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  1. 1. If you have subscribed to any online forum you must be familiar to the way discussion forums work on the internet. There is however, a considerable difference when it comes to comparison between web based discussion groups and Usenet.Event Registration Services
  2. 2. Generally speaking, both the Usenet and the web based discussiongroups discuss topics with individuals having similar interests bysharing of information However, there are many differencesbetween the two entities even though they might appearconceptually similar To begin with, there are differences in the wayyou use the web based discussion groups and the Usenet For theformer, all you have to do is have an internet connection and a webbrowser The Usenet works differently
  3. 3. The newsgroup is accessed specifically through the Usenet systemand it is the newsreader that allows you to read posts as well as postyour own article on Usenet Accessing is not the only differencethat marks the way web based discussion groups and the Usenet isused The content also makes a marked difference Usenet is farahead is way ahead of web based internet forums in terms ofdiscussions The newsgroup set addresses a broad range of topicsand tends to be very specific to those topics that it looks forward todiscuss and address
  4. 4. Each discussion of Usenet can be compared to a multitude ofthreads and topics where each Event Registration Services threadwould cover a vast range of articles that would fit within the scope ofone newsgroup on the Usenet On the other hand, web baseddiscussion groups have few topics up for discussion that would holdup interest to the users of those forums Also, the members involvedin a web based discussion group are far too less than those inUsenet newsgroups There are literally millions of participants in thegroups who participate in innumerable discursion threads
  5. 5. Usenet can be said to be a much more advanced setup ascompared to web based discussion forums which is more easy touse, register and connect to Usenet threads are more permanent innature and can be easily said to have stood the test of time Webbased discussion forums remain relevant for that specific period oftime and lose their relevance with time as new topics come up fordiscussion pushing out older threads out of relevance, hardly usedfor references r informative purpose by online users Clearly,Usenet scores remarkably well over web based discussion groups inmore ways than one
  6. 6. Jamar Thomas is a proud contributing author who writes articleson several subjects including Usenet and Technology You can readmore of Jamars articles and learn about and usenet located atusenetreviewz com Read my Blogs at
  7. 7. Event Registration Services