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Pokemon quiz


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This was a quiz I conducted long ago. People said they didn't know much about Pokemon and hence this kind of quiz.
WARNING: There are no intermediatory slides between questions and answers.

And ignore that tamil alphabet that I used as a bullet in the first question.

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Pokemon quiz

  1. 1. Pokéquiz Harish Krishna V
  2. 2. Q1 • Devaneya Pavanar was a Tamil activist, etymologist and author of over 35 books. • He strongly believed that Tamil was a protoworld language (perhaps the oldest language of the world) and a language from which several modern languages are derived from.
  3. 3. Q1 ழ In his books, he details a timeline of human evolution and how civilisation and language came from the homo dravida of Lemuria. • According to him, there was a lost Tamil culture on ______ ______, which had an advanced civilisation sometime around 20000 BC. • The place was discovered on 5th April 1722, a Sunday, by a Dutch navigator. • Identify this UNESCO World Heritage site protected within the Rapa Nui National Park.
  4. 4. Easter Island • Nosepass and Probopass are take-offs on Easter Island moai. It was discovered on Easter Sunday.
  5. 5. Q2 • This church in Vatican City (fleetingly mentioned in Angels and Demons) is dedicated to the saint depicted in the painting.
  6. 6. • The saint also lends her to this ship. • Identify the saint. Why is she venerated?
  7. 7. Saint Anne • Mother of the Virgin Mary and hence grandmother of Jesus Christ. • The ship is SS Anne.
  8. 8. Q3 • Earlier, certificates were used to denote a Dan rank. Then, this man came along and he decided to use obis to denote the Dan rank. • What trainer class in Pokémon got its name from this innovation of this person?
  9. 9. Black Belt • Kanō Jigorō also founded Judo
  10. 10. Q4 • This American Sharpshooter and exhibition shooter, America’s first female superstar because of the show Buffalo Bill's Wild West which starred her, was very popular for a certain trick she performed which involved repeatedly splitting a playing card, edge-on, and putting several more holes in it before it could touch the ground, while using a .22 caliber rifle, at 90 feet.
  11. 11. • The theatre business began referring to complimentary tickets with the name of the shooter. Such tickets traditionally have holes punched into them (to prevent them from being resold), reminiscent of the playing cards she shot through during her sharpshooting act. • These two antagonists are named after her. • Identify.
  12. 12. Annie Oakley • The duo are called Annie and Oakley.
  13. 13. Q5 • Several things in Pokémon are named after this colour. • For example, the German, French and Italian version of Cerulean city is a reference to this colour. • Halfway between cyan and blue, this colour is typically used to describe the colour of the sky on a clear summer’s day.
  14. 14. Q5 • The colour gets its name from the name of this semi precious mineral that has been prized since antiquity for its intense color. • Identify.
  15. 15. Azure
  16. 16. Q6 • Hebrew for “unshaped form” , this word is used today as a metaphor for a brainless lunk or entity who serves man under controlled conditions but is hostile to him under others. • Adam was initially created as one of these. • It is said that Judah Loew ben Bezalel, the 16th century rabbi of Prague created one of these to protect the Prague ghetto. • Identify.
  17. 17. Golem
  18. 18. Q7 • The volcano on Cinnabar island is most likely a ______ type volcano. • This type of volcano, which gets its name from their shape, is formed by effusive highly fluid lava which accumulate in sheets giving its distinctive shape. • The Mauna Kea is an example of this type of volcano. • Identify.
  19. 19. Shield Volcano
  20. 20. Q8 • This forest in the Unova region is named after the children’s toy in the image. • Initially known as the whirligig, this toy was invented in the 19th century by Brittany Penland though there similar devices right from around 500 BC. • The spiral galaxy in the image is also named after the toy. • Identify the toy.
  21. 21. Pinwheel
  22. 22. Q9 • When Manaphy hatched, the first thing it saw was May and hence thought of her as its mother.
  23. 23. • Known as filial imprinting, this part of pschology was studied extensively and made popular by this ethologist who won the 1973 Nobel in medicine. • Identify him.
  24. 24. Konrad Lorenz • Lorenz found that the geese could also imprint on inanimate objects. In one experiment, they followed a box placed on a model train in circles around the track.
