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  1. 1. Cell phones are a part of our daily lives. They have become more than a telephone device; they are the new planners, alarms, notepads, web browsers, and GPS. Cell phones have become smart phones that know our lives better than ourselves. So, when we have no service we face the problem of being disconnected to our agendas for the day and our accesses to the greater web-internetcommunity. How many times have you missed a phone call because you don't have service and your business partners are led tothe very embarrassing answering machine you forgot to change? Or, how many times have you gotten disconnected in a conversationbecause you hit the point in your office that has low service? Don't throw your phone at the wall quite yet; give the geeks a chance!dipole antennas
  2. 2. Accessory Geeks provides different ways to increase the signal strengthfor your phone We have multiple cell phone antennas & cell phonesignal booster
  3. 3. Browse the Geeks' choice of cell phone antennas and cell phonesignal boosters that work in your Home, Apartment, Small Office, HighRise, Warehouse, Car, Truck, RV, Boat/Yacht, and even EMS Vehicles!For a Fourth of July Sale we have the Cell Phone Signal BoosterSticker-As Seen On TV for $4 99 (dropped from $19
  4. 4. 99)! Just place the sticker inside the cell phone and watch your signal goup! Customers who have Galaxy and Blackberry cellphones state thatthis sticker boosted their signal nearly two bars! We also carry WilsonWireless Amplifiers that works on any phone! The Wilson Cell PhoneSignal Booster Kit works best in your home, apartment, office, boat, andRV No technical experience is required for set up; just simply plug it inand play
  5. 5. The top quality of Wilson Amplifiers boost your cell phone signal strengthand allows more than one user to benefit from the an cell phone antennadipole antennas The Dual Band Cell Phone Signal Booster Amplifier hasalso been real popular
  6. 6. This works best for smaller work and home spaces, for example,condominiums, apartments, home, office, or dorm rooms This worksbest for students who live in dorm rooms, where they can barely heartheir phone conversations
  7. 7. Dorm room cell phones are not the most practical nor reliable source ofcommunication With the this cell phone signal booster, you don'thave to worry which side of the room are confined to, so that you mayhear your phone conversations
  8. 8. Accessory Geeks also provides cell phone antennas and cell phonesignal booster for those of us whose phone call always gets disconnectedin the car Wilson carries different devices that boost your service whiledriving
  9. 9. They carry Electronic Boosters for iPhones and Blackberrry'sCellphone-Mate Sure Call has an Amplifier Kit for Vehicle Car that will notdisappoint you
  10. 10. They give you a complete system that works with T-Mobile, AT&T,Verizon Wireless, Sprint, etc - excluding Nextel iDEN&T Don'tfind yourself without signal, repeating your conversations, or talking toyourself because you lost signal! We solemnly swear--Geek'sHonor--that you can find a signal booster and antenna right for you!
  11. 11. dipole antennas