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  1. 1. Resume writing is an art that helps the candidate to write an effective description about academic achievements and career goal. Resume is the first overview of the candidates profile by the company. Resume should be made after knowing the consideration of the companys requirement. It is advisable to overview the companys requirementbefore writing an effective resume. Industry research is another aspect before writing a good resume. Candidate must have thorough knowledge of industry where he or she wants to make a career. Before writing a resume there are several points that candidates have to take in consideration.make a resume for free
  2. 2. There are different ways of resume writing for the different fieldssuch as IT, banking, bio-technology, finance, health care, marketing,insurance, software and teaching profession For different profile thecareer objectives, skills description, project undertaken would bedifferent In an attractive and efficient resume there care severalpoints that has to be covered such as: Career objectives: This is thevery first point of the resume that should clearly indicates what youare looking for in your ideal organization, candidates career goal anda clear vision of their work behavior needs to be reflected in it
  3. 3. Educational qualifications: As per the new format of resume writingunlike previous way of writing the educational description need not tobe come in the table format The new format is compiled in such away that the highest education comes first, then the second highestand at last the lowest qualification For e
  4. 4. g : � make a resume for free Passed Masters in computerapplication with 90% marks in 2010 � Passed Bachelors inscience with Computer Applications in 2008 with 85% � PassedHSC with 88% marks in 2007
  5. 5. � Passed SSC with 91% marks in 2005 Other achievements:Along with the educational qualification candidate has to mentionother achievements such as in sports as well as the participation insocial events Project: The project that one has completed in thegraduation or post graduation
  6. 6. Skills: Full description of the required skill set should be mentionedIt is advisable for the candidate to match their skill set as per thecompanys requirement Experience: This section is for someonewho has the required experience
  7. 7. Job seeker needs to describe his/her previous job profile, name ofthe organization and how many years he or she has served, Ifperson is involved in more than one role he/she needs to describetheir full job responsibility This should be noted that there is a slightdifference between a resume and curriculum vitae is basically
  8. 8. composed of one or two pages however curriculum vitae is longer(with two or more pages)
  9. 9. Curriculum Vitae commonly known as CV has more detailedsynopsis It has a detailed description of scientific research work,fellowship, area of specialization, professional association anddetailed information relevant to the position you are applying for
  10. 10. In Europe Curriculum Vitae is primarily used for the internationalacademics, research work, technical skills description, internship andfellowship CV is more organized and systematic way of writingacademic record with all the relevant information
  11. 11. If the candidate has a vast amount of experience it is advisable tomake curriculum vitae instead of resume
  12. 12. make a resume for free