was female and 36% of respondents were aged between 31-40 years2. 39% of the respondents were earned income between 5001-10000 and 58% of the respondents having 4-6 members of family strength3. The brand of Ariel is used by 60% of the respondents4. 73% of the respondents came to know about this product from television.5. 86.67% of respondents prefer Ariel for quality and 57.5% of respondents prefer Tide for quality6. 43.34% of respondents have been using Ariel past two years and 45% of respondents have been using tide past one year.7. 48.33% of respondents are consuming both the powders 1 kg per month8. 42% of the respondents prefer 500 gms package form9. 90% of the respondents are using various brands10. Most of the respondents do not switch over brands frequently11. 58.33% of respondents are aware about price offer 25
  30. 30. I am CleverSUGGESSIONS:1. Margin should be increased to the retailers in order to increase the sales2. Sales promotion schemes should be introduced to the retailers and customer at frequent interval.3. Television advertisement is one of the strongest media to influence the prospective customer. Hence the company can concentrate more on TV advertisements.4. More schemes are expected by the retailers like displays, discounts.5. More varieties should be introduced by the company6. Fragrance may be changed pleasantly to attract more customersCONCLUSION† The study to find out customer attitude towards P&G detergent powder in Coimbatore city was carried out among retailers (100) and customers (100).† The different factors that influence the customers were found to be brand name availability, advertisement, different varieties, price, quality, and type of package.† From the results of these factors obtained by 100 respondents of customers preferred the brand Ariel at a best when comparing with the other brands. From the results of these factors obtained by 100 respondents of retailers are also satisfied with the services. With the help of opinions obtained through the studies can used in improving the margin of the brands offered for sales.† It is found that, the company has to adopt new strategies in order to sell the product more efficiently. The company should introduce more economical packages of Ariel, additional varieties and better promotional strategies to maintain the market constant.† It can be concluded that the company must concentrate more on high margin to create better performance. Importance must be given for sales promotion. The retailers must also be asked to give more displays and discounts.† Thus it can be concluded that the customer and retailer attitude towards the P&G detergent powder is positive. 26
  31. 31. I am CleverBIBLIOGRAPHYA) BOOKS REFFERED:1. C.R.KOTHARI “Research methodology” New Delhi, Vishwa prakashan, 1990,2nd Edition.2. “PHILIP KOTLER” “Marketting Management- Analysis And implementation & Control”, New Delhi, 1998,9th Edition.3. PILLAIR.S.N. AND BAGAVATHI.V “Statistics” New Delhi, S. Chand & Company Ltd, th 2001 13 EditionB) WEB SITES www.ariel.comC) Other References:1. Mr. Anand Kumar, “Customer attitude towards Hero Honda two wheelers in Coimbatore City”, MBA Project, Anna University, 2001.2. Mr.Naveen, “A Study on retailers attitude towards Cavin Care products in Coimbatore City”, MBA Project, Madurai Kamaraj University, 2003. 27
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