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  1. 1. It is the time of online information delivery, independent of type of information. Independent of information type and there are it relates to we need to consider that bits of information exchange now occuronline with prudent utilisation of web based resources. To be specific sms gateway software is a burning example as with the use of software short messages get delivered in corners of the planet. Website hosting is necessary to be a part of online commerce and foremost it is necessary tosearch out the cheap web hosting solutions.managed hosting
  2. 2. While hunting for a cheap web hosting company we need to keep inmind that our domain names are ready and the site is also ready forhosting Presently web hosting is carried on utilising the linux platformsActually the linux based hosting providers claim that the websiteslaunched on the linux platforms are robust in performance
  3. 3. There are articles and resources that help us to identify the best andcheap web hosting solutions The leading website hosting companiesregularly provide update on their alluring offers It is a good idea to checkthe web sites of different website hosting companies
  4. 4. Often the space required for launching a website remains less and thehosting providers offer shared server There are several pros and cons ofusing a shared server Shared servers are good and economical optionand at present mid and managed hosting small sized businesses aremainly using the shared server
  5. 5. But at the same time there might be some space constrains associatedIn case a company requiring email facility with domain extension, mightfind shared web hosting improper Again use of an entire server might bea bit more expensive
  6. 6. Still full authority remains on usage of the server space in case of takingan entire server in lease While launching a website it is advisable toremember the renewal space Most of the servers are offered on leasebasis
  7. 7. Yearly renewal of the server is common Usually the website hostingcompany inform before a domain expires There are many ways ofcommunicating with the cheap web hosting companies but it is best todial the toll free numbers for customer support
  8. 8. An appointment for obtaining the free of cost quotation can be bookedover phone A web based service provider should be selected basingupon the needs Leasing an entire sever when requirement of space isless might be of no use
  9. 9. Similarly when plenty of space is required and high security is required itis not advisable to manipulate and share a server All website hostingcompanies do not offer similar customer care , for this it is best to choosea web design company that facilitates round the clock customer support,this keeps online presence uninterrupted
  10. 10. managed hosting