Gen 105 wk 9 day 7 student survival guide final project


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Student Survial Guide

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Gen 105 wk 9 day 7 student survival guide final project

  1. 1. <br /> Micheal Harrison <br /> Student Survival Guide<br /> Final Project<br /> Table of Contents<br /><ul><li>Table of Contents
  2. 2. Plan of Action
  3. 3. Using Axia’s Educational Resources
  4. 4. Compile tips and best practices for using Axia’s educational resources.
  5. 5. Downloading files for use on your machine or portable device
  6. 6. Navigating the University Library and researching--Identifying key information within articles.
  7. 7. Name other useful tutorials, guides, workshops, and lounges available.
  8. 8. Upholding Academic Honesty
  9. 9. Compile tips and best practices for upholding academic honesty.
  10. 10. Understanding Axia’s academic honesty policy
  11. 11. Understanding consequences of plagiarism
  12. 12. Avoiding plagiarism
  13. 13. Setting and Achieving Goals
  14. 14. Compile tips and best practices for setting and achieving goals.
  15. 15. Identifying long- and short-term educational and career goals
  16. 16. How to reach goals despite obstacles
  17. 17. How an Axia degree relates to goals
  18. 18. Managing Time Wisely
  19. 19. Compile tips and best practices for managing time wisely.
  20. 20. Balancing time between courses at Axia
  21. 21. Juggling school, work, and family responsibilities
  22. 22.  Prioritizing and avoiding time-wasters
  23. 23. Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention
  24. 24. Compile tips and best practices for developing reading comprehension and retention skills.
  25. 25. Using reading comprehension techniques for successful reading
  26. 26. Using SQ3R and other study habits
  27. 27. Applying Personality and Learning Styles
  28. 28. Compile tips and best practices for utilizing your personality type and multiple intelligences.
  29. 29. Using your personality type for distance learning success
  30. 30. Developing your multiple intelligences
  31. 31. Relating to others who have different personality types and intelligences
  32. 32. Summary</li></ul>(Note) Refer to Power Point Attachment for C ~ H<br />Plan of Action<br /> Hello and welcome, my name is Micheal Harrison. During the first few weeks in college we designed a Plan of Action for The Student Survival Guide. Here are a few tips to help you plan ahead for college courses, materials, and subjected topics. First, implement a Plan of Action. Here is why you want to implement a Plan of Action, a Plan of Action helps you become organized, prepares your study habits, and assist you when you need a point of references. My Plan of Action was to simplify my course work and materials in a short allotted time. <br /> As a student, my first few weeks started out with basics and how to use The Course Syllabus. In the course we discussed questions and learned how to write more effectively. As the course continued we formatted and reviewed subjected materials leading up to The Student Survival Guide. In week 3 as directed by the instructor we started to format The Student Survival Guide. In this Student Survival Guide you will get a brief overview of the materials and subjects we learned as students. <br /> In my life I have had hurdles to jump over; the same is true with college life. In the beginning college you might struggle to found out how everything works. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are working on course materials. First, find a quiet area to get your brainstorm ability and thoughts gathered. Second, make sure you have the proper programs, web site links, and course materials. Last, always be prepared, organized, and ensure you are in class daily. Here are a few reasons why beginning college might be difficult. Prefer not to use study groups to focus on the materials. Find an area that is quiet because, your mind is not focused or centered. If you are unorganized you lose materials and train of thought to the subjected material. If you do not have proper programs you will not be successful in your Distance Learning Program.<br /> College seemed to be very distant for me. Endless chasing for funds and colleges that where rarely online to help. What can a person do in this situation? About 9 weeks ago, a good friend help me find the right college and perspective to succeed. When we started college every student made goals and perspectives to help them complete course successfully. My goal for succession was to stay ahead of my course materials and to not fall behind. Preparing one day in advanced to each subjected course materials and when it was difficult at least three days in advanced. With proper and constructive writing points, we learned how to write in a timely manner. As a planner, The Course Syllabus mapped out each due date and subjected materials which made college life more simplified. <br /> <br /> Using Constructive Writing is a key part to succession in college or business. Constructive Writing means to make your materials readable to the audience, students and instructors. In the course you learn how to approach each writing point without using plagiarism. As a student you progress to effective, constructive, and efficient writing. Constructive Writing helps promote your development, emphasizes what is laudable, gives the student a constructive attitude and allows the student to use constructive criticism. Constructive Writing is a very powerful way to state facts, materials and become an effective student or business person. <br />Summary<br /> In conclusion, here are a few tips that might help your college life, constructive writing, and course materials simplified. First, when preparing to go back to college fill out a finical aid. Here are a few reasons why, college is very expensive, you need a contingence plan for funds and last it covers you as a student when you are low on funds for college. Second, speak with The College Advisor about getting started in college. Here are a few reasons why, The College Advisor helps you prepare the transitional stage, overcome barriers and hurdles during college. Become friends with your College Advisor because, they help you progress more in your course studies, they help you get the proper tools, materials and programs need for your course materials. Last, get note books for writing materials and proof reading. Here are a few reasons why, getting note books helps you organize, proof read materials, check for proper grammar and spelling. When focusing on the course materials ensure yourself to read, review, and revise all your materials before actual due dates of the subjected materials. In closing, I hope my Student Survival Guide helps you construct an effective and successful college experience. <br />Links used:<br /> (plagiarism)<br /> (understanding plagiarism)<br />[/img] (image)<br /> (image)<br /> (image)<br /> (image)<br /> (image)<br /> (image)<br /> (image)<br /> (image)<br /> (image)<br />