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Ppt final


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Ppt final

  1. 1. CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT“The Effect of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer BrandPreference”
  2. 2. Dhani(1035110)HareshKumar(1025115)Supervised byShaista Ayesha Farhat
  5. 5. INTRODUCTIONCelebrity Endorsement :AnInteresting Phenomenon• Celebrities are people whoenjoy public acknowledgementby a large group of peoplewhereas attributes likepassion, attractiveness, diligence, discipline, self-motivationand extraordinary lifestyle arejust examples and specificcommon characteristics.• Consumer recall rate is highwhen exposed to celebrity adsHow to Find RightCelebrity:• Any who is famous and has a goodname in market can be the rightcelebrity. Many advertisers considerthat their celebrity must havepopularity and charisma.• While selecting the celebrity theprimary criteria is the fame, physicalattractiveness and credibility underconsiderations.
  6. 6. CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT IN PAKISTANCelebrities from the showbiz world are turning towards theglowing world of representing a product as Brand AmbassadorCelebrities have made their side business besides the profession.Famous celebrities like Shahid Afridi, Aisam-ul-Haq,Ali Zafarstarted to endorse a product.Shahid Afridi (Pepsi), Junaid Jamshed (Lays), they startedendorsement.There are many more examples regardingcelebrity endorsement in Pakistan.
  7. 7. Objectives ofthe Study• To explore people’s perceptionabout celebrity endorsement.• To determine how consumerdecision effected by the celebrityname.• To determine the impact ofcelebrity endorsement on brand.• To analyze the rising number &role of celebrity endorsement.The ProblemStatement• How customer’sbuying patternchanges due tocelebrityendorsement.
  9. 9. LITERATURE REVIEW Marketersworldwideconsidered celebrityendorsement as aneffectivepromotional tool. According to (Atkinand Block, 1983)celebrityendorsementproduce morepositive responsestowards advertisingand increasepurchase intentions.Benefits ofCelebrityEndorsement Create perception ofthe brand Create awarenessof the brand Put add-on value tothe brand Create position forthe brand Raise mediacoverage Put new life into afail brand Attract a newcustomersTypes ofCelebrityEndorsement Singer Actor Sportsmen Model
  10. 10. Shahid Afridi• Pepsi• Jazz• Head & ShouldersAisam-ul-Haq• Pepsi• Olper’s• Close UPAli Zafar• Pepsi• TelenorMahira• Aquafina• Tuc BiscuitSUCCESSFUL LOCAL CELEBRITY
  11. 11. MethodologyResearch Design• ExploratoryresearchProcedure• Step 1:Scondary data• Step 2: Surveys and interviews• Step 3: Data Collection &coding• Step 4: Interpretation &Conclusion• Step 5: Evaluation &recommendationsPopulation• People locatedwithinKarachi, socialclasses A & B(SZABIST)Sample andSampling Method• Convenient samplingmethod• 300 responses• Area: SZABIST
  12. 12. HYPOTHESISHypothesis-1Ho: Celebrity endorsement affects consumer buying behavior.H1: Celebrity endorsement does not affect consumer buying behavior.
  14. 14. Occupation LevelAbove graph and table clearly shows that major part of our datahas respondents in form of students, almost 65.3 % of therespondents are students, while the lowest number ofrespondents are housewife..OccupationFrequency Percent Valid PercentCumulativePercentValidstudent 196 65.3 65.3 65.3job 75 25.0 25.0 90.3business 25 8.3 8.3 98.7housewife4 1.3 1.3 100.0Total 300 100.0 100.0
  15. 15. Above pie chart and the table generated from SPSS shows thatthe majority of the income level of our respondents liesbetween 41000 to 50000, because they are the university levelstudents and most of them are graduates or undergraduates.Household IncomeHouseholdIncomeFrequency Percent Valid PercentCumulativePercentValid25000 to 40000 36 12.0 12.0 12.041000 to 55000 108 36.0 36.0 48.056000 to 70000 84 28.0 28.0 76.071000 and above 72 24.0 24.0 100.0Total 300 100.0 100.0
  16. 16. We can easily observe that majority of our respondents around66% have given positive response that the endorsement of anycelebrity has an impact on the re purchase of that product.Impact on Consumer RepurchaseDoes a celebrity endorsement has an impact on consumer repurchase * genderCrosstabulationCountgenderTotalmale femaleDoesacelebrityendorsementhasanimpactonconsumerrepurchaseyes 149 51 200no 68 32 100Total 217 83 300
  17. 17. The above blue biggest bar in above graph shows that most ofour respondents say that they can easily recognize the productwhich is endorsed by their favorite celebrity or by any othercelebrity.Easily Recognize Endorsed ProductDoes consumers easily recognize endorsed product * gender CrosstabulationCountgenderTotalmale femaleDoes consumers easily recognize endorsed product yes 153 53 206no 64 30 94Total 217 83 300
  19. 19. FINDINGSThe trust factor depends on different things likethe best quality products, or the accessibleprices, after sales services and much more.It is revealed that the people think that thecelebrity is giving them a product of associationwith basic need, so the trust factor can be built.Celebrity has trust incustomers mind
  20. 20. CONCLUSIONCelebrity endorsement has incrementalimpact on the success of the business.The main finding is that the celebrityendorsement can make the customers loyal interms of the quality.The main reason for celebrity endorsement isthe recognition of the brand.
  21. 21. RECOMMENDATIONSA high quality can retain good customer and shift they from thecategory of stars to cash cows to achieve the ultimate goal ofbusiness continuity and growth.Its a highly competitive world out there. So the best and mostcost-effective way to get your product, service or brand noticed bythe consumer.Our impartiality and unbiased recommendations will ensure thatboth parties are happy with the arrangement and that the terms ofthe contract are fair – after all, it must be a win-win situation for allparties involved.
  22. 22. THANKYOU