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  1. 1. When you have stairs on the exterior ofyour home, you have extra curb appeal onyour house. Stairs that come off your deckcan add value to your home. If you want toadd stairs outside your home, you will want to think of many different things including whether you want wood or iron railing elements. You will also need to considerhow much money you are willing to spend and the climate in which you live, among other things.http://www.beststairrods.com
  2. 2. If your staircase is going to be spiral, it is easier to have an iron railing thanone made from wood Iron can bend around the curves more easily and youcan find iron railings that come in all different shapes and sizes Iron is alsobetter in climates that can be severely hot or cold Wood does not hold up aswell when it is constantly wet, or sitting in temperatures that are very hot orvery cold
  3. 3. It can splinter, rot, and mold If you care for an iron railing on a regular basis, itwill last longer than wood If you decide to install an iron railing on yourstaircase, you will want to put some kind of weather-resistant coating on therods in order to resist rusting that will happen with rain and damp conditions
  4. 4. Even with the coating, you may need to refinish or repaint the railing everythree or four years Make sure to scrub any rust off each year An iron railingwill most likely cost more than wood, but it will last much longer and you willhave to take care of it less
  5. 5. In the long run, iron probably costs less than wood, even though the initialcost is more You can purchase railing rods in many different designs Theycome in everything from straight black rods to more silver, twisted versions
  6. 6. Some of the railings have designs in the center while others are bent in themiddle to offer the best view from the stairs Whatever you desire in an ironrailing, you can find You can find iron railing options in any of your homeimprovement stores, but your options may be limited
  7. 7. You might have the best luck in variety and good prices when you shop online Make sure you measure your stairs and figure out how many rods you willneed http://www.beststairrods.com for your area That way, when you findwhat you are looking for, you will know what amount to order
  8. 8. It is always a good idea to order a few extra rods in case you damage one, orneed more than you thought You will also want to read through the returnpolicies when you order online
  9. 9. http://www.beststairrods.com