  25. 25. Q10 • It was the legendary filmmaker D.W. Griffith who first used this three-word phrase. • One day, frustrated on set and running out of time, Griffith started barking orders to the assistants and the technicians around him. • The phrase probably became popular because of its simplicity, how it rolls off the tongue, and how it captures the essence the craft with brevity.
  26. 26. Q10 • At least two episode titles are a play on this three-word phrase. The two episodes feature these two Pokémon. • Identify the phrase.
  27. 27. Lights, Camera, Action o The two episodes are • Lights, Camera, Quacktion • Lights, Camerupt , Action
  28. 28. Q11 • This normal type move has the Pokémon waggling a finger which stimulates its brain into using any move at random.
  29. 29. Q11 • This move gets its name from this device that produces regular, metrical ticks and is used by musicians to maintain a constant tempo. • Identify.
  30. 30. Metronome • This thing is a talanome app, pretty useful for Carnatic musicians
  31. 31. Q12 • This man served under King Louis XIV as a captain. Also the unpopular governor of Lille, he longed to return to battle, which he did during the Franco-Dutch War. • He was the inspiration for three novels which give a fictionalized account of his life, from his humble beginnings in Gascony to his death as a marshal of France in the Siege of Maastricht in 1673.
  32. 32. Q12 • The second and third novels are Twenty Years After and The Vicomte of Bragelonne: Ten Years Later. • What was the first novel in the series?
  33. 33. The Three Muskateers • The first book of the d'Artagnan Romances by Alexandre Dumas, père. • Keldeo is modeled on Comte d'Artagnan with the other three legendary musketeers representing Porthos, Athos and Aramis.
  34. 34. Q13 • What phenomenon, a corollary of a certain Foster’s rule, connects these animals?
  35. 35. Island Gigantism • The animals are Hassat’s eagle, Moa bird (New Zealand) • Kakapo (New Zealand) • Dodo (Mauritius) • Giant tortoise (Galapagos islands) • Komodo dragon (Timor) • Elephant bird (Madagascar)
  36. 36. • The episode Island of the Giant Pokémon is probably a nod to this phenomenon. though the Pokémon in the episode are mechanical
  37. 37. Q14 • This is the anime-exclusive Space-Time Tower found near Alamos Town. Which incomplete magnum opus, designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, served as the inspiration for the appearance of the tower?
  38. 38. Q14
  39. 39. Sagrada Família • UNESCO World Heritage Site in Barcelona.
  40. 40. Q15 • This trainer class alludes to these clowns who were an integral part of several pantomimes. • The name and inspiration for them seems to have come from classical Sufi masters who were known to wear a pieced robe made of a patchwork of coloured fabric.
  41. 41. Q15 • A doctor in the world of comics gets his/her nickname from the name given to these jesters. This character appears in the top 50 in IGN’s Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time. • Identify the name given to these clowns.
  42. 42. Harlequin
  43. 43. • The fictional character is Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, M.D or Harley Quinn.
  44. 44. Q16 • The country has three national flowers. • Two of them are Jasminum sambac and Phalaenopsis amabilis •
  45. 45. Q16 • The third was discovered by an assistant of this naturalist during an expedition. The genus is named after the leader of the expedition while the species after this man. • Identify the flower.
  46. 46. Rafflesia arnoldii • Named after Sir Thomas Raffles and Dr. Joseph Arnold, this is a national flower of Indonesia. • Gloom and Vileplume are inspired by this.
  47. 47. Q17 • The Pokédex entry for Venipede in Pokémon White speaks about its ability to inject a very potent poison that can paralyze even birds. • Many millipedes also secrete a poisonous substance from their exoskeleton but this usually is not effective against bigger animals. • Now, why do Cappuchin monkeys and some lemurs deliberately irritate millipedes?
  48. 48. Q17
  49. 49. To use the poison as mosquito repellent • The poison, containing benzoquinones and cynide is very effective against insects. • This is also used to kill the parasites that appear just after monsoon, the time when millipedes are also abounding. • Images from this Animal Planet video :
  50. 50. Q18 • Once upon a time, there was a priest who maintained a temple in Gotokuji, west of Tokyo. The priest kept a cat named Tama, and though he was very poor, he would often share his food with it. • One day, though, the priest found that there was no food left, and in his hunger, he shouted at the cat: "I've always fed you in spite of my poverty, so couldn't you do something for this temple for once?" The cat got up and wandered out of the temple.
