Fi sd customisation steps


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Fi sd customisation steps

  1. 1. FI-SD INTEGRATION CUSTMISATION STEPSInsert RegionsPath:SPROsap net weavergeneral settingsset countriesinsert regionsexe Select position button Give country IN press enterDefine sales organisatinPath: SPROEnterprise structure definition sales and distributiondefinecopy,delete, check, sales organisatinexecuteDouble click on define sales organization Go to new entries Give sales org---k100 Give descripton Give staistsics currency---INRsave System will give address screen Give name , description,contry and regionsaveDefine distribution channeldouble click on distribution channel Go to new entries Maintain identity for distribution channelk1 Maintain descripton saveDefine shipping pointSame path till definitionlogistics executiondefine copy delete check shipping pointDouble click on shipping point Go to new entries Give shipping point—k100 Give descriptionsave System will prompt you address screen Give name ,country and regionsaveAssign sales organisation to company codePath: Enterprise structureassignment sales and distributionassign sales orgnisationto company code Click on position Select sales org---k100ent Assign company code---k100saveAssign distributioin channel to sales orgnisation Go to new entries Give sales org---k100 and saveAssign division to sales organisation
  2. 2. Go to new entriesGive sales org---k100 and division---k1 saveSet up sales area Go to new entries Give sales org---k100 Give Give division---k1saveDefine rules by sales areaPath: sproEnterprise structureassignmentsales and distributionbusiness areaaccount assignmentdefine rules by sales area Select position button Give sales org---k100 Give business area---001saveAssingnment sales orgnisation distribution channel to plant go to new entries give sales org---k100 give give plant---k100saveAssign shipping poing to plantSame path till assignmentlogistics executionassign shipping point to plant Ctrl+f –find ---k100 Click on assign Select check box k100EntersaveMaintain pricing procedurePath: sprobasic functionspricingpricing controldefine and assign pricingprocedureDouble click on maintain pricing procedureDefine pricing procedure determination Go to new entries Give sales org---k100 Give Give division---k1 Give dopr---A Give cupp---1 Give pripr---RVAA01 Give ctype---pr00saveDefine tax determination rulesPath: sprobasic functionstaxesdefine tax determination rules Select new entries Maintain tax conntry ---IN
  3. 3. Give sequence---1 Give tax cat---MWST saveCreation of gl accounts--- fs00 Give gl account and company code Select create button Maintain account group ---sales Select radio button of p&l account Give text Select line item display and give sort key—036 Maintain Field status group---g029saveNote : above Gl account should be maintained under category 11(revenue)Assignment of accounts for automatic postingsPath: sales and distribution basic functionsaccount assignment/costingrevenueaccount determinationassign gl accountsDouble click on cust grp/mat grp/acct key Go to New entriesApp cond.type COA sales org AAG AAG acct key G/l account V KOFI k100 k100 01 03 ERL 300002 saveSet up partner determinationPath: same path upto basic functionspartner determinationset up partnerdeterminationDouble click on set up partner determination for customer masterDouble click on partner functionsDouble click on accounts groups function assignment go new entries partner function account group SH k100 (ship to party) Bp k100 (bill to party ) Py k100 (payer ) Sp k100 (sold to party) saveDouble click on partner determination procedures go to new entries give partner---k100 and namesave select itemdouble click on partner functions in procedures go to new entries give partner-- sp---select non mandatory check box and mandatory check box give part.function---sh---select mandatory check boxsavedouble click on partner determination procedure assignment click on position give account group---k100 give parpr---k100save
  4. 4. Assignment shipping pointsPath: sprologistics executionshippingbasic shipping functionsshipping pointand goods receiving point data assign shipping points Go to new entries Maintain as given below Sc cgrp plant prshp 01 0001 k100 k100 saveDefine common distribution channelsPath:spro sales and distributionmaster datadefine common Select position button Give Give saveDefine common divisions Maintain as below D/con div/cust K1 k1 saveCreate customer master(xd01) Give account group:k100 Company code:k100 Give sales org---k100 Give Give division---k1enter Maintain title description and contrySelect company code data Give geconcilation account and terms of payment as 0001Select sales area data Give customer pricing procedure-1Select shipping tab Give delivery -02 Give shipping conditions-01 Give delivery plant –k100Select billing doc Select price determination check box Give inco terms-EXW Give terms of payments-0001 Give acct assignment grp-01 Give tax class-1(liable for tax) saveCreate material master (mm01) give material-fg1 select sector-plant eng/construction give material type-finished product click select views
  5. 5. select basic data1,sales org data1,sales org2,sales general/plant data,mrp1,generalplant data/storage1,accounting1,accounting2,costing2 click on organization levels give plant-k100 storage location-sl1 sales org-k100enter give description give base unit measure-EA mat.grp-grp1 division-k1 give gross weight select sales organsiation 1 tab give tax class-1 select sales org2 tab give acct assignment grp-03 select general plant tab give available check –kp give tras.grp-0003 give loading/grp-0003 select mrp1 tab give mrp type-nd select accouting1 tab give price control-s give standard price-500 give valuation class-k200 select costing tab give profit center-1001 save the datacreate condition types(vk11)path: logisticssales and distributionmaster dataconditionsselect using conditiontype create give condition type-pr00 select key combination select material with release status enter give material , amount and validity datessaveback condition type –mwst select domestic taxes give country-IN give tax cl-1 give tax cl.mat-1 give tax code –A0 and give validity datessave