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  1. 1. The new XO Communications is looking better and betterLinux Hosting
  2. 2. XO Communications is one of the nation's largestcommunications service providers Since becoming a privatecompany in the fall of last year, XO has undergone a company-widemakeover that includes a new logo, a stronger emphasis oncustomer experience, greater efficiencies via specialized producttypes, new quoting tools and improved CLEC self-service tools
  3. 3. On May 1st of this year, XO announced the launch of its newcloud-based virtualization, content acceleration, and interactivecontact center solutions for businesses - Concentric Cloud SolutionsA business unit of XO Communications, Concentric Cloud Solutions,LLC, offers interactive voice solutions, content acceleration andadvanced cloud-based IT infrastructure for businesses
  4. 4. Building on the cloud services XO rolled out early last year,Concentric Cloud Solutions leverages its own cloud-basedtechnology in addition to technology from partners such as VCE,LiveOps, Limelight Networks, and the XO nationwide networkMoreover, Concentric Cloud Solutions will include a unified userinterface through which they can provision and manage theirservices
  5. 5. Concentric contact center services allow for inbound and outboundcommunications for customer contact center needs, and includeconferencing, intelligent call routing, interactive voice response andmore Using Linux Hosting Limelight Network's technology viathe XO network, Concentric content acceleration services enablecompanies to speed up the delivery of mobile and web-based apps,online content and digital media
  6. 6. Finally, the Concentric cloud computing services includecloud-based data back-up and shared hosting, cloud storage,managed dedicated servers as well as Enterprise Cloud on-demandcomputing and storage And in other XO news After signing afive-year agreement with Transmode, sources close to the companysay XO Communications will increase its metropolitan capacityacross its nationwide network
  7. 7. While XO has been relatively quiet with public announcements sincebecoming a privately held company in 2011, Transmode CEO KarlThedeen has stated that his company is looking "forward tosupporting XO Communications in their ambitious to drive downnetwork costs and adding new service capabilities " AboutTransmode Transmode is a worldwide provider of packet opticalnetworking solutions that are designed to increase the functionality,flexibility and capacity of optical metro core and metro accessnetworks
  8. 8. Additional Information If you're searching for the ideal DSL,Ethernet, Integrated access, Internet T1, Bonded Internet T1,Internet T3, Internet DS3, Long Distance T1, MPLS, Voice T1, VoicePRI, or VoIP solution for your business, visit us at T1Evereywherecom for an instant pricing, no obligation quote; or if you'd like tospeak with one of our professional account managers, simply call888-972-2583
  9. 9. Not only do we have a proven track record of negotiating the bestsolutions and pricing for our customers, but we also offer anunbiased alternative to the traditional sales organizations of thetelecommunication providers Image Source: FreeDigitalPhotos
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  11. 11. Linux Hosting