  51. 51. • As it happened, the samurai lord of the district, Ii Naotaka, was out riding near the temple at the time. It started to rain heavily, prompting him to take shelter beneath a tree. He then noticed Tama sitting in front of the temple, doing something. The cat's behavior puzzled him, and so he approached Tama with interest. As he walked, a bolt of lighting struck the tree he had been underneath and brought it crashing down. Tama had saved his life.
  52. 52. Q18 • The samurai picked up Tama and rushed into the temple. When he discovered that the priest was the owner of the lucky cat, he was filled with gratitude. Gotokuji Temple was adopted as his family temple, and went from being dilapidated to a place of splendor. The priest would never go hungry again, and Tama lived a life of luxury. • When Tama died, he was buried with great ceremony, and a shrine to the cat was erected in the temple grounds. • This is one of the many origins of which ubiquitous cultural symbol of Japan?
  53. 53. Maneki-neko (beckoning cat) • Meowth is largely based on maneki neko. • The oval emblem on Meowth's head is a koban. Maneko-neko also typically hold a koban. Meowth's signature attack, Pay Day involves Meowth hurling koban at its opponent, and each use of the move produces money that can be picked up after battle.
  54. 54. Q19 • She was the daughter of Minos, the King of Crete and his queen Pasiphaë. • She was found abandoned on an island and Dionysus rediscovered and wedded her. Her wedding diadem was set in the heavens as the constellation Corona.
  55. 55. Q19 • A character from an award winning Christopher Nolan movie was named after her. • This Pokémon is also named after her. • Identify this character from Greek mythology.
  56. 56. Ariadne • She aided Theseus by giving him a sword and a ball of string to help him navigate the labyrinth which was the prison of the Minotaur.
  57. 57. • The Pokémon is Ariados. • Ariadne from Inception who is recruited to construct the various dreamscapes, which are described as mazes.
  58. 58. Q20 • Some Arabs of Algeria were said to be excited to rebel against French colonialists by a section of religious leaders called Marabouts with their good-luck amulets, futurepredicting abilities and necromancy. • Whom did Louis-Napoleon, emperor of France, send to Algeria in 1856 to dissolve the excitement of the rebels and pacify the tribes?
  59. 59. Robert-Houdin, the great French magician • He presented an empty box (with an iron bottom) that anyone could lift. By turning on an electro-magnet hidden under the floor, he made it immovable, proving that through will power, he could make it impossible to lift for the strongest Algerian warriors. • He was given a certificate from the leader Bou-Allem, who henceforth wore a red robe symbolizing his loyalty to France.
  60. 60. • Alakazam’s Japanese name Houdin (also spelt as Foodin) is named after him. • There is also the chance for Foodin to be named after Harry Houdini.
  61. 61. Q21 • Many animals have periodical life cycles i.e. they tend to repeat their activates, the period typically being a few years. For example, some birds are known to return to a certain land every year while there are some that return only once in eight years.
  62. 62. Q21 • Cicadas usually live under the ground for a long time and emerge en masse (so that the probability of an individual organism being eaten is reduced) to shed their skin and mate. • Now, it is observed that almost always, all species of cicadas emerge after a gap of 13 or 17 years to molt. • Why do cicadas have only 13 or 17 year cycles?
  63. 63. They are prime numbers • Let's picture a cicada species that emerges from the ground every 12 years. These would be vulnerable to the predators that come around every second year, plus those that come around every third year, every fourth year and every sixth year. There would be no shortage of predators queuing up to devour our 12-year cicada.
  64. 64. • But let's increase that cycle length by just one year, and see what happens. Because 13 is a prime number, a 13-year cycle isn't going to regularly coincide with the cycles of predators. Let's imagine that a 13-year cicada species happens to emerge while a 4-year predator is in the area. The two species won't meet again for another 52 years. • With such a long period of time between meetings, the predator isn't going to be able to reliably predict when the cicadas are due to emerge.
  65. 65. • Nincada (middle), Ninjask (left) and Shedinja derive heavily from the molting habits of cicadas.
  66. 66. Q22 • This idiomatic expression is often used to describe a situation where a person or group accepts wholesale and uncritically an idea or set of beliefs. • It comes from the three essential pieces of fishing tackle in angling. • This classic tackle gets its name from the equipment shown in the next slide.
  67. 67. Q22 • A pun based on this three word idiom was used as the title of both a looney tunes cartoon featuring Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner. • The same title was used for episode 168 in the Original Series. The episode involves around the annual Seaking Catching Competition.
  68. 68. Hook, Line and Sinker • The title is hook, line and stinker
  69. 69. Q23 • Antlions are a group of insects in the Myrmeleontidae family. Typically sand-dwelling, antlions will search for a suitable patch of sand to dig in, and then move backwards in concentric circles, digging a conical pit in which they lie buried with only their heads visible. • The walls of the pit are angled precisely so that they will crumble when an insect that's wandered in tries to climb out again... thus swiftly delivering the meal to the antlion lurking at the bottom.
  70. 70. Q23 • The antlion's jaws are undoubtedly its most prominent feature. Compared to the rest of its body, they are huge. • Trapinch's Pokédex entries describe an almost identical process, involving sloped, inescapable pits that the Pokémon waits at the bottom of.
  71. 71. Q23 • Which creature in the Star Wars saga are largely inspired by antlions? • One of the largest of this creature appears in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.
  72. 72. Sarlacc • They also have an immense, gaping maw lined with several rows of sharp teeth.
  73. 73. Q24 • The word comes from the French for “in a position” and “holding” ; thus the word refers to somebody who holds a superior's position in his or her absence. • 19th century British writers argued that the word be replaced by ‘steadholder’ since the French word was allegedly hard on the tongue for English soldiers and sailors. • Which word?
  74. 74. Lieutenant • The Lightning American served as a lieutenant (Lt. Surge) and a pilot in a war, during which Electric-type Pokémon saved his life.
  75. 75. Q25 • The FireRed pokédex entry of ponyta is “Its body is light, and its legs are incredibly powerful. It can clear _____ ____ in one leap.“ • The blank refers to an inselberg which the local Pitjantjatjara tribe call it by a name that does not mean anything in their language.
  76. 76. • A surveyor called William Gosse who sited the landmark in 1873 decided to name it after this Premier of South Australia. • Since 1993, a dual naming policy was followed with both the names separated by a ‘/’. • Identify the UNESCO world heritage site.
  77. 77. Ayer’s Rock / Uluru
  78. 78. Spares
  79. 79. • These are Ernst Haeckel's controversial embryo drawings. Haeckel was an advocate of the Recapitulation theory. • What was Haeckel trying to show?
  80. 80. ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny • During the early stages of human development, the embryo goes through stages reminiscent of other creatures. During very early development, for example, we have what appear to be tails. • Haeckel's idea was that the human embryo, as it develops, goes through stages resembling ancestral forms of humans. • Haeckel's drawings turned out to have been deliberately fiddled in order to emphasize similarities between embryos.
  81. 81. • Mew is an ancestral form that resembles an embryo (Mew is supposed to be the ancestor of all Pokémon).
  82. 82. • Turtwig, Grotle and Torterra are inspired by the idea in several Eastern Philosophies that the Earth is supported by a turtle.
  83. 83. • Which best-seller, first published in 1988, begins with a story about a certain old lady’s chat with Bertrand Russell at the end of his lecture on astronomy? • The lady claimed that the Earth was flat and was supported by a giant tortoise. When asked what the tortoise was standing on, she replied with “ it's tortoises all the way down!“, a phrase that went on to be oft parodied.
  84. 84. A Brief History of Time
  85. 85. Pokémemes
  86. 86. Q1 • Which handheld game console is being parodied?
  87. 87. PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita
  88. 88. Q2 • Which meme, also a google Easter-egg? • The term owes its origin to the popular RTS game Starcraft.
  89. 89. Zerg rush
  90. 90. Q3 • Fake Pokémon battle involving whom?
  91. 91. Steve Irwin
  92. 92. Q4 • This meme has slowpoke with accompanying text if people had heard of some piece of very old or oversaturated information.
  93. 93. Q4 • This specific instance of the meme refers to a certain instance when the CEO (say Y) of a company fired someone (X). • What is ironical is that it was X who brought in Y into the company’s fold. "Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you want a chance to change the world?“ X famously told Y, who was then the CEO of Pepsi-Cola. • Identify X and Y.
  94. 94. Steve Jobs and John Sculley
  95. 95. Q5 • What is this meme called?
  96. 96. Brock Obama